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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

X-men fic: In the Beginning (AU): Chapter 5

Previous chapters: One | Two | Three | Four

A/N: Okay so I can't look at this anymore. Logan continues to be a bastard, but he has his reasons of course :P Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Somewhere in Northern Alberta

I seethed all night. So I drove all night.

Being called a freak and attacked was nothin’ new. It was the kid… him and his stupid *proposition* kept running circles in my head over and over until I couldn’t see straight. Something about him just… ugh, riled me up from the inside and out.

His words sounded too big for the kid’s mouth and yet so freakin’ sincere… such passion and imploring, they fucked with my head. And the scent of him, God… that weird mix of soap and salt and ivory and artificial enzymes was still fucking with all my senses. And his eyes, those deep blue eyes… well, they just fucked me up period.

And what about his school and the telepath professor of his he kept referring to? How could those guys know my name, and what else did they know about me? Was it possible this telepath knew more than… *I* did? Holy shit. I smoked all night as I drove and soon ran out of cigars. Needed to make a pit stop soon.

I didn’t know what to make of any of it. Something told me the kid probably wasn’t lying. There were rumors of two sides being formed among the mutant community – the ones who wanted peace and to live their lives out hiding, asking for no trouble. And the other faction that wanted war – against the injustice of men – to assume their *rightful* place as fucking masters of the universe. Question was, which side did this Scott Summers and his school belong to? And hell, what’s wrong with you Wolverine? Are you *actually* considering it?

By morning, I was just outside Dryden… another hole in the wall no tourist ever bothers with. Only asset this old town boasts of is that it touches a little corner of the beautiful Calling Lake. I parked my old lady in the forest just by the edge of the water and walked into the main township. Bought a carton of cigars, a twelve-pack, two large pepperoni pizzas, a dozen bars of chocolate and water to stock up. Also bought the newspaper and a couple of interesting reads I found at a second hand bookstore on the way… by far my best deals of the day. Had a breakfast of pizza and beer and settled into my hammock in the back of the truck.

Yep. This is how I lived.

Movin’, always movin’ from one nameless town to another. Stopping now and again to stock up on supplies. Occasionally I’d go into one of those bars to make a quick buck and maybe find a quick fuck. Women mostly. Been awhile since I found a boy that excited me as much as…


Okay not good. Not good at all. I couldn’t get him out of my mind and it pissed me off. I was never gonna see him again which was good. Right. Because I didn’t wanna hear any more of his noble vigilante shit again.


I cursed him for making me regret my impulsiveness for the first time in my life, or the last fifteen years at least.

No… I was not about to be fucking *recruited*. I was not going to chuck my luxurious independent lifestyle… and my search… just to join some brat-pack suffering from a collective superhero complex for anything. Besides, I ain’t no team player. Being that close to people never did any good to any of them.

Yeah. I had made the right decision. And if I ever saw Summers again, that’s exactly what I was gonna tell him.

After asking him if he wanted to fuck.


// Xavier //
// Professor Xavier, my mentor is also a mutant. He’s a very powerful telepath. //
// Who’s next? //
// Charles Xavier. Westchester, New York. //
// A powerful telepath…//
// Buildin’ a fuckin’ school as camouflage. Get me what’s inside. //
// He sensed you in… his mind… //

I slept most of the day away.

Night came soon and I was raring to go. Guess I must have been exhausted, if I had nightmares I couldn’t remember any. Got a hunch it could have been something about… damn it I was thinking of that boy again.

I drove to the club to collect my next paycheck. Locked up my baby good, not like there was much to steal but this was a neighborhood of thugs and hustlers after all. They’d take anything.

Bono the midget welcomed me with his typical high-pitched shriek, his way to show he was happy to see me. I make him good money after all.

The joint was already packed to capacity and the night had only just begun. Dingy and smoky and when I say dim lighting I don’t mean it in a romantic way. But there was a bar fully stocked and functioning and a solid iron cage center-stage that would hold.

Crowd’s rowdy tonight. A couple of fights, that’s all I needed to last me a good three months. But Bono wasn’t down with that. Fact he looked aghast.

“C’mon mate, couple does me no good. Five at least eh?”

“Don’t push me Bono.”

“Look around ya matie. We could make a fortune off this crowd, you and I. C’mon you ain’t showed up in town for ages and folks got short memories. Be good for the both of us, I could take that vacation the missus been buggin’ me for. And if ya ask me you could use a tan yourself!”

I rolled my eyes. Once he gets started Bono just couldn’t stop talking. It’s excellent strategy considering I always end up agreeing to whatever he says just so he’d shut up.

“Alright. Alright. Five and no more.”

Satisfied, he ambled over to the other bookie and started squabbling over rounds and odds and shit. That’s when I sensed someone watching me.

