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SPN: Sam & Dean "My Everything"

SPN fic: The penultimate day

Title: The penultimate day
Dean’s last year is almost up.
Rating: R
Warnings: m/m slash. Angst, of course.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not for profit.
Spoilers: S2 finale.
Word Count: 3333 (heh)
Author’s Notes: May 17th, 2007 was the day AHBL-2 aired. Written for bottom_sammy challenge prompt #1.

weird story but I liked it. poor Sammy but I'm happy that he at least found a way to relive the day so that Dean doesn't have to die.

It is sort of weird I know, just wanted to write something where Sam was the demon king and had some kickass powers. Thank you for reading and reviewing hon :)

I love this take on what Sam may do to save Dean from his deal. Realizing his full potential of his psychic abilities, Sam uses all that he has to try and strike a bargain with anything that may get Dean out of the deal. Until that day, he uses the leverage he has to prolong the penultimate day for one more day. It's an ultimate sacrifice that Sam is making and blurs the notion of what's right and what's wrong.

I also love the way you wrote this story, starting from the morning of supposed penultimate day and ending with the beginning of another penultimate day. It's bittersweet and tragic.

Thank you so much for sharing and before Xmas passes, I better say Merry Xmas! and don't forget to leave out the cookies and milk for Santa!!

Re: The day before Last

It's an ultimate sacrifice that Sam is making and blurs the notion of what's right and what's wrong.

Exactly!! Its bad enough that using the powers are taking a physical toll on his body. It's also how he's stopped caring about right and wrong, good and evil.. so long as he is able to save his brother.

Thank you so much for reading and for the awesome feedback hon!! I'm glad you liked it. And yeah Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you too!! :) *hugs*

Oh wow, that is BRILLIANT. A unique, very original take on Dean's last day, and on how Sam saves Dean. Only it's not yet over, right, and I wonder how long it would be before Dean realizes the truth, before Sam breaks.

Love this part -

Sammy may not have made it to his eighteenth birthday if it hadn’t been for Dean’s ability to lock his childhood away in a little box and devote his all to protect Sam, care for him and love him… keep him adequately nourished and hell if Sammy Gigantor wasn’t a living, breathing testament to the awesome job he did.

Awesome job, Cyndra!!

Thank you so much sweetheart!! :) I'm glad you finally got around to reading this hehe ;) Yeah.. it's not a resolution of the big issue, just a way to put it off for another day. I left it open-ended so readers can take it wherever they want. Would be too painful for me to write ahead *snivels*

Thanks again sweetie :) Glad you enjoyed it. *hugs*




*hugs you*

*hugs you back* Thank you for reading sweetie.

I need a sequel, babe, please?
look how good I am!I'm reading all the fics of yours I missed! *__*

this was so, SO good And intense...

Awww hon.. no way can I write a sequel to this. This one was painful enough heh. And I'm so glad you're reading all my fics!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH right now!!! *huggles* :) cheers hon.

I always read your fics. Why do you think I want to write a 'I'm addicted to my favourite writers' post, eh?

I adore you so much.

Wow... this one was... heartbreakingly powerful, in my mind. And it's so ... them, ya know? Even outside the context of them being lovers, I could see this happening. If either of the brothers, even on the show, had this power, I have no doubt that they'd use it to rewind the last day indefinitely if they could to save the other, even to the detriment of their own physical well-being. I think they just love each other that much and you drove that point home beautifully in this one. I felt so bad for Sam. His desperation to keep Dean with him came through loud and clear. And Dean? Not knowing how many 'last days' he's actually lived through already? Sigh. Very well done. Thank you for sharing :)

Thanks again sweetie! :) I wrote this before they did mystery spot and I practically screamed in frustration at how exactly contradictory it was to what I wanted to see one the show you know? In my fic, Dean is being saved over and over. In the show Dean is dying over and over *facepalm* :(

Anyway, I'm so glad you liked this sweetie. Your reviews always make me smile and make my day a hundred times better! :) You might have actually given me reason to get out of bed today heh. Mondays suck I swear!!

cheers hon *hugs* :)

Aw very well written! I swear you should be a published author! ;D And this is adorable:
Word Count: 3333 (heh) XD You think you're all good don't ya? XP

Published author moi? No way man hehe, but thanks for the sentiment!! :D *hugs*

I'm aiming to write a fic for 6666 words next :P