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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Beta Needed for Hot Showers - Help?

Hey f-list,

So I was going to post one more chapter and an epilogue for "Of Hot Showers and Female Intuitions". But now it looks like its going to be 2 chapters and an epilogue *grins sheepishly*. Here's the thing - I promised myself that next time I post, I would wrap up the series. I have the 2 chapters down, still working on the epilogue. Now my usual betas are unavailable. So am looking for someone to look over these 2 chapters? This is what I need..

1. Someone who can Americanize my "British writing" :) This is very important.
2. Look over grammar and spelling mistakes
3. Give me feedback on whether this sounds like an accurate Dean POV or not, and if not what's missing.
4. Just, gah... an honest unbiased opinion. If you think it's believable or not, if I'm rambling or not giving enough detail or too much detail.. anything :) Just an honest opinion.
5. Finally, of course I need someone who's been following the series so they know what's going on.

Not too much to ask is it? :D Pls drop me a mail at cyndrarae @ yahoo.com if you're interested and have the time? Just looking for 2 sets of eyes so will go with the first two volunteers. *prays* Thanks a lot in advance! :)

cheers, Cyndra

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I've been sick for the most part. But, as it turns out, growing a social life actually takes time and effort! Who knew? :P *blows nose* Blehhh

*snork* 7th chapter ftw. Poor Drew, I hope he frinds a wolverine to take care of him. <3 I really like this so far, it's realistic and it's them!

You've not been well? Aww.. how're you doing now sweetheart? Hope nothing serious..

I hope he frinds a wolverine to take care of him.
OMG did you use Jimmy Marsden for Drew? *squees* :) Why didn't I think of that? Heh.. well if you like Drew you're probably gonna like the bit about him in the 15th chapter (unposted). Its not exactly Wolverine hehe, 'cause Wolvie's busy taking care of Scott remember? :P But it's close.. ;)

Thanks for reading hon!

I had a really funky sickness, most probably caused my dehydration. Sore throat (couldn't speak, but after about 10 cups of green tea with honey was alll better.) then a fever, a headcold, and now I'm just getting over the last of my cold. Waking up with a stuffy nose is a bitch. :P *cuddle* Sweet of you to ask.

...I might have. >> I mean, we don't really *know* If Drew isn't a blind superhero mutant in disguise. Just because he can see and doesn't have a burly regular doesn't mean it's not him! :P But Jimmy does bear a striking resembalence to Jensen.

10th chapter! *can't stop* <3

Awwww.. common cold is a bitch!! Just because you can't die from it doesn't make it any less of a pain really ;) *cuddles back* Hope you get absolutely well soon sweetie.

But Jimmy does bear a striking resembalence to Jensen.
I never thought of that! Hmm :) I always thought James and Tom Welling look very alike but never Jensen :) Hey but I love the way you think! It absolutely is my boy waiting for Logan to rescue him. :D I love it!! :)

The suckiest part is i can't sing. Or drink milk. Lol, Oh sweetie you read my mind, smallpox and the plague where written about all through history, but there's no record of a Lord or King ever getting a cold. And back then it would have -seriously- sucked ass.

*giggle* Okay, I really liked the mental image that just gave me. I wonder what would happen if the boys ever met up with the X-men... *snort rotfl* *giggle* *tee hee* I'm going o the special hell.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsQIoPyfQzM&feature=related No one should get as much amusement as I did out of this.

Oh you sing? That's amazing :) I can't even sound right in the bathroom haha :P

SPN and Xmen crossover? Hm... that one has possibilities ;) And hey you're not the only one going to special hell, I'll be with you all the way :D

Haha.. cool videos! :)

I haven't taken lessons or anything, I just sing in choir although admittedly I do love it. :P Pfft, I'm sure your voice is lovely, I know mine sounds horrid in the shower.

(Enter Sam and Dean stage right)
Sam: Okay, so it's a deamon with blue fur... that can trasport?
Dean: *scowling* I know Sam!
Sam: *cynical* And we're going to catch it how? What geart plan have you come up with this time *scoff*
Dean: I... I'm working on it! *mumble* better than yours.. bigfoot.

(Enter Scott and Logan stage left)
Scott: Nightcrawler! *worried* He was suppose to be back by now.
Logan: Relax bub. He'll be here...
*Scott scoffs*
Logan: *gets close* He might not be back for awhile....

