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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

One honest question meme

Umm... so everybody is doing it. And it seems to be so much fun so... *bites lip* here goes nothing..

One honest question..... one honest answer. That's all you get (unless you want to ask more than one). You get to ask me one question. Any one question, anything, no matter how crazy it is, and I promise to answer it.... No catch. Repost this and see what people ask you.

Snagged from.. everyone haha ;)

Hi, honey! So tell me what's your favortie fandom and favorite characters to write spankings for, and why? Does that count as one question or three, LOL? :)

:D Here are the 3 answers :D
Favorite fandom of all time is X-Men. I for one, believe Xavier must've gone through hell, trying to adopt the wild child / street kid that Scott Summers was before he became an X-Man. That phase is so rife with possibilities. And I just love their subtle father/son relationship.

But then, of course like so many others, I can't seem to remember my life before Supernatural at all! :) As you know, my favorite pairings are Dean/Sam and John/Sam. I actually prefer Dean/Sam because in my head I've pegged John (canon) to not be such a great dad and Dean was the one who practically raised Sam. Therefore John doesn't get to do the discipline either.

Who else?.. Mm.. I don't write in HP but I love to read fics with Draco getting disciplined :D

Tee hee since I know you've asked it: What first got you into or made you know you were a spanko LOL

:D Actually I'm more of a spanker really. I mean I'm curious sure but never had the opportunity to explore being a spanko in real life. My husband is like the perfect upstanding English gentleman who wouldn't dream of ever smacking me anywhere ;) Have had my share of kinky lovers but my RL is pretty vanilla now. Yeah.. I live a double life alright ;P

How I got into it? I was 14 and.. well, lets back up a bit. I sort of never had a stable home growing up. I was always shuttling back and forth between three sets of guardians and step-parents (its a trust fund thing. Don't ask.) So I'm 14 and for the first time in my life I have a lovely 14 yr old boyfriend and we're "in love".. so guess what I did. I made him run away with me :D

Of course we got caught, brought back to his parents' house. He had two older brothers and a younger sister and you should've seen the love in that house hon. I'd never seen it in any of mine. So he got spanked like woah :D I sorta heard it from the neighboring room. And it was so amazing - feeling scared and rebellious and sympathetic and MADLY turned on all at the same time :D

Exploring the internet I quickly figured I had no interest in female spanko stories and was more inclined towards Jimka and Nifty - the m/m spanking archives from olden days. Fanfiction happened much later, I was reading OC spanking stories way before i even knew what fanfiction was :)

here's one I liked! Which of your fics do you like the best and why?

Oh dear. Umm... none? *winces* Okay no that sounds silly. I.. uhh.. like "Before Night is Through" in the XMen fandom. Primarily because I believe I wrote all 7 (or 8?) chapters of it in one night, just one sitting. I don't know what got into me... I started writing and couldn't stop until it was done. And it happens to be my most "subtle" work yet haha :D Everything else I've written seems to come out a bit over the top despite my best intentions. Almost as if I lose control of my writing mid-way somewhere and it just writes itself out :P

In SPN - I guess I like a couple of chapters in the "Of Hot Showers" series but overall I'm disgusted with myself because again, I have no control over my muse. It just comes and goes as it pleases *sulks*

What's your fave spanking position? Implement? in fics.

Over the knee, hand and paddle. Hands work the best :) But I don't like canes for some reason. And actually its the same for me in fics as well as in real life :P Having someone draped over your knee, bare ass up, its the biggest power-inducing high I have ever known.

What got you so into James Marsden? I am intrigued. ^_^

Short answer: The movie, XMen :D I mean, look at him!

Later I saw him at the London premiere of X2 and that's also an interesting story. (If my RL friends ever got to know I stood with the crowd outside the Odeon just to get a glimpse of a celebrity they'd never let me live it down!! :D) It was a huge premiere event and Hugh Jackman was getting the most attention of course. By the time I managed to push my way to the front James was already walking in with his back to us. Suddenly, some girl right behind me, Lord bless her, screamed his name out at the top of her lungs. And he turned.. hon he turned around... looked straight in my direction and he waved, and he smiled! :) I have never seen a smile so gorgeous my whole life *sighs* :D

Have you ever slashed any other fandom pair?

Yes!! :)

Smallville: Clark Kent/Whitney Fordman - They killed Whitney off at end of S1, that's why I stopped watching :(
Mutant X: Brennan/Jesse - This show was so amazing but it got cancelled after S3 *sniff*
XMen: Logan/Scott - my OTP :) Also Magneto/Cyclops
And you know about SPN of course :)

I don't write but read in Harry Potter (Harry/Draco), Angel (Angel/Lindsey) and Criminal Minds (anyone/Reid lol).