He was leaning by the door I’d just walked through, studying me intently. And boy did he look fucking edible or what. Plain white shirt, tail ends sticking out from under a blue checked pullover, *crisp* black jeans that gave the impression they once fit him well, and a dark green sheepskin jacket with its hood pulled up over his head. Sensible decision that, the kid sure would stick out like a sore thumb with his Ivy League looks in this shit-hole.

And then he was walking towards me. Fuck.

“Miss me already?”

He grinned in return. “Did I mention we’re willing to pay the higher end of six figures as compensation? I’m the administrator and even I don’t get that much. Only for you.”

Excellent sales pitch that. He looked so very hopeful as he said that, matching my gaze with his. None of us were at the glaring stage yet, I wasn’t exactly happy to see him but hey, I wasn’t exactly bothered either. Turned away from him, folded my arms and studied the competition.

“It ain’t the money.”

He rushed to stand in my line of sight again. There was a childish eagerness in his eyes as he looked up into mine, thinking maybe he’d made a breakthrough or somethin’.

“Then what is it?”

I scowled at him. For a moment I pondered telling him… surprised I was feeling the need at all to *explain* myself to him… to anyone. I squashed it.

“Never told me what your mutation is.”

He took his time. “It’s not something I can use in the cage like you do.”

I snorted, but inside I was psyched. “Guess you know everything about mine then?”

He shook his head, and pulled his hood down. I noticed a stocky guy in his fifties leering at the boy… suppressed the urge to snarl back at him.

“Only that you heal. Fast. Don’t get the blades though.”

And I wasn’t about to help him get it. But I understood what he meant. His must be a dead giveaway just like them *blades* of mine and I suddenly realized this conversation had gotten way too personal.

“Yeah well, don’t kid yourself boy. You won’t last three seconds in there even if you did use your mutation, whatever the hell it is.”

And I couldn’t resist adding, “If you have one at all.”

I glanced at him just in time to see him satisfactorily bent.

“You’re one presumptuous asshole you know that.”

I smirked. And here I’d thought he was just gonna swallow it and keep trying to freaking *woo* me.

“Pot or kettle. Take your pick.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

I huffed, getting increasingly frustrated by the second. Frustrated that he just wouldn’t let go. Frustrated that he was turning me on so damn much. I stepped closer to him, lowering my face until it nearly touched his and he nearly flinched again. Beautiful.

“I see right through your prissy little school teacher act, bub. You came here looking to hire an *assassin* period. Someone you could throw a wad of bills at and have him maim and kill at your command.”

I knew I was growling but he held his ground.

“Maybe I am asking you to help *save* people instead. Innocents, both humans and mutants. You ever think of that possibility?”

I wanted to laugh in his face.

“Oh *sure*. You say you’re the good guys and I’m supposed to take your word for it? For all I know you’re not even a mutant.”

Maybe you’re one of those fucking scientists and God knows I don’t wanna have to kill you too, but I would… in a fucking *heartbeat* I would.

His eyebrows hiked up and he held his hands in front of him, palms up in a questioning stance.

“How would you know that? You haven’t given me a chance to explain! You live in this isolated shell and you don’t know a thing about what’s happening out there in the real world, man.”

Our voices were getting louder, but I didn’t wanna hear anymore. So much for asking if he wanted to fuck.

“Maybe I don’t want to.”

I started walking away, Bono was coming towards me and the guy with the microphone had already begun announcing the first fight of the night. Summers followed.

“Logan please just…”

I turned with my best game face on, darin’ him to utter another word… just as Bono caught up with us. The kid started, didn’t know what to say in front of Bono. So I did.

“We’re done. I ain’t talking to anyone outside the fuckin’ cage no more. You hear me, little boy?”

Threw the insult in for good measure. And God help him if he tried coming after me again. I was so pissed off right then I thought I could hurt him, bad… and I so did not wanna do that.

His jaw clenched, but he kept his silence. Stood staring at me as I turned and walked away, this time seriously wishing that I’d seen the last of him. Five minutes later when I glanced back, (alright so I couldn’t help myself) he wasn’t there.


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He rushed to stand in my line of sight again. There was a childish eagerness in his eyes as he looked up into mine, thinking maybe he’d made a breakthrough or somethin’.

I love this line. It's such a great visual.

This story is really going well. I'm eager to read the next chapter!

Thanks for reading and reviewing sweetie :) Glad you're liking it. Next chapter perhaps tonight.

I am really enjoying this story. I have started to read some of your other scott/logan stories they are all very addictive.


Thanks Chinae :) I hope you enjoy the other stories as well!

::makes grabby hands:: I want more LOL everytime you post a chapter I get absurdly happy. Poor Scott is trying so hard and I love that Logan wants to resist him so bad but seriously Scott's adorable in his prep school look and Logan calling him a little boy...oh hun, I lurrve it!

