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JM: Young profile in blue

X-men fic: In the Beginning (AU): Chapter 7

Previous chapters: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

Sorry for the delay. Been a busy three days. So this one is in an omnipresent third person POV :) Still drawing it out I know, but the story simply refuses to be written any faster I swear. *sulks* I do hope you like it..

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Dryden, Northern Alberta

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You write these two with such rapport. Bravo! I don't want this story to ever end. LOL

"For street urchins not older than fifteen, sixteen, this was their lucky day."

There aren't many street urchins in rural areas. There are plenty of small groups of young, usually intoxicated college-age thugs though that will jump on an easy score to take a truck with the keys in it for a joyride over to the local community college. At least, that was my father's experience as he was letting his truck heat up just before getting off of work one night in January. Got the truck back but not the keys. Can't see anyone contemplating taking anything more than the cash in the wallet and car keys off of somebody they see as passed out drunk, though. Cold weather lends itself to brief, easy crimes of opportunity over any intention to do serious damage to a defenseless person by taking their clothing, at least by momentary criminals.

Scott is amazing. He continues to play the best plan of action, fully playing on his state of mugged victim to manipulate Logan into a ride as well as a conversation.

lol XD " This was dangerous, this could ruin everything… the guy was a slob sure, but he was also emotionally involved with his truck after all. Puking all over the sad, hundred year old upholstery couldn’t help his sadder case in any way. " XD
this part was so damn funny XD ok I love this fic so far :D
and by the way Scott/Lognan are my OTP Marvel pairing x3 yey ;p

:D:D Scott/Logan was my very first Slash pairing. I might get into other fandoms now and then but I never go too far away from this one :) Thanks again!