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Transformers fic: Night with a Yellow Camaro

Title: Night with a Yellow Camaro
Verse: Transformers movie, 5 years in future.
Pairing: SamxBee
Summary: Ah. Porn. Just porn. Nothing but porn.
Warnings: m/m slash, bondage, toys, electric simulation, spanking, freakin’ robot!sex period.
A/N: I wrote it because I wanted to read it. It just came out in a huge rush one night.. and dayum what a night it was ;) *rubs legs together* One off. No more Transformers fic after this. No sir!


Sam Witwicky crept out of bed at quarter past midnight, trying to be as quiet as his clumsy twenty two year old self could but there was no escape from Mrs. Mikaela Witwicky’s razor sharp senses.

“Try not to get lubricant all over my beautiful floor, hmm?”

She drawled, and Sam suspected she was still half asleep. Shaking his head and smiling, he leaned beside her and kissed her softly on the lips. Then tiptoed out of their bedroom and down two flights of stairs to reach their workroom. Mikaela and Spike… the world famous car designer duo… five years ago who woulda thought this could happen? Who would’ve thought a babe like Mikaela would ever so much as look at someone like Sam, but she did. And if Sam was honest to himself, which he was, he knew it wasn’t because of his dropdead charms, no sir.

It was Bumblebee. Bee brought them together, opened their eyes and exposed their lives to a whole new world of adventures and possibilities. Gave them love, fame, success, a great life together. Hell, saved their lives like… a thousand times over in the past five years. So what if sometimes he was also getting them in trouble in the first place?

He flicked on a dim yellow floor lamp as he entered the workroom. It was really just a fancy name for their giant garage space on the first floor, about the size of two tennis courts at least. This was where they did most of their blueprint designing and prototyping. This was where Prime held his meetings in secret, secure in the sanctuary that the Witwicky household provided to him and his kind. As it had for five years.

This was also where Bee preferred to shack out whenever he was in town. How could he possibly be anywhere else, if not in his best friend’s own home?

Sam located the spiffy yellow Camaro parked quietly in the farthest end of the workroom, right next to the full length windows that allowed soft moonlight to stream down and wash over his elegant metal body. A smile crept to his face, as did a slight shiver up his spine… from anticipation, excitement, and a delicious brand of fear… emotions that only his guardian Transformer could evoke. He was dressed in a white tank tee shirt and black pajama bottoms, and he stood barefoot. Waiting for Bee to notice him. Know that he was there. That he had come.


Bee opened one lazy headlight eye to greet the slender figure approaching him. He knew Sam would come, he always did. Rolled down a window and let the midnight radio tune into his emotions and do the talking for the both of them.

Waiting by the Devlins played softly as Sam walked up closer to him. Both headlights flicked on, bathing the room in bright lights in which he could see Sam blushing already. Bee trembled with delight, and the sheer surge of power to his batteries at the sight of the nervous young human. It was what he loved so much about their little trysts in the middle of the night.

Sam now stood just before the hood his beloved car, and reached out a hand to touch the cool metal, stroking in wide angles from a top corner to the one diagonally opposite. The radio crackled and sputtered until it found the frequency of Kenny Rogers. At which Sam made a face and Bee switched again.

Baby can I hold you tonight.

Sam really scowled this time. Pulled his hand away, putting it on his hip instead and glared. Bee sputtered biting back a chuckle and finding a rock channel Sam preferred. He loved this wordless game of gentle teasing before the real deal began. They called it foreplay in earth language, he guessed. And he kinda liked it.

Fort in a Minor. Yeah, Sam approved at last. Bee revved and suddenly rolled forward until Sam fell forward against the yellow hood completely taken by surprise. Which was the moment they’d both been waiting for anyway. As soon as the man was sprawled face down, bent over the car with his pert ass sticking out just the way he liked it, Bee transformed.

Metal grips emerged and closed over the delicate (relatively speaking of course) wrists and ankles, pinning Sam in place so that the only movement he was now capable of was to thrust in and out with his stomach against the Camaro’s bonnet. His feet were pulled wide apart and clasped against each tire, and similarly his hands were also pulled as far and wide as they could go until they rested by the side-view mirrors on each side.

Sam grunted, not having had enough time to prepare although he had to know this was coming. This was always the way it was. Except today, Bee was definitely taking charge, not waiting for Sam to consent or command or whatever. He loved it.

