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You make my day - meme

Tagged by atsugari8

Pick 10 people and give them the "you make my day" award. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 10 of your own.

So I got tagged :) But in all honesty there is absolutely no way I could pick just 10 people off my f-list. Every one who's ever taken a moment out of their lives to leave me feedback or drop a line saying hi, has made my day in the kindest way possible. Everyone who's ever added me as a friend has made me smile and even though I've hardly posted any new stuff in a long while, it's really sweet that you guys are still around. So.... thanks everyone :) You all make my day! Oh and you're ALL Tagged haha :D


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(Deleted comment)
I love you too hon!! Thank you so much for being you *huggles* :)

(Deleted comment)
Hee! Takes one to know one ;) Love ya sweetheart *hugs* :)

You make my day right back!!! ::hugs you:: You already know how much I love you though!

Right back at ya sweetheart :) I'm so lucky to have found friends like you!! You're the absolute highlight of my every day *hugs and kisses* :)

You are so right!!No way can you narrow down a community like this..I absolutely live for comming in here and seeing all the variety of posts....from heartbreaking to funny...every single person that posts,no matte how trivial,just makes my day

:) Well said!! There is nothing I'd wanna do more than just stay online all the time and talk to all you wonderful people that I share so much in common with!! Thanks sweetie *hugs* :)

You make my day everytime I open up my friends page and I see one of your wonderful stories posted.

Awww :) Thank you so much sweetie!! I'm really glad we share this love for Scott/Logan. You're one of my favorite X-Men writers of all times you know that right :) *hugs*

Thank you so much! That is so nice to hear. You are one of my favorite X-Men writers as well and how can anyone not love Scott/Logan. They are total hotness!

Sweetheart! You literally made my day so many times I'd lost count! Whether with your amazing FB, your fictional and RL stories, your beta skills or your sweet comments! *loves*

Oh and you're ALL Tagged haha :D

LOL, that's cheating!! XD

Liz! :) The FB is 'cause you deserve it sweetheart. You and I have shared the Scott/Logan love since.. what the dark ages? ;P And now James/Hugh is totally driving me crazy thanks to your hot writing :) The rest is just 'cause you're so sweet!! ;)

LOL, that's cheating!! XD Sue me :P:P *huggles*

*hugs You, my friend*


Thank you!!! :) *hugs you back* You rock sweetheart :)

*hugs* You're awesome! That's the best way I've seen this one done.

:D Thanks sweetie. I will never forget that you were the first person to welcome me with open arms into the SPN community *huggles* :) You rock Tori!! :)

Better late than never!!

Your posts and FB and YOU have made my day more than a few times! ♥

You did the right thing tagging everyone! :)x

You did the right thing tagging everyone! :)x
:) Haha.. spread the love I say!!

You're awesome sweetie!! Thank you for being you! *huggles* :)

Please note that it is Valentine's Day! So I am sending you Happy Snuggles and kisses *smooch*. Oh, and it doesn't matter how often you post stuff (in fact, I get more of a kick from finding you lurking in my flist coz you don't visit as often as some). Quality over quantity, I say. *tackles with a quick hug then leaves*

:) Thank you sweetie and a very Happy Valentine's Day to you too!!! *hugs*

in fact, I get more of a kick from finding you lurking in my flist coz you don't visit as often as some
Really?? *blushes* Sweetheart you're just wayyy too good to me :D Thank you and I'll be sure to drop by more often! But not THAT often haha ;P *smishes you back*


You've made my day more than once and it's a shame we haven't chatted more.
Recently I've been so busy I haven't even posted anything for a long time, except today, and I also made this funny 'I'd fuck'-meme and tagged you, so go ahead and reveal your secret objects of lust, lol! :D



Awww.. thank you sweetie :) I understand sometimes RL takes over and you can't help it. The I'd fuck meme huh :D Yikes.. the trouble is my list would never end!! LOL :) Alright will go over now!

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