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JP: With dog

SPN RPS fic: Coming Home

Title: Coming Home
Summary: Jared comes home to Jensen.
Pairing: JA/JP
Rating: mild R
Warnings: m/m slash, language, sappiness :)
Disclaimer: I own nothing. JA and JP own themselves. I don’t know them and this is completely fictional, ALL of it. No harm or defamation or profit intended whatsoever. Just borrowing their fantastic personas for creative (fun) writing exercise. My sincere apologies for being a fanfic slut.
Author’s Notes: Written forfluffandfoldchallenge prompt: foot massages. Believe I'm posting this just in the nick of time heh. Unbetaed, kindly let me know (and forgive me) if you see any errors.
Word Count: 2307

Read on ao3

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Hey Greta.. This was a very long time ago (um, January actually :D).. you had very kindly & generously offered to beta for me? I was wondering if that offer was still open and if you have the time to look over my bigbang fic (31K words)? *grins sheepishly*

Thing is.. my friends beta for me and sometimes I feel like they are just being polite. And I was hoping to find someone who could give me an unbiased opinion?

It's a J2 AU, with the following header info:

Title: Shipwrecked by the laughter of Gods
Summary: CWRPS J2 AU. “It was supposed to be a simple job that also happened to be an all-expenses paid luxury vacation. Fuck the guy, take the money and run like hell. Simple. And they were going to pay him so well…”
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: m/m slash, prostitution, language, violence

Pls let me know if you have the time? Will completely understand if the answer's no :) cheers hon.


That sounds like a cool story. I'd like to beta it. To be honest, I don't think I'm that harsh but I'll be happy to offer what suggestions I can. Why don't you email me a copy and I'll see what I can do?


oops - why don't you email me a copy at gretainabag AT yahoo DOT co DOT nz ??

Yayy!! Thank you hon! :) Sending you the document now..

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