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SPN: Sam scared (Black rock)


What do they mean by FINALE??? I was only gone a fucking week damnit?!!!!?? Does anyone know about this?

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Because the next one is the last episode they have written and filmed. What will happen if the strike ends is anyone's guess.

OH. *is embarrassed for the spaz attack* Okay... I think *squints* I hate strikes :(
Thanks hon.

That's all right, I'm kind of obsessed with this strike. ;)

I guess cuz of the strike -
but its only the Fall Finale, hopefully theres more after the strike is over

It sucks! I kept getting the feeling that this season they were wrapping up stories faster and not letting them develop more complexity.. and now I know why.

Duh, feel like I've been living under a rock!! I hope they come back tho!! *fingers crossed* Thanks hon.

awww..yea at the beginning of the season, it was a little slow - a bit draggin but then it got better and then the four months ago episode really picked the pace up

No worries. I totally forgot Heroes was even on today cuz of SPN being on hiatus

Haha.. sweetheart Heroes is what is getting me through this SPN hiatus in the first place ;) But no I really do love both the shows equally.

Oh man. Thanks for letting me know hon. I avoid spoilers at all costs and looks like I completely missed out on this as well. Strikes suck :(

It's the strike finale, so to speak. It's supposed to effectively tie up everything with this storyline, which right about now, I'm really glad for.

Glad its working for you hon. But I am not sure how I feel about this.. rushing up all their storylines and not letting them develop any further?? *bites lip*.. Meh.. I'm just not sure.

I know just how you feel, chica. Numb3rs is driving me crazy with all those scattered scenes and having some characters here and others there. Worse yet is not having some characters in an episode because of the filming issue. Arg! Let's hope this strike ends soon!

Exactly! We've just been cheated out of what could have potentially been kickass seasons but well.. nothing can be done about it.

Let's hope this strike ends soon! Amen to that :)

No, not all! Just the whole genetics storyline (I think). Did you read Kring's apology a while ago? Things would have changed anyway, I think, it's just happened to coincide with the strike.

It's ending for the season, because of the Writer's Strike.

Maybe it makes sense.. I guess I'll just have to watch the finale to find out. God I HATE that word!! Not for Heroes man.. :) never for Heroes!!
cheers hon *hugs*

Kring had said that they were going to do this at the end of the first season. Instead of one long 22 episode season, they had planned to break it up into smaller, mini-volumes so that we didn't have to do the whole "make the viewers wait two months for us to catch up on filming" thing.

With the writer's strike, they reworked the script so that everything ends next episode. :(((

Hmm.. it sounds like they planned these mini-volumes AFTER they realized there was going to be a writers' strike :( And I don't know if this strategy will work or not... will have to wait and watch the "finale" *cries* I hate that word!!

:) Thanks for the info hon.

Be quiet you!! *pouts* Some sympathy please? I TOTALLY FREAKED last night!! I was all.. oh this show is so awesome and the plot is so brilliant and.. huh? WHAT? FINALE?? I nearly had a heart attack woman!


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And I love YOU sweetheart :) *hugs*

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Awwww... Thank you so much sweetie!!! Here's one for you :D

*hugs* :D

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