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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Thank you people!! | LJ changes

Thanks to everyone who voted in my little poll yesterday :) It's still open in case someone would like to share their thoughts with me. But for now, I guess I do have the answers I was looking for.

I have unlocked all fics. And they will remain so, until perhaps the next big strikethrough spooks the hell out of me? ;) Nah.. hope not.

I understand there are some of you who do believe I should keep the mature content locked, and I can totally see why. But I guess... I've decided NOT to play moral police to anyone anymore. If you wanna read - go ahead. If you don't wanna - I have enough warnings on every story, so just walk away. Kids these days are a lot more mature than what I was at their age. And if they think they're ready, then who am I to tell them otherwise yeah? *shrugs* I started experimenting at a very young age myself, and I didn't turn out so bad, right? Don't even...  *shakes head* :p

Welcome new friends (in last couple of days) -  lostt1, rejeneration, aeroport_art, moonfairyhime, crazyjoyfulgirl, matty_parkman, mutante24 :)

Uhh.. I'm guessing some of you might have in the past wanted to clean up your f-lists but kept me around just 'cause I had stuff locked in? *winces* I'm sorry about that. I also think a lot of people had to make new LJ accounts to be able to read the locked stuff.. yeah.. I'm.. *sheepish* you know what, I'm not so sorry about that! Look at all the fun to be had on Livejournal, people! :) Welcome to the madhouses I say :D

Oh and I changed my header, again :) I heart this look on Sam's face... like he's lost because Dean's not by his side where he should always be. *sniffs* The lyrics are by Cranberries and Bryan Adams (both songs are called "When you're gone")

Have a fantastic week everyone! :)

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:D:D The guy is absolutely adorable!! :) And the car has a major role to play alright .. its almost like the third character in the show :) So yeah.. you'll see it a lot.

YES!! Finally! I'm free, freeeee! ;-P XD (o.O I didn't realize you have 300+ friends! Hon you're turning into a comm! :D)

*glares at you* I will haunt your ass for your next nine lives missy if you dare!!! :D

Honestly I think I got to 300 only 'cause of the locked fics hon. *shrugs* This way ppl can choose to stay because they wanna, not because I'm forcing them to you know? :) That of course doesn't apply to you, 'cause see you're stuck with me for good! *smishes* :D

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