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JP: tilted head

SPN fic: The Tempering of Dreams (see Warnings)

Title: The tempering of dreams
SPN pre-series
Summary: Sam(15) refuses to toe the line. For Jet’s prompt: Training.
Warnings: Domestic discipline, Language
Rating: Dunno. Maturity and open-mindedness mandatorily required.
Disclaimer: I own nothing. Not for profit.
A/N: Sorry this turned out angsty again. Unbeta-ed, please let me know if you see any mistakes so if they’re not deliberate I can fix them? ;P Cheers.)

With time, you’d think it’d get better or easier to handle somehow.Collapse )

Great job! You got all three voices just right, especially Dean. I know you're more a Sammy's girl but yeah, I thinkyou got Dean here totally spot-on. Love him. Love all of them here :)

Thank you so much sweetheart! :) I know YOU are a Dean girl so I'm so glad you read my stuff :D I am in awe of Dean and his integrity when it comes to his family. *sighs* He is the ideal brother and the ideal son. Too bad he gets taken for granted all the time :( And while this story is about Sam's sacrifices on teh surface, it really is more about Dean's underlining angst through it all. Okay I'll stop rambling now :P
Glad you liked it hon :) cheers. *hugs*

Hey there! Just came back from spending some Christmas time with a good friend and found your fic lurking about on my 'pooter. How wonderful. You've got the voices of those three boys down so well - I can almost hear them - great characterisation. And spanking... Poor Sam's stress while waiting for his brother and father to return was very real, I felt every moment with him. Going to read the sequel now *rubs hands together in glee*

Hey hon, hope you had a good time! :) And thank you so much for reading and reviewing. It turned into an angst fest alright haha. cheers hon.

*looks around* Weird. I've read this before but not left feedback! I must have read it off line. Loved it, just perfect. Oh boys.

:) Thank you for reading, and taking the time to leave a review sweetie. I'm so glad you liked it!

I've owed you feedback for this story for what... two months now? I suck! Thank you very much for writing it for the prompt series. I thought it was a very well written story, and something I could see happening in the past to make the characters who they are in the show. I can see John being too tired and upset to fight with Sam anymore, and getting to the point where he would just give up on it for a while. And I can also see Sam being happy that he won at first, only to find out that it wasn't really what he wanted. And poor Dean in the middle, seeing both sides, and not totally agreeing with either one. Very nice.

I liked the little exchange between Dean and Sam before they left for the hunt. It was just so cute with Dean being both parental and brotherly at the same time. And poor Sam! Waiting and not knowing if your loved one is hurt, but suspecting that they are is horrible. I don't blame him for jumping the gun and calling Jim. I also don't blame him for losing his temper and chucking the bookcase to the floor.

The talk with Dean and John in the car was wonderful. I loved this whole exchange, because I think it's true:
Instead you are freezing him out. That is not the way you deal with Sammy, Dad! Dean wanted to yell at John, and not for the first time in his life. Just another occasion where he wished his father would do a better job of, well, being a father.

John’s chuckle pulled him out of his thoughts. “Sometimes I think I should have been the big brother and you should have been his old man.”

Huh? “What??”

“I bully him way more than you do, and you take care of him the way I should.”

Shit. Dean didn’t want to step on John’s toes obviously. “Dad I didn’t mean…”

“I know kiddo, it’s okay. I don’t know what I’d have done without you.”

Aww, I love that John acknowledges how much Dean does help. :) And I also thought the last scene with John and Sam was well done. Sam upset, and not quite logical, and John not quite understanding exactly what Sam wants or needs, but trying his best to make things right between them. And he does a pretty good job of it in the end too. :) The very end was sweet with Dean and Sam. Thanks again for the story.

:D:D Awwww. thank you so very much for your awesome feedback hon!! :) I'm really glad you found the time to read it and liked it. I just wanted to write a story where John is not always on the ball to spank his sons 'cause you just know that there was quite a bit of neglect the boys suffered in canon. But this John is also completely aware that he's not perfect. I'm glad Dean was there to pick up the slack which is why Sam turns out completely okay, even if its at Dean's own expense. *sighs* Oh boys.
Thanks again sweetheart, I just saw your email on the group and can understand RL's been keeping you busy too! But if you feel like taking a break, there is a sequel to this fic.. its set 2-3 years later when Sam goes to Stanford and is angsty again heh. cheers hon *hugs*

sammy the brat ♥ and John loves his boy(s) ♥ awesome

Than you :))

John really does love his boys, he just doesn't know how to show it heh. Glad you enjoyed this hon. Thanks!

Thank you :) Glad you enjoyed!