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JA: Dean in black

SPN fic: Darkness never dies (Gen. See warnings)

Title: Darkness never dies
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one.
Pairing: None. Mild suggestive one-sided Sam/Ruby
Summary: Gen. Sam brings his brother back. But his brother is not the man he once was. Set post-ep 316. Pls see warnings before you read. Sam!whumping ahead.
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: One BDSM scene, graphic violence, language.
Author Notes: Watch out for non-linear time narration and changing POVs. This is clearly way off canon. Just my way to deal with the S3 finale which I thought was pretty upsetting. Lyrics are from “Blood brothers” by Papa Roach. Well, the Linkin Park version really ;)


Okay, I know it's taken me forever to comment, but this was dark and AWESOME. How do you do that? I love your take on what hell might do to Dean, and Sam's reactions to it - just fabulous! *adores you* :)

I adore your comments sweetheart you know that, whenever they come. Always a great feeling when a writer I admire myself finds something to read on my LJ :D

It got dark and morbid, I know, heh. Not my fault, Kripke made me do this *pouts* with his stupid no good horrible HORRIBLE finale *shudders*

And how are you doing hon? I suppose you've been really busy, hope everything's okay tho? *hugs* :)

Oh. Jeez. Yeah.


Scarily awesome.

Hey sweetie.. glad you thought so! :) I know it's darker than what most people would like to read. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. *hugs*

Okay that was beyond awesome! I loved the dark, different Dean and that even though it went to a real fun place inside dark Dean's head you left it with hope for better at the end. I wouldn't mind him going dark if like that it faded and he could find his way back, well mostly back, I do like a world where he cares as much about himself as Sam and the evil sarcasm is fun.

Thank you for reading and reviewing hon! I know this kind of dark angst isn't everyone's cup of tea so yeah, I'm quite pleasantly surprised by your lovely feedback :) I'd love to see Dean go dark side.. that's almost like a kink of mine hehe. But he can't stop caring about Sam no matter what :) cheers hon.

how scary was that...awesome...hugs

Yep.. another angsty piece. Were you in the mood for something really hurty when you read these two fics of mine sweetie? ;) I'm just hoping reading this and Fairytale back to back didn't give you a headache or something hehe :D Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! *hugs*

This was so gorgeous and hurty and *cries* is there more?! Dammit!! Need...need more!!

*Sobs and clings to you*

*Smishes you tight*

Hey you! How did you ever get to this little fic? :) Thanks so much for reading and reviewing hon. I know its hurty, that's cause I wrote it right after S3 ended and I hated what they did - sending Dean to hell *sighs*. So guess I took it out on Sammy haha ;P But its a one-shot unfortunately. Sorry! *smishes you back*

I save the good stuff to read *winks* - it sometimes just takes me awhile, lol!!

*hugs you tight*

Inteeeense! This was poetic and beautiful! ;D

Not TOO dark? Most readers thought so, glad you liked tho :) I was in a funky mood when I wrote this..

Nope I didn't think it was too dark. I love the schmoopy, happy ending stories, but every now and then I feel like I need to read a vicious, angsty, dark as hell story. ;D