The transformation continued meanwhile, and the robot’s familiar upper torso emerged from the rest of the car’s body. The process was teasingly slow for the human, the whirring and screeching almost synchronized to the beats of his favorite rock band until at last, he could raise his head up to look at Bumblebee, his bright yellow self, winking red eyes beaming down at him. The seventeen foot tall robot looked like he was sitting on the ground with a yellow chassis of a Chevy Camaro draped over his lap. A chassis that had a helpless young earthling strapped down on it.

Bee lowered his head to study his young charge, assessed the heartbeat to be obviously faster than normal but not dangerously so. He was starting to perspire, already starting to test the give in his restraints and finding none. Bee smirked at the sight of the cute little ass protruding at the end of his metal lap. He folded his legs slightly to make it jut out a whole lot more and Sam groaned louder.


Sam whispered, hoarsely. Waiting, anticipating and getting massively worked up in the process. The robot calculated the hormonal level as highly stimulated but knew it was nowhere near enough. Nowhere near the heights of absolute insanity that the transformer was capable of bringing his dearest friend to. It was after all, what Sam came looking for.

The music switched to trance, a heady in-the-zone kind of DJ Talamasca that Bee was pretty fond of himself. And if Sam was complaining about it, let him. His chance to protest or dictate terms were now long gone. Bee called the shots from here on. And the first order of the day was, simply, the removal of unwanted coverings.

A giant robotic hand swooped down, tearing away the pajama bottoms in one clean swipe, leaving Sam’s pale white ass exposed for all and sundry. Sam moaned deep in his throat as the cool air-conditioning in the workroom made the skin on his bare bottom tingle. If Mikaela were to walk into the garage right now, she would be greeted with a very interesting sight indeed. Bee of course suspected she was hoping to be invited as audience one day and maybe next time he would. For now, his attention was solely focused on the quivering body below.

“Bee… c’mon… don’t make me wait… please…”

Bee left the tank tee on, not like it was in the way. Just one more thing left to do – he depressed the chassis that rested under Sam’s belly. Curved away from the human’s body so his semi-erect cock touched nothing but empty air and hence could not find any friction whatsoever. Sam really groaned this time, realizing Bee was going for the long haul tonight.

The robot was not going to touch him, his cock, that is. Sam was going to have to attain his release purely by the fucking of his ass. His tight pucker already started to quiver at the very thought of what lay ahead. Sense memory, perhaps. He couldn’t stop clenching and unclenching, as much as he could achieve with his legs pulled apart so painfully. And now the damn car was angling him again, so his ass could be even more accessible. Sam banged his forehead against the car’s metal and wished Bee would for once let it hurt.

Bee of course wouldn’t. Not on this end, and not on the other. This was all about pleasure under extreme restraints but no pain. No. The only pain he was prepared, and hell eager to give and that Sam was more than willing to receive, would also emanate only at the rear end, and would come later. Much later. When it would be needed the most.

The right hand started to transform then. Whirring sounds alerted Sam to what was about to happen. The giant index finger stretched and morphed until it was about thirteen inches long and really really slim, almost like Mikaela’s. And it was pliant, Sam knew, who was constantly amazed by the Autobots’ ability to readjust the density and malleability of different parts of their metal body. A small container of human-friendly lubricant appeared out of nowhere and the next thing Sam knew, his opening was being prodded.

He moaned, in absolute relief.

The cold lubricating gel dribbled down his insides and since his ass was upturned at the perfect angle, gravity was enabled to run its course. The index finger followed next, slowly but surely pushing its way through the tight orifice. Sam gasped, his muscles reflexively clenching against the invasion. Until Bee’s other hand softly but heavily closed around his thigh, stroking and urging him to relax.

Eventually Sam did and the finger slipped right in. Sliding all the way down as Sam gasped louder, wiggled this way and that to try to get reacquainted with the feeling of being inescapably stuffed down there. His mind was resisting it but his body was already on board, his cock now hardening further. Then the finger started to move.

“Oh God! Oh Oh Oh!”

Sam whimpered and mewled as the smooth metal surface of the finger stroked the walls of his tight ass, occasionally brushing up against the bundle of nerves that constituted his sweet spot. He banged his forehead a couple more times in happiness and frustration… happiness because damn it he’d missed this so much. And frustration because it wasn’t enough, still wasn’t enough.

