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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Thank you people!! | LJ changes

Thanks to everyone who voted in my little poll yesterday :) It's still open in case someone would like to share their thoughts with me. But for now, I guess I do have the answers I was looking for.

I have unlocked all fics. And they will remain so, until perhaps the next big strikethrough spooks the hell out of me? ;) Nah.. hope not.

I understand there are some of you who do believe I should keep the mature content locked, and I can totally see why. But I guess... I've decided NOT to play moral police to anyone anymore. If you wanna read - go ahead. If you don't wanna - I have enough warnings on every story, so just walk away. Kids these days are a lot more mature than what I was at their age. And if they think they're ready, then who am I to tell them otherwise yeah? *shrugs* I started experimenting at a very young age myself, and I didn't turn out so bad, right? Don't even...  *shakes head* :p

Welcome new friends (in last couple of days) -  lostt1, rejeneration, aeroport_art, moonfairyhime, crazyjoyfulgirl, matty_parkman, mutante24 :)

Uhh.. I'm guessing some of you might have in the past wanted to clean up your f-lists but kept me around just 'cause I had stuff locked in? *winces* I'm sorry about that. I also think a lot of people had to make new LJ accounts to be able to read the locked stuff.. yeah.. I'm.. *sheepish* you know what, I'm not so sorry about that! Look at all the fun to be had on Livejournal, people! :) Welcome to the madhouses I say :D

Oh and I changed my header, again :) I heart this look on Sam's face... like he's lost because Dean's not by his side where he should always be. *sniffs* The lyrics are by Cranberries and Bryan Adams (both songs are called "When you're gone")

Have a fantastic week everyone! :)

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I've never really been one for censorship. (Think it's the anarchist in me!)

It should be enough that a fic has a warning attached, then it's entirely up to the individual to read or not read. Hopefully there won't be another strikethrough any time soon.

The banner is beautiful Rachel, but at the same time really sad...think the sadness is heightened for me, because I've just read a weepy death!fic called 'A moment in time' by runedgirl (BEWARE do not click if you don't like death!fics people!)...having said that though the shallow perv part of me is very turned on by Jared/Sam's right hand!! ;)

I never wanted to lock anything myself hon.. its just the strikethrough that made me think I'd rather be safe than sorry hehe ;P

I've seen that fic but I didn't click it 'cause its a deathfic :( It's by runedgirl so I'm pretty sure it must be beautiful but alas.. I just can't stand any of the boys dying :(

Glad you like the header sweetie :) Hand!porn yayy!! :D

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