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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JA: Dean - sharp eyes

Desperate Request

Hey guys,

For reasons too complex to get into, I can't use my iTunes account and can't access Megaupload site from the office where I am right now. If you have the new SPN episode, could someone please be kind enough to upload it to either the Load.to or swoopshare or Megashare sites? In return I could umm.. write you a fic maybe? For any prompt you like? *grins sheepishly*

EDIT: PS: If you haven't seen the ep yet, do be careful while visiting the dean_sam community, spoilers flying all over the place :( Not there anymore!

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Seriously, i didn't see anything. Only a title of the episode which i told the girl to hide. We are all very careful this season

Okay hon, I guess I saw something but it's not there anymore... even when one gives an opinion it's sort of spoilery because it tends to create expectations.. don't worry about it sweetie. And DON'T be mad!!! Smile? :))

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