There was no way to control the pace of the fucking. Bee would decide how fast or how slow or how hard or how thick. Nothing Sam could say would change his mind, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t try.

“Faster! Bee please… faster, harder…”

A laughing track actually rang into and around the garage and Sam rolled his dilated pupils. Bee pushed all the way into Sam as far as he could go and paused right there. He didn’t move until Sam started to bitch and whine and curse like a banshee in pain and even then he wouldn’t go as fast as Sam would have wanted him to.

“Bumblebee, you bastard!!”

The static was loud and booming as Bee spoke his first words of the night. “I haven’t even started my dear, dear boy. Patience, we have all night.”

Oh God, Sam groaned, he didn’t think he could last through this torturous pleasure all night long. With the other transformed hand’s softer fingers, Bee tickled his heavy sac and drew circles on his convulsing perineum. And with the metal probe he continued to tease him, fucking infrequently and Sam would jerk and moan every time his prostate was hit. But just when he was getting used to it, Bee pulled out completely.

“What… Bee? What the fuck?”

The Autobot let Sam stew as he affected another slight transformation to his talented right hand. He pulled out a set of latex attachments, a surprise gift for Sam although Sam still didn’t know about it. Sneaked one onto his deft index finger once more and then dipped into the jar of lube next to him on the floor. The rubber dildo was thicker, about fourteen inches long and an inch and a half around the girth. And, it had deep, concentric grooves cut into the surface.

“I have a gift for you, Samuel. Tell me if you like it.”

Sam grunted, struggling to look behind his back to catch a glimpse.

“And if I don’t?”

Bee snorted. “Well. Then we’ll just have to keep using it until you do!”

Sam snorted, his robot was rapidly turning into a smartass. No wait, that’s not right. He always was. All his further thoughts evaporated when the rubber end started to circle and tease his exposed pucker. Sam gasped. The coldness of the jelly on his heated up skin was stark and shocking, especially since Bee used the same wet tip to tease the skin of his butt cheeks as well. Pretty soon his entire butt was wet and nicely lubed up, the temperature-changing sensations adding a whole new dimension to the erotic teasing.

Sam rested his forehead against his beloved car, no longer caring for the ache in his outstretched limbs because all his energy and attention was riveted on his bottom. And especially the little red opening in his rear that simply wouldn’t stop throbbing.

“Please… please… whatever it is. Bee… put it in me already!”

Bee chuckled. “All you had to do was ask.”

And he drove the dildo in, in one forceful thrust. Sam choked on his breath, no sounds escaped him for a long time as he adjusted to the thicker cock. And then Bee gave him no time to settle down before he started to twist it inside of him. The end massaged his prostate repeatedly until Sam was a complete stammering, blubbering, sobbing mess. And then he started to move it in and out, fucking Sam over and over and over again, like he’d never been fucked before. It was rhythmic this time, and Bee allowed a slight slack in Sam’s leg restraints so that he had the slight liberty to thrust back against the dildo as well. Which Sam did, and how. His calves flexed visibly as he strained to thrust himself upwards against Bee’s thrusts downwards. Again and again, and again. Bee paused once to dribble some more lube into his vigorously worked over hole, and then silently continued to fuck Sam for the next few minutes. A Perfect Circle played away in the background.

“Ahhh! Bee!! I’m gonna… ahh!!”

And sure he did. Sam came hard, accompanied by an earsplitting scream. Good thing the workroom was soundproofed or the whole neighborhood would have been pounding their door down by now. His cock had not been so much as grazed against, all this while.

Sam nearly passed out with exhaustion. Bee calmly pulled the dildo out and his big robotic palm landed on top of his ass, covering the slim surface completely. Bee held off most of the weight so Sam didn’t feel crushed, only soundly comforted by the solid presence of his friend all around and over him. Sam panted, struggling to catch his breath and calm his racing heart down.

Bee hadn’t been in town in over four months. And Sam had been starved for the kind of attention that he could only get from this best friend of his. He didn’t want this night to end, despite knowing that it was about to get really, really frustrating and maybe even painful pretty soon. Sam relished the tenderness of the moment, clinging to it before it melted away. Just like he would cling to the memory of this entire night tomorrow when Bee left to fight his big war against the Decepticons again.

He was on the verge of sinking into a deep sleep when he felt his legs being pulled apart again, the restraints once again tightened to the max. The robot hands pulled away from him and only a gentle giant finger continued to stroke up and down the length of his back.