*giggle* Oh the things I do when I'm bored. I bet the special hell will be composed of just a bunch of fandom geeks and a couple actually 'special' people.

Dude. Chaper 12/13. Anyone getting a flash of Evil!Sam?

LMAO!! I love that! :D And I'm not that big a fan of Nightcrawler anyway so there! LOL ;)

I bet the special hell will be composed of just a bunch of fandom geeks and a couple actually 'special' people.

Hehe.. true. SO we had the temptations but we never acted on them. Does that still qualify us to be in the same place as those who acted? *shrugs* And why the hell am I getting philosophical?!?! :D Ignore me hon.. I'm in a funky mood today ;P

Dude. Chaper 12/13. Anyone getting a flash of Evil!Sam?

Awww don't say that! :) He's just a poor kid not thinking straight right now :P Hope you like the rest of it as well hon :)

LOL! And here I was, all ready to reassure that nothing happens to Nightcrawler. *snork* Though mostly the scene was just leading up to this:

Dean: ...*rotflmao* Ha! I always told dad you were a muntant!
*He doesn't notice Scott testing his eyebeams or Logan sharpening his claws*

*ahem* *trys to get philosophical this early in the morning*
According to the Christians, Yes. (No offence meant if your Catholic/Christian!)
According to me... yeah probably. Although to get into it, I'm not to sure if there is a special hell, I'm just preparing myself to get an invitation. :D
According to "sexuality healing" No. Your desires weren't sinful, but acting on those desires is.

Ignore you? Now why on this green earth would i do that? ;P

*wibble* *tugs on shirt sleeve* De~an. Is my De~an going to be okay?

I love alternate POV chapters, seriously, you could give my the same chapter written in hundreds on POV's and i would never get tired.

He's just a poor kid not thinking straight right now Could he ever? *rimshot* i know Sammy's adjusting hard *cuddles the darling* And it's mostly Dean's fault for trying to save his brother by ripping out both their hearts 'cause he has a martyr complex.. *could go on for hours* But it's actually their dad's fault. :D *could go on for hours but quick to place blame*

Haha! :D Girl you're too funny.. you totally should corner the humor-spn-xmen-crossover fics market ;P

Bleh I think of myself as an agnost, altho my father is Catholic and mother was Hindu. No offence taken at all sweetheart, if I was a believer, I would've like to believe in what you said :D

*wibble* *tugs on shirt sleeve* De~an. Is my De~an going to be okay?
Awwww, you're too cute!!! *cuddles* :) Of course he's going to be okay sweetheart :) If you remember the timeline is not linear and the chapter actually started with Dean recounting the past events to John, remember? :D:D He's alright.. tough nut to crack that one mwahaha!

But it's actually their dad's fault. :D *could go on for hours but quick to place blame*
LMAO!!! That's what I say :D John may in turn want to blame the demon for it all but honestly its his (bad?) decisions that have brought his sons to this place where they're now emotionally incapable of ever bonding with anyone else again. Dayum.. I think you just gave me an idea for the epilogue!!! Thanks sweetie!! *smishes* :) *rushes off to write*

Oh gods... the crack. The crack!

Yes! Agnostic's ftw! Ah, religious isn't really an 'open topic' in my house. My mother and her family are all hardcore Christians and my dad's an atheist. So I was pretty much left to fend for myself in the religious department.

I discovered that after I sent this. :P Oh Dean, you ragamuffin. I've almost had enough of your tomfoolery. <3 *wipes brow* And I was almost worried he'd spill the beans to John! But no. The epiphany was had and now Dean's like a Geek in Love. Hee~!

I'm sorry, I honestly don't understand how Dean or Sam could forgive him. At the same time I somehow am able to think that Sam's like a petulant child when he fights with John, but I'd never be able to forgive him for what he did to his children. Yes he tried to be a good father, but no matter what children always come first. Hell. Family always comes first. Dean-o's got the right idea.

Yup it's his fault the boys are in love. Dean's easy to rationalize, for him it was always Sammy, Sammy, Sammy. (You can so see him brushing off the hurt in the first ep :P) Sam's a bit trickier and no matter how fandom portrays it I think John's still to much in love with Mary to ever screw around with her kids. Cheesy as it may be, Mary was his one true love.

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