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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Rambling and a poll...

Hey guys,

I've been thinking about the current partially f-locked status of this LJ. It's clearly intended to focus purely on fics. I post all RL stuff on my other account raingazer . And lately I've started to wonder if I need to continue to lock fics at all...

You know the reason why I locked some of my fics was the LJ Strikethrough in 2007. I had JUST purchased this permanent account and I shut down my other site because this is where I wanted to be. And so obviously I didn't want to lose my LJ for writing the slash, kink, wincest and underage fics that you guys know I do. But now, LJ has it's own age-verification / adult content notice.. thingie. So I don't need to worry for underaged readers reading my stuff anymore, right? I post warnings on every story, that's still my responsibility and I take it seriously. But does it make sense to force people who don't know me, to friend just so they can read the good stuff? *sighs*

I write GEN stories as well. And somehow it feels like I am ashamed of the non-gen stuff which is why I'm locking it. But that's not true!! Every piece of work I've ever published, no matter how bizarre or kinky or plain bad, has given me a creative high. Writing makes me happy and I'm more than delighted to share it with like-minded individuals.

So the question is - actually there are several questions and I would love to know what you guys think... (this poll is open to everyone who visits the LJ and will stay open for awhile)

Poll #1177869 To lock or not to lock
This poll is closed.

Should I continue to keep the mature stuff f-locked?

Yes, you're responsible to keep underaged readers protected
Yes, it's kinky as hell and you'll get flamed
No, you're not responsible so long as you give Warnings
No, so long as you're prepared to bear the flames and occasional brickbats!
I don't care either way

Does it put you off when you're asked to friend just for accessing a fic?

Hell yeah
A little, but I like to make new friends so it's okay
I don't mind, it's the author's decision
I don't friend. If it's locked, I move on and find something else to read

Would you still hang around if the fics weren't locked?

Maybe, depends on our interaction
Not sure

*shrugs* I'm curious. Please to be indulging? :) cheers.

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Can we really be protected in the net despite the age? If someone wants to read, he will read anyway

That is very true hon. I'm sort of bending towards unlocking everything now.. *shrugs*

Of course, I'd stick around. My friends list is how I find all my fic. Look I usually am a lurky kind of person. I started a journal solely to maintain a friends list and to be able to get into friendslocked entries and to be able to leave comments that aren't anonymous. So, I will keep interacting with you the way I always have

Thank you hon :) I think I'll open it all up.. it's not serving any purpose anymore.

The only thing I tend to flock on my journal is my RPS and honestly I don't even know why I do that. I mean, like you do, I put the proper warnings and disclaimers on and stuff, so then it should be out of my hands.

Go on and unlock it hun : ) Then more people can read all the loveliness you write!

As for me, I would stick around either way :) How could I stray from the girl who turned me on to the wonderfulness of the Winchester boys??? Yay!

Awwww! *cuddles you* Thank you sweetie! (besides, I'd so stalk your ass if you ever de-friended me :D)

And you're right.. the locking is redundant and it's turning people off. It's turning ME off! I'm gonna get rid it *nods* I'm just freaking out just a little 'cause I got some scary kinky shit written down here man!! LOL ;)

(Deleted comment)
:D I know you're going to stick around hon! I suppose you're right. Now that LJ keeps track of age, I shouldn't be worried about it heh
cheers hon *hugs* :)

Okay, I'm going to sound sappy but if you had never f/locked I may never have commented and hence wouldn't have had the fun of reading your replies. Having said that I remember thinking that all the locking that was suddenly taking place last year was a bit of a weird knee-jerk reaction. On the other hand, locking was a way to demonstrate your feelings at the time. So my way of thinking... err on the side of caution.

Heh that's a good point! A lot of people only talk to me through the friending comments.. but I guess its still not right to force people to talk if they don't want to right? :)

Ooh - just read your reply to candesgirl ... scary kinky shit!? You mean I missed something?? *looks around eagerly*

:D:D Well.. I meant all the bdsm (bondage, spanking etc.) fics you know ;P You've read them all haven't you? There's a ton in Xmen and SPN and the Transformers fic and MutantX :D

Honey!! The way I see it the only thing that matters is for you to feel comfortable. If you're comfortable unlocking your fics then you do that! :) (Didn't you hate having to lock them in the first place? (The strikethrough days are a blur...)) *hugs*

OMG Yes! You remember sweetie? You I LOVE!! YOU I should have bloody married :D *squishes* :D And you're right.. I didn't wanna lock in the first place but I got seriously spooked back then. I've decided to come out from behind the armchair now haha ;)
Unlocking everything... every damn thing! :D:D:D
(Oh God!! *winces*)

Hey you. :)

You know I had my Wincest locked for some of the same reasons, and decided to hell with it. :) Honestly, in sharp contrast to my former stance, I've come to the conclusion that fic is best when it's shared. It's also a lot less hassle, IMO, though I was, of course, balancing several filters and that was just confusing as hell. (I've also gotten to the point where I don't give a shit if people flame it, but if you're worried about that and if you think it would upset you...just label appropriately and hope for the best?)