“Pop quiz, Witwicky.”

Sam sighed. “Shoot, Tinman.”

“What’s better than a fourteen inch rubber dildo?”

Oh dear. Sam closed his eyes and winced, this was not going to end well for him. Or his ass. “I don’t know.”

Bee smirked. “Why. A fourteen inch vibrating dildo, of course!”

Sam groaned, but Bee wasn’t done yet. “Wait there’s more. What’s better than a fourteen inch vibrating dildo?”

“Dude… I don’t know.”

Bee chuckled. “Oh Sammy. Sammy, Sammy. You’re about to find out.”

That’s when he heard the new whirring sounds. More lube was dribbled down his aching anus and a slim index finger lightly tickled the cleft of his ass. He writhed, gasping, giggling, trying to get away.

“Bee!! Stop… don’t…”

The Autobot threw his head back and laughed. He never tired of doing that, ever. Slow and steady, the next rubber attachment now nicely lubricated was lowered into Sam’s ass. This one was thicker and bigger so Bee was very very careful with it. Humans were quite a fragile species in comparison to the beings on Cybertron. Bumblebee was always acutely and painfully aware of that, and he loved this human in particular too much to ever lose control.

Sam moaned and groaned and arched up and down as much as he could to take in as much of the shaft as he could. Bee adjusted the angle of his car hood, tilting it even more so Sam’s ass was much higher in the air and his head at a lower level than before. Sam’s upper torso was held inclined at pretty much a sixty degree angle to the rest of his body by now. But it made the penetrations easier.

Bee’s left hand stroked up and down the taut flanks and his miniaturized right hand administered to his ass. At last the thing was completely seated in position to the robot’s satisfaction and even Sam started to wriggle with restlessness. He needed action now.

“Damn Bee, feels like a dozen Winchester rifles in there. What is it already?”

“Patience, human.” Sam gasped as Bee pushed it further until it rested right against his sweet spot and couldn’t possibly go any further.

“Oh one more thing,” Bee released the ankle restraints and while Sam frowned in question, he just patted his right cheek lovingly. “Trust me, you’ll want to kick.”

Then without warning, he flicked it on.

“Ahhh!!! Fuuuuuuuckkkk!!!”

Sam’s world was thrown in complete and utter turmoil. A bright and colorful frenzy of fireworks went off behind his closed eyelids and every single nerve ending in his body tingled and throbbed. He was on fire. His body, his mind, his very soul was on fire. This wasn’t just a vibrator, it was an electric stimulation vibrator!! Sending little jolts of electric current running through his rectum, zapping his exhausted prostate gland back into action. And yes, he did kick.

The first cycle of stimulation paused and it was almost like Sam was thrown back to earth from the sky. He struggled to catch his breath, knowing he only had so much time before the next wave. And he was right. The next wave was even worse than before, even though he was prepared for it. His toes curled up and his spine went rigid as he arched off painfully, struggling to get away from the overload of sensations but where could he go?

“Bee! Stop… take it out. Take it out please!!”

“Shh… Sammy, my night, my rules. Remember?”

“But this is too much, no… pl…”

He never got to finish that sentence. The third wave crashed over him and once again the electric currents transformed his body into a bundle of hyper-sensitized, oversexed helpless little pieces of flesh that could do nothing but feel. Incapable of shutting it out, unable to switch off… this is what sexual torture would feel like, Sam realized. Such an overload of pleasure… so much that you didn’t want it. None of it. Ever again.

“Okay! Okay stop!! I’ll do anything. Please…”

His mind was completely shot, Sam was surprised he could still form any words at all. His cock throbbed so painfully and yet it was way too soon since the last time he came, so the release would not come so easily.

“Anything, Witwicky?”

“Yes! Yes! Anything…”

“It’s either this or the flyswatter. Your choice.”

Oh. Fuck. Sam hated the flyswatter. He hated it more than anything in the goddamn world. The only thing he hated more than the flyswatter was… was this electrical thingie.

Sam groaned, and nodded his head. Of course, when he said “hated”, he meant that these were the secret kinks of his that he regretted having ever admitted to, because the more he tried to suppress them and wish them away, the more Bee used them to torture him with.

“Alright then. But this stays in.”

“What? Why?”

“Just in case you change your mind, we can switch back to this quickly enough!”

