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SPN: Sam & Dean "My Everything"

SPN fic: Sounds in Silence (gen)

Title: Sounds in Silence
Summary: Gen. A possible future drabble. Sequel to “Touched by Darkness”. Dean and Bobby perform a powerful ancient ritual.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1032
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. Not for profit.
Author’s Notes: What do you know, a pattern just emerged – this is now called the senses!verse, *rolls eyes* oh whatever :P

OMG! Sense!verse!

“Always put that on before you lay him out, so he is never looking up at the blank ceiling at any time. You got that?”
It’s been three months and twelve days and Bobby is starting to lose hope. But Dean believes with all his heart that Sam is still in there, somewhere...

Dean will never give up on his Sammy!

“C’mon, work with me here little brother, or you’re going in the back. You wanna ride shotgun don’t you? Don’t you Sammy?”
Bobby sighs, can’t decide who his heart is breaking for more – Sam for the state he is in, or Dean for getting his hopes dashed over and over again.

I think I heard him, too! The Impala, she is good for him.

Bobby is crestfallen, he’s never been so drastically off the mark before. Maybe he is slipping in his old age.
The orderlies look at each other, but wisely keep their mouths shut, knowing better than to argue when the man’s in full-on overprotective big-brother mode.
Call Bobby… apologize…

Oh, Sam! It's like baby steps, yes?

I hate that I was so busy this month I didn't even know of this story until the sequel had a sequel!

I love your concept of the senses, from sight to sound to touch, and how Dean is handling everything. He's just on the edge of losing it, but he won't as long as Sam needs him.

You've outdone yourself, Babe! I can't wait to read more!

Thank you,

I hate that I was so busy this month I didn't even know of this story until the sequel had a sequel!
Hey don't worry about it sweetie. Much as we hate it, RL does come first :)

I love your concept of the senses, from sight to sound to touch, and how Dean is handling everything. He's just on the edge of losing it, but he won't as long as Sam needs him.
Heh the senses pattern sort of emerged on its own and I didn't realize it until I was writing this one haha ;) But yeah, Dean may be struggling inside but he will always be the stronger one for his little brother because Sam needs him. it's what I like best about this awesome character of Dean!

Thank you so much for reading and for your awesome feedback hon :)

I love this! Can't wait for more <3

Thank you!! Will try to update soon :)

Wow, okay, I adore this (all three of them, which I just read in quick succession) and I truly hope you write more. I'd love to see where this goes!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :) There will be two more parts now. Glad you're enjoying this! cheers.

This is great. I love the idea of Sam talking to Dean through his mind. I really want to see more of this series.

Thanks hon :) Glad you liked it. Will update hopefully soon..

I think this story is awesome^^ So, more please ;P

Thank you so much hon :) Updating soon as RL permits, I promise!

I am loving this! And I love how Sam is communicating with Dean. I can't wait for the next part!

:) Thank you so much for reading hon. Am glad you're liking it.. will update soon hopefully.

Is that a little glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel?
*crosses fingers* that you're gonna make Sam all better. His consciousness pleading with Dean not to leave him was just sooooo sad...

Loving this verse, look forward to more.

Yep it is :) It means Dean is going to keep trying and he won't stop until Sam is okay. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon. Glad you like it :)

(Deleted comment)
Sweetheart! Thank you so much for reading.. i know its angsty but things are starting to look up :) Thanks hon for your kind words. Love you too!! :) *hugs*

Ooooh, interesting.
Yay, Sam!
*cuddles the boys*

Yep Sam's coming back :)) Thank you for reading hon.

What a cool idea!

I like that Sam is making Dean apologize for snapping a Bobby.

Thanks hon :) Well Dean didn't exactly snap, fact he didn't say anything. But inside he did blame Bobby for the "failure" of the ritual. And since now Sam's consciousness is directly tuned into Dean's... Sam could understand what he was feeling.


I wait, helpless as Dean.

Thank you so much for reading hon!!! Will update soon, i promise :)

Hee, Dean's giving Sam a bath himself *squeees* But then, I would have thought that Dean would have done that from the very beginning :DDD

They're having some sort of telepathy between them, aren't they? Those are Sam's thoughts that Dean was hearing, right? Sam's going to wake up soon, isn't he?

*checks rating again*


Hee, Dean's giving Sam a bath himself *squeees*
Well.. yes he is but this is a gen story lol :)

The whole premise of the story is that no, maybe he'd not done it himself before, maybe he just used to hang around and trusted the orderlies to do their job. But now that he can hear Sam's thoughts he realizes how much it's freaking Sam out to be manhandled by complete strangers. Yes the ritual connected their consciousnesses together. I hope this answers both your questions hon.

Still not sure whether you liked it or not, but hey thanks for reading :)

Hi, honey! I'm sorry I'm so late - I was out of town for the holidays and offline. Wow, this is really shaping into something fascinating, huh? I can't wait to find out what happens next, so I hope you'll have time to write! I love the idea of a voice in Dean's mind, and Sam as Dean's conscience, or that good little angel on his shoulder. Just perfect, sweetie! Thanks so much for the read! :)

Heyy!! No worries sweetie, I'm just glad you found the time to read at last and am also very happy you liked it! Hope you had a great Holidays hon :)

Aww! This one was achy *and* cute - cheered me right up - there's hope, right? Right, right? *puppy eyes* I love that Dean doesn't even think anything of hearing Sam's voice in his head...As if it's become second nature to imagine his brother's voice, but maybe he's not imagining it anymore? Dean's quickness to care for Sam and be there for him, his adorable little shows of love, observing Sam...

There's more coming, right? I can't wait, hun <3

Yes there is hope :D And yes Dean's always been attuned to Sam's thoughts and feelings but this time he really can hear him in his head. And yes hon there will be more coming, I promise :) Thank you so so much for reading - your beautiful feedback has made my day! *hugs* :)

Why did I not realize I'd forgotten to keep up with this?!

Gah! Breaks my heart it does....but I guess this little effect of the ritual is better than nothing for Dean.

Thanks sweetie!!! :) Better late than never I say ;P And yeah Dean gets to communicate somewhat with Sam so that's sort of good..