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XMen: Jean Grey (Queen)

X-men fic: In the Beginning (AU): Chapter 12

Previous chapters: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight | Nine | Ten | Eleven
A/N: Third person POV chapter. A small break from the boys to see what everyone else is upto. If you read, I hope you like!

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Wondering River, Alberta


Jean shuddered, trying to push away the harrowing memories of a month ago. Struggling not to re-visit the image of Scott, broken and bleeding…Collapse )

Well I've been off line for a while, but I'm playing catch up now. I liked the bit with Jean and St. John. I love that he's obviously hitting on her even though she's a teacher and not interested. LOL. I also loved that Jean is so worried about Scott's well being that she's going to go use Cerebro without Ro's or the Professor's approval. I dout that Scott will appreciate the gesture, but I do. And what is that thing hunting the girl? Scary! Since I'd been away for a while I thought there would be more chapters of this up *pout* Do we get more Logan and Scott soon?

Hey hon.. nice to see you back online! Yep John is a brat and Jean is still in love. Even if she wasn't in love she'd still care for Scott because they're still friends. Have you seen Xmen the first movie? If yeah you might remember the villanous monster who attacked Logan and Rogue in Canada? ;P
Thank you for reading this hon. *sighs* Unfortunately RL has caught up with me and I haven't been able to spend time on this series. I'm wrapping up my assignment in the States and heading back home to London in 2 weeks. Maybe I'll be able to finish this up then. cheers again sweetheart *hugs*

Please, sir or ma'am, can I have some more? :-s I just recently decided once again to go in search of X-movie fic and this is the best I've seen! I really enjoy your characterizations, I like how you're reworking the movie storyline, and your writing is a pleasure to read. I just wish it was done! Stupid RL and it's unnecessary distractions... I hope you write more soon!

Thanks so much for the beautiful feedback hon :) Unfortunately RL really is a bitch to me these days but I do intend to get to this as soon as I can! Glad you're getting back into the xmen fandom.. this is where I started writing and I'm still completely in love with it! :) And hey I added you so you should have the other stuff to read in the meantime :D cheers hon.

This is such an awesome series!! I really wish that the movie went this route ;) Please keep writing this! Scott is too cute and Logan is great.

:) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon. My muse is missing on this one for now, but I'll try to get back to this and update it soon!! cheers again hon :)

I may have commented on this before but can't actually remember, see I read it ages ago when you first posted it then suddenly remembered it the other day and had to come see if there was any more...um is there? Have you written more and just not posted it or have you not written more yet? either way please write and post more 'cos I was really getting into this! Loving how Scott and Logan interact and craving more!! This is seriously good to get me commenting, I don't usually go for anything xmen without Remy!

Awww.. thank you so much hon! :) And I'm really sorry I don't have an update yet! Just been crazy busy and to be honest, a little distracted by another fandom right now. *winces* Sorry! But i do intend to finish this.. I have the plot laid out and everything, just gotta hunt my muse down and WRITE it heh :D

This is seriously good to get me commenting, I don't usually go for anything xmen without Remy!
Really? Wow.. :D Okay now you've guilt-tripped me ;) I'll try to update soon hon. Thank you so much for your beautiful feedback!

*hugs* :)

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I just re-read all this story and once again it was wonderful and left me yearning for some good xfic (any recommendations?). I know RL is a pain, but just thought I'd let you know there are still people eagerly awaiting more. :)

I'm so sorry hon, my muse for this series is seriously MIA *groans* I tried to get back to it only last weekend and ended up staring at a blank word document for 20 minutes before giving up heh. I promise tho.. I will finish it.. so sorry for the delay! I'm very thankful to you for reading my fic and leaving such kind reviews :) cheers hon.

Love this story! Ahahahaha Pyro hitting on Jean. LOL. And I was wondering when Rogue would make an entrance. Still hope you continue it at some point. Love Scott and Wolverine's interaction :)

Oh jeez. I am ashamed to say my muse for this one is also missing right now :( But thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon. Really happy you're enjoying my writing :)

Fuck. Rogue. What if?

I like your version of the story. At first I thought, this is completely wrong, but after the first chapter I liked it. Story is different, but characters are real, especially I like Wolverine.

Yep this is an AU :) I was trying to write a Scott-centric story 'cause I was pissed with X3. *sighs* Hopefully my muse will return and I'll complete it one day. Thanks for reading hon.

I just found this today and I have to say that I hope you continue it! I'm really enjoying Scott's characterization in the story. It's refreshing to see an unsure Scott and I can only imagine how unbelievably hard it would be to suddenly have such a integral part of yourself shut off with no way of knowing what might happen or if it'll come back.

Thank you!! :) An unsure Scott is my favorite kind heh.. there's a certain vulnerability in Scott Summers' character that never gets explored in the books or the movies enough. I'm glad you enjoyed this series hon.. and yeah I do intend to get back to it , er.. soon as my muse decides to come back *winces* :)

Fantastic introduction to the world of Jean, explaining the effects of her powers on her mind.

Showing the results of the relationship ending, in how Jean is earning the sympathy of her friends and overtures of a student, those are well done. The how of the break-up is missing, as it still seems that Jean and Scott care for each other. I could see Scott possibly panicking, acting out in order to protect Jean in ways she doesn't need and doesn't feel she needs. Which then causes Jean to lash out against Scott and Scott abruptly withdraws, even to the point of breaking up with Jean because he thinks it what she wants and now he's doubting his love for her.