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Rambling and a poll...

Hey guys,

I've been thinking about the current partially f-locked status of this LJ. It's clearly intended to focus purely on fics. I post all RL stuff on my other account raingazer . And lately I've started to wonder if I need to continue to lock fics at all...

You know the reason why I locked some of my fics was the LJ Strikethrough in 2007. I had JUST purchased this permanent account and I shut down my other site because this is where I wanted to be. And so obviously I didn't want to lose my LJ for writing the slash, kink, wincest and underage fics that you guys know I do. But now, LJ has it's own age-verification / adult content notice.. thingie. So I don't need to worry for underaged readers reading my stuff anymore, right? I post warnings on every story, that's still my responsibility and I take it seriously. But does it make sense to force people who don't know me, to friend just so they can read the good stuff? *sighs*

I write GEN stories as well. And somehow it feels like I am ashamed of the non-gen stuff which is why I'm locking it. But that's not true!! Every piece of work I've ever published, no matter how bizarre or kinky or plain bad, has given me a creative high. Writing makes me happy and I'm more than delighted to share it with like-minded individuals.

So the question is - actually there are several questions and I would love to know what you guys think... (this poll is open to everyone who visits the LJ and will stay open for awhile)

Poll #1177869 To lock or not to lock
This poll is closed.

Should I continue to keep the mature stuff f-locked?

Yes, you're responsible to keep underaged readers protected
Yes, it's kinky as hell and you'll get flamed
No, you're not responsible so long as you give Warnings
No, so long as you're prepared to bear the flames and occasional brickbats!
I don't care either way

Does it put you off when you're asked to friend just for accessing a fic?

Hell yeah
A little, but I like to make new friends so it's okay
I don't mind, it's the author's decision
I don't friend. If it's locked, I move on and find something else to read

Would you still hang around if the fics weren't locked?

Maybe, depends on our interaction
Not sure

*shrugs* I'm curious. Please to be indulging? :) cheers.
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