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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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SPN: Sam scared (Black rock)

Layout woes

Right that's it. I don't like my layout anymore. I'm so over it. More importantly, I think my layout is a big reason for my constant depression these days!! Ever since I changed it.. I've been feeling low. The greys and the black.. ugh.. it's got to go.

Please can someone rec a community where they might offer free premade but configurable layouts? Pretty please? *makes puppy dog eyes*

EDIT: Done! *is exhausted* :)

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LOL! I had that layout as well. It is original but somehow very depressing!!
I had made a post about various layout comms in http://ckll.livejournal.com/220996.html and i think there are a few very 'happy' ones especially Generators

OMG I love you so much Jasmine!!! Thank you so so much for this link. And by the way the layout that you have rt now... breathtaking. *sighs* I just wanna keep staring at the waves.. awesome! :)Thank you sweetie *hugs*

You're welcome sweetie.
That's what i like in my layout (you can find it in velvetsunshine

(Deleted comment)
Yeah she helped! She's a sweetheart :) *HUGS YOU BACK*

But Sam is so very pretty there!!!

Well.. Sam is always pretty honey. The rest is really really depressing! And I can't find a good replacement either *cries*

I'm sorry I can't help, but I hope that you find a good layout. *hugs*

Thanks sweetie! Jasmine helped a lot.. I just have to go the rest on my own now..

My layout has been making me ill as well! I think I'll join you on your search!

Good luck sweetie!! The list ckll gave us is pretty good. I'm almost done myself so let me know if you need any help? :)

OMG! It's all pretty and bright colors and wow!

*blushes* Thank you!! :) Not depressing any more!

I love the blue color! Great layout, dear :)

You know what surprises me? That I - even after months - still love my own layout. I mean, I usualy change it at least once a month, but I really really love this one. Go figure... O.o

Thank you so much sweetheart :) Changing layouts is time consuming, I'm happy you're happy with your layout hon!

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