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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup


So, I know a lot of you might be busy with Thanksgiving and all today.. but I really, desperately need help getting my SPN muse back. Any ideas? Pretty Please? :((

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Follow these step by step instructions!

1. click on my name and go to my journal.
2. scroll down to the second entry.
3. press play on the video there. :D

If that doesn't get your muses running try going to my memories. I have an entire folder labeled 'fandom: supernatural' it's full of fics. READ THEM <3

Ohhh that video is an old favorite of mine *sighs* Thanks so much for the link hon, watching it again after so long does sort of help... whew. I have so many prompts due and can't seem to get even a single paragraph out :( And reading other ppl's beautifully written fics will only make me miserable so haha, not going near your memories yet! Maybe I should go watch the video again :D Thanks so much hon *hugs*

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