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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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SPN: Sam - awkward smile in Bugs

SPN fic: Twenty-three's a charm

Title: Twenty-three’s a charm
Disclaimer: I own nothing and no one.
Summary: It is Sam’s birthday and Dean wants to revive an old tradition. Set during S1, first half-ish. Established wincest. Schmoopy spanking. One shot.
Rating: R
Warnings: wincest, m/m slash, spanking
Author Notes: Written for my sweetheart, Vincent (sammynce). Hope you like it hon! *bites nails* Mixed POV. Assumed that Sam was gone for 4 years before the Pilot. Written under an hour, unbetaed.
Word Count: 2895


If I were Sam I'd start my own birthday spanking tradition with Dean! And make him drive too. *chortles evilly and rubs hands together* Now, onto the fic - loved it. I always enjoy (and prefer) longer fics but this was a nice little piece, nicely paced with just the right touch of kinky. What more could we ask. ;)

Awww thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetheart! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it ;P Long fics are hard work.. both for readers and writers. I don't mind indulging in the occasional instant gratification haha! :)
cheers hon *hugs*

Hee! I liked this! Good job! Love that Dean is going to make it up to Sammy for all the birthdays he missed. I liked the beginning too with Dean trying to be in character and Sam ruining that, also liked Sam not wanting his brother to sound like their dad because Sam has bad memories of daddy spanking him. I really loved this fic. There's just something so perfect and wonderful about birthday spankings. They really are the best.

:D Thank you! I wanted to write something wincesty but completely angst-free for Vincent (sammynce) and birthday spankings are the best way to get there ;) Thanks again for your kind words sweetheart!! *hugs* :)

Totally hot! Sam's sext butts are utterly made for spanking :DD

Love your new header. But somebosy's missing up there ;P

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Edited at 2008-04-28 03:40 am (UTC)

:D Thank you for reading sweetheart!!! Like my friend Cam says, Sam Winchester is the most spankable character in the history of fandoms haha! I totally believe that ;)

Love your new header. But somebosy's missing up there ;P

I know!! Which is why I love this one so much 'cause Sam looks literally lost and sorta scared because Dean's not there!! :) Besides the picture of the two of them together has been around forever but this one's new :D

cheers hon *hugs* :)

AWESOME!! Brought them close together where they ought to be yayyy :D:D *huggles*

ala_tariel did a good job, didn't she? When I first saw that, I didn't realized that they were actually two separate pics!

Thank you!!! :D Glad you liked it hon.

Awwwww Dean bought Sammy pressie for his b'day XD *smishes them both* . Such a sweet gesture but finished off with a smokin' hot scene with Dean smacking the hell out of Sam's bottom *giggles*. I totally love your Sammy going "no...yes...no", he knows he shouldn't want it so badly but he does and that's just adorable XD!! OMG and Dean making up for all the missed birthdays!! *iz ded* I LOVE it!! I don't know how you make spanking so scorching hot but you do and I thank you for this wonderful sammy whupmage XD *hugz*

Hey you! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetie :) I was wondering maybe you didn't like it or didn't find the time to read it. When the choice is between those two, I'd much prefer the second one hehe ;)

I totally love your Sammy going "no...yes...no", he knows he shouldn't want it so badly but he does and that's just adorable XD!!

LOL! That's exactly how Sam reacted in my head, he wants it and he doesn't want it and he's so torn, and doesn't realize the cute lost look on his face is only making Dean more resolved to spank that sexy tushie of his for a good long time hehe ;P

I'm so happy you enjoyed it sweetie :) Thank you so much!!! *hugs and kisses*