Cyndra Rae (cyndrarae) wrote,
Cyndra Rae

Mutant X: Senseless (Brennan/Jesse) (1/11)

Summary: Jesse is not interested in Brennan anymore. But Brennan cant take no for an answer.
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Slash, bondage and dubious consent. Do skip if that's not your thing.
Pairing: Brennan/Jesse
Author’s notes: My first Mutant X fic so guys if you don't like it, please don't flame me! Anyway, this one starts at the point where Jesse has broken up with Brennan after a stormy affair. I don't think there are any spoilers, but if at all, they will be for the first few episodes of Season one. Really silly plot okay.. play along will ya :D Please be forewarned, there is bondage and slightly non-consensual acts of pleasure too .
Disclaimer: I do not own anybody or anything from Mutant X. Just the convoluted story is mine, written for nothing but harmless, profitless fun.


We broke up last week.

Well, not 'broke up' as in the exact sense of the expression.. its not like we were a couple or something.. nah... Jesse and me.. we … we were just.. fooling around is all. Nightly visits to his chamber that brought immense pleasure to both him and me. By day we were nothing but Mutant-X.. friends.. teammates .. mutant warriors.. fighting the good fight. And by night we .. we were ... uhh.. well.. fuck buddies! Yeah. Purely physical. No strings attached. Worked like a charm you know.

It was Jesse's idea. To break up that is. The fooling around was mine of course! Can you imagine our Jesse hitting on someone.. let alone a guy? Hah. A total greenhorn that kid was when I got to him.. if you know what I mean. I got him to come out you know.. face another … freakish reality about himself and such. Face it .. accept it .. and Love it. God he was such a prude! I thought I'd changed that but.. guess not.

Dumbass. Says its no good and that he needs a break. Well fine with me!
Its not like we were involved or anything. We weren’t exclusive, we saw other people. After all, we did have our individual social lives to preserve and pursue .. hey at least I do! Him and me.. we were just .. two.. lonely.. needy teammates.. okay maybe one more needy than the other.. spending some quality time together is all.. at night.. Fucking. Is all.

And what the hell does he mean its no good? Am I not good? Hey.. the name's Mulwray. Brennan Mulwray. Only three-fourths of the human population in this city that’s ever come in contact with me has offered to “lay” down his oblique her life for me.. in exchange of a chaste little kiss... oh yeah.. no exaggerating. No sir.
And by the way... the rest were either lesbians in case of women or straight in case of men. Or plain GSA agents.
So what’s the point? The point is that... hey okay.. I aint perfect but.. I sure saw that look of pure ecstasy on his face more than once I swear. And how about that night when he cried and he told me it was 'cos he’d never felt that happy before? He wasn’t lying.. I’d know it if he would. Then why the hell.. ?

Hey.. its not like I miss him. Whatever gave you that idea? I’m… well.. piqued.. at best. Yeah. I mean just like that he decides he doesn’t want me anymore. Bloody locked the door, wouldn’t let me in! Don’t get it. Maybe he got scared that the others would know. Hey I've been totally discreet. Not like it matters to me but it does to him so I made sure of everything. Don’t know what got to him. Chickenhead.

Don’t get me wrong. Jesse’s a smart kid. He sees people and I mean really.. sees them you know.. picks up fast. Real smart. And you know what I like most about him? Besides that great bod of course.. well.. the fact that .. he still lets himself be amazed. Its so damn easy to excite him .. to make him happy. Maybe its 'cos he’s still young and has led quite a protected life up till now. Even here.. at the Sanctuary, Shalimar fusses over him like anything. Adam is always consciously watching out for him. Sure he does that for the rest of us too.. but a wee bit more for Jesse. So anyway.. what's my point? The point is.. I.. can understand that my .. sudden and .. ‘slightly’ forceful interjection into his seemingly perfect life .. might have left him disorientated and all.. but he really seemed to enjoy it you know.. for the longest time, I thought I was making him.. happy.
Then WHAT man? I’m sure he must have had some legit reasons but trouble is.. he wont tell me what they are. Well okay.. I didn’t push much either. Pffft .. why should I? Its not like I’m desperate or something...

And you know what else is weird? The fact that even though our nightly adventures may be kaput.. daytime still requires him and me to be teammates, working and fighting side by side. And he acts like its all okay. Talks like nothing's wrong whatsoever! Sure that's good.. that's the way its supposed to be. Mutant X shouldn’t ever have to suffer because of our.. personal issues. And I for one, definitely prefer such .. no-strings-attached arrangements you know.. hey.. I’m Brennan.. the cool one.

But HIM? Isn’t he the sensitive naïve one? How the hell is he all so calm and cool and composed? Going by the time I spent.. boning him.. I can testify to the fact that Jess definitely aint the calm and composed kind.. more the moaning and screamin' and someone-gag-me-already kind.
Look at him.
He just.. sits there on his computer and ignores me. I ask some question ..relevant or otherwise.. and he replies in this same deadpan voice without blinking an eyelid. Throws me his pretty smile when I crack a joke and goes back to watching those flashing red dots on the screen.

Mr. Normal eh?
Oh I aint a Mulwray for nothin'. I swear he's trying to get to me. In those.. shabby.. ill-fitting faded jeans and.. dirty unflattering tee... oh yeah.. he's up to something I swear it. Don’t believe me? Okay so how about the fact that he’s been dating like crazy? I have seen him out with five girls already this past week and that’s four more than the total number of people he saw in the last six months! The only one being me.. might I add. So how do you explain this sudden barrage of women huh?

Yep. No doubt about it.. Jesse’s teasin' me. Which means its not over yet. Something’s still there.. something..


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