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JA: Jensen flustered in ChicagoCon

More layout woes

Okay, so why did nobody tell me the layout breaks in IE6?? *pouts, taps fingers on desk* ;)

I use Firefox 2.0 and I really don't much care for IE.. but if you guys are looking at this in IE6 you're probably seeing a huge white empty space after the first entry on every page! *winces* And I've done everything I could think of to fix it, even bugged the layout creator about it, poor girl (I'm so sorry!) And I have finally come to the conclusion that - IE6 sucks. It's IE6's fault not mine period :D

I just hope you guys are using Firefox or IE7 or any other browser except IE6, because a) I love this layout too much and b) I'm too exhausted to change anyway ;)

cheers guys.

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I think today is destined to be a day full of layout woes.
I love this new layout, btw! =]

:D You too! Just saw your post over at your LJ.. will respond there :D

It is indeed a very beautiful layout.
And IE6 sucks anyway because who can live without tabs.

Tabs yes!! Exactly! :) IE7 does it but it's so freakin' slow.

It is indeed a very beautiful layout.

:) Thanks sweetie. All credit to passing_girl

Firefox all the way. And a big AGREE'd on the tabs statement above.

Completely agree abt the Tabs! :) Firefox is really cool! :) Altho I do have friends who scoff at it and prefer Opera instead.. *shrugs* I never took to it.

I use Firefox unless the page won't display properly. So I never noticed a problem.

Firefox is great ain't it! :) I'm hoping most of us are on Firefox so nobody sees the bad layout haha.

I'm not sure what to tell you. Some layouts just don't work right with everything.

I know sweetie. Just wish I'd known this before I opted for the layout. Anyhoo.. I'm not changing it now, not for a loooooong time ;)

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