Sam cursed under his breath, the choicest of profanities he could think of and Bee just gave a full-body chortle underneath him. His legs were clasped back in place, his ass positioned perfectly making him blush all the more if that were even possible. And he was still severely stretched by the monster in him.

Swat! “Ahhh!!!!”

Bee of course was not using more than two percent of his strength, but it was enough. The sting of the first swat on his left cheek went straight to Sam’s overheated groin and he grimaced. The other fell on his right cheek after precisely three seconds and that stung just as deliciously. And it went on after that, continuous and rhythmic… beautifully timed and efficiently delivered spanks one after another. Sam’s bottom some ten minutes later was a nice toasty crimson red, and his cock an angry shade of purple. He moaned and mewled and sobbed and begged for mercy, but Bee knew he didn’t really mean it. He kept reading Sam’s vitals all the time. And hell, Sam was nowhere near done.

“Bee! Ahh!! Stop! No more… please!!”

Two could play this game. “Alright.”

The swatter was transformed away and before Sam could breathe a sigh of relief, the fourth electric jolt hit his prostate and Sam screamed. “Fuck!!! Okay!! Okay!!”

“Say what?”

“Spank me!! Spank me please!!”

“As you wish.”

And the swats started raining down once more. This time Bee focused on the skin at the base of Sam’s cheeks where they melted into his shapely thighs, and boy did that hurt. Sam was no longer a kid, but as an adult his more sedentary lifestyle had contributed to a perfectly sized deposit of baby fat on his behind. It was nicely round and plush and jiggled just a bit as the swats caught the rosy cheeks in either direction. It was absolutely the most beautiful sight Bumblebee had ever beheld in any galaxy. He sensed the temperature of the surface to be searing hot, but the color was nowhere to his satisfaction yet. So he spanked again, and again, and Sam struggled and writhed and howled again. It was music to robotic ears.

Sam zoned out to a place deep inside of him, relishing the pain as it transformed into slow burning pleasure. He trusted Bee to take care of him, trusted him to keep pushing him a little more, a little farther every time they did this. So even when the pain started getting to him, like now, and he could feel the scorching hot pricks on every single nerve ending on his scarlet red butt and he couldn’t help but plead for mercy… he knew it was fruitless. He knew Bee wasn’t going to stop. He wouldn’t stop until every last drop of pleasure was squeezed out of Sam’s body through his cock and every last tear had bled out of his cynical eyes. And he would still keep going for good measure, until the pain was nothing but that. Pain. Then Sam would know what it felt like to be truly, utterly and completely… helpless.

And that would kickstart the vicious cycle over to pleasure again.

Minutes, maybe hours or maybe days, who knew? And then he was coming furiously. For the second time in less than thirty minutes, and his cock had still not been touched. Sam let go, whimpering and mumbling Bee’s name over and over until he couldn’t anymore. Exhausted, he passed out.

Bumblebee put away the swatter, pulled the electric dildo out of his beloved and sprung open the restraints. He scooped Sam up in his huge arms, holding him protectively, lovingly. Smiling because even in his passed out state, Samuel Witwicky had the most amazing little smile pasted to his swollen lips. Relieved that he didn’t hurt the boy, too much, Bumblebee leaned back against the nearest wall and jacked himself off swiftly. There would be other days for self-indulgence; tonight was meant to be for his little lover alone. Bee peeled the last piece of cloth from the boy’s body – his sweat-soaked tee shirt, rocked the boy as he slept even though he knew his lover wouldn’t stay under for long.

Soon enough, Sam would come to and with eyes still closed, he would grope around for Bee’s strong presence around him. Then he’d smile and stretch languidly and whisper Bee’s favorite three words, and he would echo them back. Then Sam would ask for his silly Blue Gatorade drink and they’d stay like that for hours, talking, laughing and treasuring each other’s company. Bee would tell him about the Autobots’ latest adventure and Sam would recount the Witwickys’ newest hit in earth’s automobile market. And Bee would tickle him occasionally and fondle the little human bits now and then, milking them to Sam’s satisfaction, making him sigh in a way that always sent wild electric sparks through the Transformer’s own circuits.

Maybe tomorrow morning would be a good time to tell him that he wasn’t flying to Cybertron for two more earth weeks. He wondered if Witwicky would be happy to hear that… and if he would see that gleam of delectable fear in his eyes again.

*** END ***
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