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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

Beta Needed for Hot Showers - Help?

Hey f-list,

So I was going to post one more chapter and an epilogue for "Of Hot Showers and Female Intuitions". But now it looks like its going to be 2 chapters and an epilogue *grins sheepishly*. Here's the thing - I promised myself that next time I post, I would wrap up the series. I have the 2 chapters down, still working on the epilogue. Now my usual betas are unavailable. So am looking for someone to look over these 2 chapters? This is what I need..

1. Someone who can Americanize my "British writing" :) This is very important.
2. Look over grammar and spelling mistakes
3. Give me feedback on whether this sounds like an accurate Dean POV or not, and if not what's missing.
4. Just, gah... an honest unbiased opinion. If you think it's believable or not, if I'm rambling or not giving enough detail or too much detail.. anything :) Just an honest opinion.
5. Finally, of course I need someone who's been following the series so they know what's going on.

Not too much to ask is it? :D Pls drop me a mail at cyndrarae @ yahoo.com if you're interested and have the time? Just looking for 2 sets of eyes so will go with the first two volunteers. *prays* Thanks a lot in advance! :)

cheers, Cyndra

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Okay, I probably have a one-track mind but, girl, your subject line... Beta needed for Hot Showers? That sounds like a porny ad! ;P Does that mean that you are the alpha? ;D

LOL!!! OMG You're right.. you do have a one-track mind!! :D Ahem.. yes I be the alpha in the shower.. always welcome to join me if you like hehe ;P *hugs*

I'm sorry I can't help you with your betaing honey, I hope you'll find someone ;D

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:D No worries sweetie! I found someone kind enough to help. And I know you're not American. Otherwise you'd have been the first person I would ALWAYS come to! You know I trust you completely :) *huggles*

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If not for the grammar part I could do this. XD All I'd have to do is finish the series, which i could probably do today if I put my mind to it. (On chapter 3 or 4 ^^;) How's ther search going otherwise dearie?

And on that note, how's life?

Hey you! :) Life's good.. now that I'm back home, but work's still bad heh. How about you? Where have you been? :)

Thank you so much for the offer, I did find two people to take a look at the 14th chapter *is relieved* :) So am about to post that. I really want to get this monster epic out so that my other muses get freed up to write hehe ;)

Do let me know whenever you catch up with the 14th chapter because I'm still working on the 15th one and also the epilogue ;) *hugs*

I've been sick for the most part. But, as it turns out, growing a social life actually takes time and effort! Who knew? :P *blows nose* Blehhh

*snork* 7th chapter ftw. Poor Drew, I hope he frinds a wolverine to take care of him. <3 I really like this so far, it's realistic and it's them!

Hey! *waves madly*

I haven't seen you around in forever! I'm just now seeing your post. Did you get help yet? I never been a beta but I'm American if you're really, really desperate.


hey you :) Thanks sweetheart, I got chapter 14 betaed and posted :D But i might need your help for the next ones that I'm still working on. Can I send them to you at your email address on your profile? Do let me know hon, and cheers again!! *hugs* :)


Ok, I'm really nervous, but if you can't get anyone else I'll give it a try. Just remember, I've never done this before, so you're going to have to, like, draw me a map of how it's done. Hee!

Rock on!

I know I couldn't help you out on this story (finals, eeesh!) and you probably already have someone, but if you ever need someone to help out in the future please let me know. I'm from California, and tend to nitpick over grammar and spelling; I copy people's fics to my hard drive since I don't have consistent internet access, and then "fix" that stuff so it doesn't bug the hell out of me when I reread.

Thank you so much sweetheart!! I'll absolutely be bugging ya next time :P Spelling's not much of an issue for me. But I do need somebody to nitpick on my grammar. I write the way I speak.. long rambling sentences made up of shorter but painfully incomplete ones haha ;) cheers hon, and all the best for your finals!

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