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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Fictional fuck meme

I got tagged by jadeadore  :D So here goes...

Name 15 fictional characters I'd have sex with (yeah, I'm a slut... aren't we all? LOL) and then tag 5 people to do the same

Random order.. kind of. Actually, random but After the first two, wait after first three. Ehhh.. yeah after the first four :p

Scott Summers (X-Men - First love)
Dean Winchester (Supernatural - *fans self*)
Jason Bourne (Bourne Trilogy)
Bruce Wayne (Batman Begins. I'd do Christian Bale as anything really.)
Angel (Buffy/Angel - esp. when he's Angelus heh)
Lestat deLioncourt (Vampire Chronicles, books only.)
Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates - he'd be a riot in the sack)
Captain Steven Hiller (Independence Day. Fell in love with Will Smith after this. Who didn't? ;d)
Aragorn (LOTR)
Nathan Scott (One Tree Hill - Mostly undiscovered still but, he's so bloody hot!!)
Clark Kent (Smallville - He's so big and broad and hot now :p Didn't like him so much before S4)
Sidney Bristow (Alias. Yes I am aware she is a *coughs* she :D That is one hot woman people. Her and Geena Davis, whew!)
Aureliano José (One hundred years of solitude. Brief but torrid love affair. I used to fantasize I was Amaranta ;p)
The Man (John Hartnett in Sin City.. Fantasy sex with a stranger who happens to be a murderer? Yep, that's me)
Henry VIII (The Tudors. Oh cmon! I'm a Londoner, am entitled to one royal fucking fantasy at least :p)

And tagging EVERYONE!! :) Please post your dirty fantasy lists so I can reassure myself I'm not the only perv round here? Pretty please? :D:D

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Lol, okay, darl, for you I will make a list. :)

Haha, I'm majoring in anthropology. In the US archaeology is considered a branch of anthropology rather than its own separate discipline, so I'm required to take several archaeology courses although my interests lie in the socio-cultural realm. I'm in two this semester--prehistoric, and ancient greece and rome.

Woah. Sounds like some seriously heavy reading hon ;)

Oh, I have no idea why I'm doing it to myself! It's apparently one of the toughest majors at the university. (But fortunately both my archaeology classes this semester are the type where if you show up to lecture, the reading isn't really necessary--you get the highlights and then cram like hell before the exams! Which has been my week in a nutshell, lol.) I just kind of like different cultures, you know? And I get to take several folklore and human rights courses that count towards my major and minor! (Observe: me being a ginormous geek.)

Observe: me being a ginormous geek

Uhh see darling I already knew that :P:D Archaelogy and the other big A..logy actually makes you sound like a more interesting geek haha ;) *huggles*

PS: Hon would you have time to look at the Hot showers epilogue this weekend? :) Totally okay if its not possible!

So I was a boring geek before, huh? :P ::hugs:: Parts of it are pretty interesting, because I'm such a geek. I love the mortuary patterning.

And I totally have time! (And if I didn't, I'd make time, you know that!) But seriously, my life goes according to the law of extremes: after the craziest week in months, I have nothing to do this weekend except buy my roommate pancakes. I can't wait to see it! Like, seriously can't wait. :) Send it send it send it! :P

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