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JM: Jimmy in red

X-men fic: In the Beginning (AU): Chapter 9

Previous chapters: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight

***Third person POV***
Calling Lake, Northern Alberta


The little pest was pissing him off.Collapse )

Dude! Posting both parts at the same time = giving fic-addicted-junkie a double high :D

This is really good and the guys voices are really well in tune with the way they're portrayed in the films (and the TV series, don't know about the comic though *looks thoughtful*). I can't wait to read the next chapter :)


Dude! Posting both parts at the same time = giving fic-addicted-junkie a double high :D

LOL! Its mostly just me sharing my high with you guys :P I had them both written out and I won't be able to write any more until this Wed at least so.. figured I might as well post :D

I'm glad to hear the voices resonate for you hon. Scott didn't really HAVE much scope for a "voice" in the movies did he? *shakes head* This is me trying to fix that my way haha. And I'm really glad you're enjoying this hon. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing :)

I hope you get to write more asap, coz this is a really good fic and fits well with canon, but in a completely fannish way :D

No he didn't, did he :( I'm glad you're rectifying that mistake hun :) *waits for more*


Aww, I love Logan and the nurse taking care of Scott while he was unconsious. And I love that Logan just can't leave even though he thinks he should. This is a great last line:
Logan growled, deep in his throat. He had to watch himself, before he got completely domesticated.
I think domesticated Logan sounds yummy. :)

Ahh your last comment *sniffs* ;)

I couldn't get the image of Debra Jo Rupp out of my head as I wrote this. Haha hell I might have even created this nurse character BECAUSE of her! :D

I think domesticated Logan sounds yummy. :)

Doesn't it? :D Logan is being all protective and territorial for Scott, and not Rogue :D:D This is my version of the X1 after all lol ;)

Thank you so much for reading sweetie, hope to post more soon.

The hand holding during Scott's restless sleep was a nice touch - very humanising. Despite his gruffness, Logan keeps revealing his gentler side.

:) Yeah there are so many layers to Logan, in my opinion. Think he's just a big softie on the inside heh. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon!

Effing great development of Logan's burgeoning attachment to Scott. And the nurse was hysterical. Great job with her.

You have me completely hooked on this story--so much so that I'm dreading the fact that I'm running out of chapters to read. LOL


As a OC, Helen is very well written, dimensional as well as effective as a balance to Logan to keep him from cutting and running.

Logan's estimations about the fight that gave Scott those wounds is a beautiful touch, showing his combat instincts and intelligence as well as building up the history of Scott's traumatic encounter.