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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JP: With dog

SPN RPS fic: Coming Home

Title: Coming Home
Summary: Jared comes home to Jensen.
Pairing: JA/JP
Rating: mild R
Warnings: m/m slash, language, sappiness :)
Disclaimer: I own nothing. JA and JP own themselves. I don’t know them and this is completely fictional, ALL of it. No harm or defamation or profit intended whatsoever. Just borrowing their fantastic personas for creative (fun) writing exercise. My sincere apologies for being a fanfic slut.
Author’s Notes: Written forfluffandfoldchallenge prompt: foot massages. Believe I'm posting this just in the nick of time heh. Unbetaed, kindly let me know (and forgive me) if you see any errors.
Word Count: 2307

Read on ao3

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AWWW BOYS!! *melts in the schmoop*

I love how Jensen calls Jared his boy. And the massaging!!

“Take me to bed, Jensen.”

Jensen gazes deep into his smoldering eyes, wondering how the hell did he ever get so goddamn lucky.

“Show me how much you love me?”


♥ ♥

Yeah this is schmoopy alright :D Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetie! I'm really glad you enjoyed it :) *hugs*

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