And of course I'm hanging around, and trying not to cling too tight to your ankles. :P

It IS a lot less hassle! And I hate to turn people away.. or say stuff like.. you don't have age on your profile.. pls confirm you're over 18. AAARGHH. Not doing it any more!

I've also gotten to the point where I don't give a shit if people flame it, but if you're worried about that and if you think it would upset you...just label appropriately and hope for the best?

Hehe you rock sweetheart :) Unfortunately I'm still kinda weak-hearted when it comes to cruelty. I posted a fic over at adultfanfiction once with all the right warnings and shit. I still got flamed and so bad I never posted anything there ever again. *wibble* I'm a wimp, what can I say hehe :P

But having said that, this is my LJ and.. I'm just going to do what I want. *sighs* So unlocking it is :) cheers sweetie. BTW what you doing online? Aren't you supposed to be studying for your exams my dear? ;)


Psst, friended raingazer. Lovely name, that. Makes me think of the American Red Indians :)

And I added you back!! :) Welcome sweetie *hugs* :)

Makes me think of the American Red Indians :)
Haha really? :) Well that's a coincidence, considering I am half-Indian (but not American Indian hehe. My mom was from India.)

(Deleted comment)
Sweetheart your English is totally understandable! You put your point across and I completely agree with you :) It's why I will be unlocking all my posts and keep them that way moving forward :)

You have nothing to be ashamed of by the way :) The more you write the more you get to practice yeah? That's not an entirely unselfish suggestion :D Because I'll be honest - I do love feedback *blushes* ;)

cheers hon *hugs back* :)

I know I don't comment on your posts as much as I'd like, but it's the end of the semester and the last month and a half has been hell. BUT LESS THAT TWO WEEKS AND I'M DONE!!! But where was I going... yeah, I enjoy you as a friend and always like reading what you have to say both on your lj and when you comment on mine.

I voted, btw.

No issues sweetie :) Like I said, I'm usually a lurker myself .. I don't mind because I also understand the pressures of RL.

Thank you for your vote! :) You're the one who chose "its kinky as hell and you'll get flamed"!!! :D Nah its no laughing matter really, I will get flamed I know *groans* and I'm not good at handling unnecessary meanness from complete strangers (or anyone really)... but you know what.. I think I just have to take that risk. *shrugs* It doesn't make sense to force people to friend me..

Hey you!

This is going to sound awful, but I didn't notice your fics were even locked and I'm really, really, really sorry if reccing them was out of line. I'll be sure to ask first from now on.

Anyway, I voted. As a reader, I think everyone should be allowed to experience your awesomeness. As long as your warnings are clear I don't see a problem for you.

Now, how is it I didn't know you had a personal journal? It's because I never post in mine, right?


Hey sweetie!! :) No not all my fics are locked! Only like a couple in each fandom 'cause of the content. I'm not sure what you've recced but in any case.. I took the majority's advice including yours and all your links will now work because I've unlocked everything! Every single thing :D:D And I feel so free!! :)

Now, how is it I didn't know you had a personal journal? It's because I never post in mine, right?

Hehe ;) It's because I've kept it a secret until today ;) *giggles*


So I voted for unlocking the fics. There is this Adult Content Notice on LJ and you give warnings, so if anyone decides to read it after all, the are aware of what they can expect. You are not responsible for other people's idiocy. If someone doesn't like this kind of stuff, nobody forces them to get through it. I sure as hell will be still here, waiting for more!

Thanks for voting hon.

Yes, I intend to unlock everything now. I don't think I have the right to be moral police to anyone, over 18 or not. *shrugs*

You are not responsible for other people's idiocy.
LOL!! That's true :D Sometimes I'm the one that pays for that idiocy because I get flamed :( But I guess I just have to live with it..

I sure as hell will be still here, waiting for more!
Yayy!! Thank you sweetie :) *hugs*

I used to friend people to read their fics but now, it's just too much bother, really, when there is so much other interesting stuff to read :)

I know darling, it just doesn't make sense. And not because I want to pimp myself out! But just the principle of it is wrong. Who am I to decide what others should read or not read? *shrugs* The only risk I run is that of getting flamed :( If I do I'm gonna turn to you guys to make me feel better hehe ;)

I just voted after seeing your newest update :). I think it's fine to unlock your LJ now, especially with the warnings provided by the LJ (and you also provide the needed warnings yourself too). I came into the writing game when the warnings were already introduced so I didn't think about f-locking it. I do realize that the materials I have are not to be read by the underaged but I think in the end it's their decision to enter or not when they're hit with the warning. I've also wrote in my profile bio that the LJ contains slash, although now I think maybe I should write it's for adults...I think I'll do that :). Sorry for the rambling, that's it for me :).

P.S. Lovely header!! *sighs happily and love hearts fly everywhere*

Hey you!! :) I guessed you must be very busy 'cause I haven't heard from you in a bit.. but thanks for voting :)
I have unlocked all my fics. I agree with you - it is their decision not mine, and I don't want to be seen as someone who believes in censorship 'cause I don't.
I love it when you ramble sweetie, you're so adorkable :D:D *smishes*

P.S. Lovely header!!
Haha.. thanks!! Sam makes everything lovely doesn't he ;)

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