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JM: Young tilted head closeup


So, I know a lot of you might be busy with Thanksgiving and all today.. but I really, desperately need help getting my SPN muse back. Any ideas? Pretty Please? :((

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I like her ideas ^ Like, wow.

Um, I had a cliched idea. but I can give it. Something like:
Younger Winchesters (Sam 12-14) and Dad and Dean's away on a hunt. Sam is alone and has a nightmare where he see Dean's brutal murder at the hands of his possessed father. After that he freaks out because he's alone and Dean cames back to find him completely bawling and broken.

It came to me a while back.. but I don't write angst. Figured I should pitch it ^_^

But I still like her ideas a lot.

You mean sammynce's ideas love? Oh its a he! :D The coolest cutest and most adorable gay man in cyberspace :D And yeah those are some terrific ideas! And damn it yours is too!!! Ugh.. I'm itching to write this one down!! But the words keep freezing up.. *sighs* I don't know what to do.. got so many prompts due and hot showers OMG *cries*

:D I'm whining I know!! Hope you had a great birthday and a wonderful thanksgiving sweetie :)

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haha yeah, the come-soiled boxers, what's not to like :D
Oh I'm so cold! I'm really from London but living on the East coast for a while, and its bloody freezing already at this time of the year. Cozy cabin fic sounds good.. the muses don't seem to be cooperating but I will try. Thanks hon! :)

Follow these step by step instructions!

1. click on my name and go to my journal.
2. scroll down to the second entry.
3. press play on the video there. :D

If that doesn't get your muses running try going to my memories. I have an entire folder labeled 'fandom: supernatural' it's full of fics. READ THEM <3

Ohhh that video is an old favorite of mine *sighs* Thanks so much for the link hon, watching it again after so long does sort of help... whew. I have so many prompts due and can't seem to get even a single paragraph out :( And reading other ppl's beautifully written fics will only make me miserable so haha, not going near your memories yet! Maybe I should go watch the video again :D Thanks so much hon *hugs*

what would you like? Give me a subject, a Winchester, and i"ll give you a paragraph?

*facepalm* I don't know what I need hon .. just can't seem to get anything down on paper.. I just wanna be able to write something.. ANYTHING! Not sure how to do that... *sighs*

*hugs back* Thank you sweetie, you've kinda helped already by being here. I just wish I could start writing again.. maybe this new badass!Sam isn't working for me?? *winces* I don't know what the issue is.

Stop trying to force it. Worse thing you could do. Go shopping, have a shower, plant a tree, stick marshmallows between your toes, - anything... Or you could dig out your DVDs, grab a glass of red and watch season one again.

I know hon. But I haven't been forcing it for almost a month really and am not getting anywhere.. *shrugs* Let's see. Thanks for the lovely ideas hon. Think I'll grab that red and the dvd after all :D

Mkay, kind of a silly suggestion, but the same thing that helps cheer em up always kickstarts my muse too: write crack. I know it's not your usual style (mine either) but somehow if I just start writing the silliest things that pop into my head, it'll usually get me going again. And if you're having trouble with the new Sam? Start with the old Sam. Write something taking place in season one, or preseries. Cause you know I'm just sitting here waiting for more Hot Showers. I mean, whatever you want to turn out is fine. :)

Another thing that can help is challenges--take a couple of really random unrelated things that pique your interest and write a fic about them. Like pictures frames and cabbages, or something similarly ridiculous. It's fun to try and construct a story around one weird image or word.

Hope that helped--it probably didn't, but I'll be sending muse-y thoughts your way hon! Hope the writer's block goes away soon.

Aww Hot Showers I know!!! *cries* I have one prompt from Jet's 50 fic series still left and then a couple of more prompts for Vincent (sammynce) and I'm really really feeling pressured. Let's see hon.. thank you so much for the ideas! :) Talking with you guys about it is helping quite a bit! *hugs* :)

Hi *waves* sorry your muse is MIA. I dunno if this'll be of any help, but right after Sammy very wibbly conversation with Dean in Fresh Blood "I want you to be my brother again cause, just cause..." if there's ever been a time-elapse montage that screamed out more lustily for a wincest added scene, I've never come across it. I mean they had a dozen or so mattresses piled around the room for pete's sake, that's gotta be like a 50 foot high neon blazing wincest sign!

Anyhoo, good luck and stay strong :)

You know you're right! I see the wincest now, when I was watching the episode I just got severely distracted by Sammy's bright watery eyes. *sighs* ;)
Thanks for dropping in hon :) Still trying to write, will never give up! :D

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