:D Thank you so much for your lovely feedback hon. Logan had to do the "little boy" thing - its his secret endearment cleverly disguised as an insult haha ;)

This fits in with the "meeting" scene of the movie very well & their initial confrontations. Have you seen the scenes that were cut of Scott & Logan talking after Jean left them in the bedroom? Scott's eager idealism vs Logan's defensive cynicism...you could go straight from here to there & it would feel like a smooth transition, emotionally speaking (other than the being introduced like they'd never met thing).

Something tells me you're going to put Scott in the cage with Logan, though-" I ain’t talking to anyone outside the fuckin’ cage no more." *narrows eyes* It might be a good thing, if it makes Logan listen (or impresses him, heh) but he'd better not get his ass kicked! Scotts's one of the few who can take on Logan & do some real damage, even without his eye beams; I've always thought that was a great deal of the mutual "alpha male" irritation between them, aside from Jean.

The way Scott's scent is driving Logan crazy is very sexy. It's not just "the boy's" looks and mannerisms, but some deep down basic hormonal tugging going on in his lizard brain. *laughs* I'd love to see some more fics with Scott singing; he's got a great voice & used to sing in the choir as a boy/teen, before his life blew up. Kareoke, anyone?

I was wondering how close to the movie plot you plan to stick, since we're already past the part where Rogue & Wolverine meet. Just curious.

I like this fic a lot, very good voices for both of them-and so far, no weeping, whining, or wimping. *cheers*


I think I have seen those scenes online somewhere. Sucks that they were cut out - that argument was rife with sexual tension ;) I'm glad this storyline is working for you hon. Obviously its a rewrite of the X1 story and I don't intend to stick to it too much.. *shrugs* Let's see where it goes ;) Thanks for reading and your lovely comments hon!

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Thanks so much!! Next chapter coming soon :)

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Hee! I love how even when Logan's trying not to he thinks of Scott. (He forgot to ask for that fuck btw, :P) Maybe I could ask for some solo action in the next chapter? You know Logan has at least one fantasy about what he wants to do Scotty, (if not more!) holed up in his brain. *blows a kiss* wonderful as always!

*catches the kiss and cuddles to heart* Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetie! :) Logan will ask him again sure, don't worry its what we're all waiting for innit? :D:D

Yay, brilliant chapter. love this. poor Scott, no way to prove himself.

Thanks for reading sweetie :) Scott does have a way and he will be making a point next chapter!

Logan, I know you weren't completely smitten with Scott at the first sight, but you're definitely getting there.:D
Great chapter, Logan's POV is really amusing since his thought was all around Scott, and did Scott take Rogue with him? Where did he go? He's not going to sign himself up for a cage fight just to prove to Logan that he's not a little boy, right?
I'm waiting for my answers!

All your questions will be answered soon hon :) I don't want to give anything away altho you already guessed it haha :D Thanks so much for reading and reviewing sweetie!

Soon. Thanks for reading :)

oh! Logan, you got it bad for the boy. You just don't know it yet. :)

Haha exactly :D Thanks for reading and reviewing hon.

Great chapter. I can't wait to read more.

Thanks so much Tori :) Updating with next chapter soon.

Hee, I was starving when I read it but I wanted to sleep it off, then came the pepperoni pizzas and I broke :P Loved this chapter!! Very atmospheric and I could listen to your Logan rumbling all day long - can't wait for him to take care of Scott! :D (because he will right??) I'm looking forward to read more!!!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetheart :) I'm really glad you enjoyed it. And of course he will take care of Scott! That's the whole bloody point of all my writing innit? ;-) cheers hon.

that's getting more and more interesting. you know, english is not my natural languaje and I can't express myself better, so I can't say really well all the things that make your story that amazing. But I will try. Love the way you make Logan and Scott relationship and how they deal with themselves and his lives. I usually don't like the POV stories much but yours make always my day.

:) you're and awesome writer

Ps: "VHe shook his head, and pulled his hood down. I noticed a stocky guy in his fifties leering at the boy… suppressed the urge to snarl back at him." XD I love it!! I want to see Logan snarl at someone to make him go away from Scot, pleaseeee :3

Hey hon, thank you so much for reading and reviewing! And don't worry about your English really. Its perfectly understandable and your comments are way too flattering for me to worry about anything else ;) cheers hon.

Oh please....get Scott in that cage and have him beat the shit out of Logan. That would be entirely too perfect. *grin* Am loving this and please keep it up.

Haha Scott will get into the cage but you'll have to read to find out what happens next ;) Thanks so much for reading and reviewing hon.

Would it be rude if I went: "*flail* need more! Please write more asap!!!"

Coz it's true and meant in a totally flattering and love-this-fic way :D

*waits eagerly*


Aww, not rude at all!!! :) Thank you so much for reading and for the awesome feedback hon :) Will try to update tonight itself. cheers!