JM smiled and waved?!? OMG *runs in circles* I would have died!!! :D (very happy, but still...)
Ahem. So anyhoo, what go you into Scott/Logan? (cause I recall you said you've started with het?)

:D I know!! It was absolutely perfect and hon so HONEST! He was genuinely surprised and happy to hear his name being screamed all over the place :) That boy does NOT know how gorgeous he is which makes him even more attractive to me lol!

Yep I started with het - Mulder/Scully in X-Files haha. And realized the fanbase for Mulder/Krycek or Skinner/Mulder was much much bigger and I got curious. That's how it started :) Then after the first XMen movie came out, I could feel the sexual tension between James and Hugh and it was like.. woah :D Best thing to ever happen to me. The internet is a crazy thing.. I think the first authors I read were Jemisard (remember her Highland series?) and Brenda Antrim over at Nadjalee's archive and then I was just hooked :)

There are couple of questions I would like to ask but already been asked.
So...when do you start liking Scott/Warren pairing, I remember you said that they become one of you favorite pairings before.

:D I think it was one of the stories I read for this pairing and it made me go hmm... there is life beyond Wolverine and Jean Grey after all :D Can't remember what story that was now.. *thinks* Maybe it was Minisinoo's Special series? Where Warren is gay but he doesn't try to make the moves on Scott because the boy is traumatized from his stint as a streetwalker as it is. And they are just good friends but the sexual tension is so palpable in her words :) Yeah.. maybe that's the one. Hon if you can recommend any good Scott/Warren fics I'd love to read them!

:D Baby ain't it obvious? Spanking of course ;) I love Jared/Sam being put over Jensen/Dean's knee and hand-spanked lol!

(Deleted comment)
OH hon... I should've known you would ask me the toughest question of them all :) *sighs* Well... I guess... we were colleagues first and then became friends and he was the one who was always making the first move. But at the time I was in another relationship. A bad one at that. Well, I was an insensitive bitch I guess. I knew G liked me but he was my best friend so I'd confide my relationship woes to him and he was still so nice and would listen to me so carefully. In hindsight, I just saw him to be such a bigger, better man compared to all the losers I would fall for back then. I knew he would always be there for me and so.. *shrugs* the love sort of.. came later :) He's such a wonderful guy Vince.. I'm very lucky to have him.

What's pairing that you are working on right now?

and one more is

May i send e-mail to you?

I'm always working on multiple projects at the same time hon. So I got a Logan/Scott (Xmen) epic series going on. At the same time this J2 RPS fic that is quickly threatening to become Jensen/Jared/Tom :D And then of course my Dean/Sam series - Of Hot Showers. SO yeah.. lots of things! :)

Of course you can email me sweetie! Here.. cyndrarae @ yahoo.com

Everyone is asking naughty questions lol so mine will be: Have you ever been attracted to a girl?

I love that question! :D:D Well no.. not attracted but you know I ended up kissing a girl for a very long time at a club a few years ago. She was clearly coming on to me and I was drunk and in a mood to piss off my boyfriend haha ;) It was nice. I'm sorry for leading her on like that but she kinda knew what I was doing anyway. So.. short answer no, not attracted. And now I'm married so not open to exploring it either haha! Altho I have to say - Famke Janssen is hot!!! So is Geena Davis *grins*

I'm going to be boring and ask my favorite qustion again, because I'm particularly interested to hear your answer, since you're so into X-Men. :) If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Bonus points if you explain why.

I like this question sweetie. Heck I'm flattered I'm getting any questions at all heh :D
The superpower I want is that of Peter Petrelli's. Because Heroes is like the new age take on Mutants ain't it? :) If mutation exists for real - I want them all! I want his ability to absorb and mimic anyone's power and keep it forever haha. And if mutation doesn't exist I can be as normal as everyone else so that's cool too :D
But strictly in the X-Men genre - I wouldn't mind telepathy and telekinesis. Very Jean Grey of me I know ;)

what are you doing exactly in the IT management?

Hmm :) Well, I'm not the big shot that you are sweetie!
I work for an business & technology consulting firm headquarted in the States but we have a big office in London. I'm program manager for a couple of clients we're developing IT solutions for and basically do the whole relationship thing, making sales pitches, taking them out for drinks, keeping them happy :D At the same time, I have these awesome teams of engineers across UK and India and that's my favorite part of the job.. managing my people :) I have others to be the hardcore techies, me not so much ;)

*thinks*Umm.... no. *sniffs* I mean yeah maybe a freckle here or there.. no scars, heh. Pretty boring life I guess ;)