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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

X-men fic: In the Beginning (AU): Chapter 3

Previous chapters: One | Two

Loughlin City, Northern Alberta

There he was again.

Kid with the sharp blue eyes. Been following me around with ‘em all night. Couldn’t help but notice how he held his spine up, buck straight. Military, maybe. American, definitely. Well dressed, looks… what’s the word… cultured? Yeah that’s it. That and clean.

No wonder he stood out like a shiny beacon. He’d been lurking about this seedy downtown joint for two hours now, ordered a bottle of water, placed no bets and as of three minutes ago, refused to join three guys and four hotties for a drink. What’d he come for anyway?

“Whatever you do, don’t hit him in the balls.”


“He’ll take it personally.”

I snorted as I overheard the new guy getting initiated, then tuned them out. Tourist location this town ain’t. So he was here to watch the fights? Probably not. Nothing too exciting here anyway, competition’s too slow… fuckin’ lazy if you ask me. Not like I cared, so long as I got the cash to keep me in cigars and beer and grub and gas. In that order. Knew I had to skip town tonight, folk was startin’ to get suspicious.

And I was getting more and more suspicious about him… he who didn’t shy away from eye contact either, that was good. Very… very good. Looked like he was waiting for something, a right moment, or some sorta confirmation before he made his move. Hey. I wouldn’t mind a quick fuck myself. He sure was something to look at. On the slimmer side yeah, but didn’t seem to be in any danger of collapsing on me in the middle of a long hard…


Already? Aw crap. I wasn’t done smoking or leering at the kid who was right beside my corner of the cage now.

What you searchin’ for kid? And why don’t you come close have a better look?

The new man in the cage was built like an ox. Wished it could have helped him, no I truly did. But it won’t. He put up a good fight, seemed to be the crowd’s favorite tonight. Pity. I let him get in a few good punches, relishing the feeling of pain roll over me for a whole minute before it vanished completely… fading out in fast forward leaving no traces behind for me to cling to. Damn.

Better not drag it out. I spun around, slammed my knuckles first into his fist ascending at me, then into the guy’s ribs and heard them crack… and then it was over pretty soon. The ox went down with a ground-shaking thud. I kicked the body on the floor once and walked back to the corner of my cage to lick my wounds… picked up my cigar. Ignored the glares, some stunned, some angry… others scared shitless. Who cares? I turned discretely to look at the kid and sure enough, he was looking at me too. But there was no judgment, no emotion on his face. Nothing but… curiosity? No, that neither.

“Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s winner and still the king of the cage… The Wolverine.”

Yep. That’s me.

People shuffled out slowly, grumbling and cussing… until just a handful were left. I looked around and sure enough, the kid stayed. That’s it. I had to figure this one out before I took off. Collected my money and lit up another cigar, wiped the spatters of blood off myself and walked over to his table. I didn’t ask for his permission ‘cause I could see it in his eyes already, not like I’d need it. Never do.

Plonked myself in a chair right opposite and gave him one of my rare pickup smiles.

“You want something from me.”

It wasn’t a question and he knew it. He smiled back. No actually, he smirked. Kid’s got balls. I’ve been told that I’m a large, ugly, hairy, hugely intimidating sonofabitch but he wasn’t impressed one bit. Looked younger than I thought him to be from the distance.

This close, I could also smell the drugs in him… heavy doses. Kid that sick got no business being out in a cold place like this. None of my business I know, wasn’t gonna say anything, but I sure was having second thoughts about the fucking. He might drop dead on me after all.

“Thought you’d never leave the cage. Enjoy yourself in there?”

Just my damn luck. The small-talk type.

I tilted my head and checked him out. Now that the sound of his voice registered, I noticed his flawless, private school educated accent that could be from anywhere in upper-class America. Clean-cut, classical looks that people don’t find so attractive anymore. Scruff and stubble and careless is more in these days. What? Okay so I stay away from civilization most times but newspapers tell you more about any society in any given decade than you think.

“I have a proposition for you.”

I smirked at that. And the boy actually, for a moment… looked abashed.

“A business proposition.”

I grinned wider. “You can have me for free kid.”

There was a sudden sharpness in his glare now. Dark deep blue eyes. Beautiful.

“You’re one of us.”

Wha?? That’s not what I expected to hear, or even wanted to hear. I didn’t reply.

“A mutant.”

Oh-kay. Big turn-off. Not my favorite topic for first date (or any date really) conversation. I exhaled a cloud of smoke into his face, he hated it… my cigar, but tried hard not to flinch.

“Move along kid. Nothing but trouble here.”

And I started to get up.

“You sure that’s wise? Leaving without hearing what I have for you?”

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t curious. But I didn’t much care for his condescending manner of speaking. Besides I was already half way up and I’d look like a chump sitting back down again.

“Not. Interested.”

And I turned, and started to walk away. Whatever his business proposition was, he could shove it up his preppy little ass.


Damn. Nobody here knew that name.

I turned around, more than miffed, ready to rip… *something* apart. He stood up immediately, extended his hand as if we were meeting at a presidential dinner for the first time.

“I’m Scott Summers.”

I ignored the hand, but he waited, a quick flash of disappointment crossed his face then disappeared. Dropped the hand to his side.

“I’m a teacher at the Xavier’s Institute for the Gifted. New York. It’s… really just a fancy name for a school for mutants. Just like you and… me.”

I frowned, took a step closer. “Yeah?”

I smelled him, heard his pulse quicken. He was lying. About… something.

“What’s your mutation?”

He hesitated. Yep, lying alright. Or maybe just hiding something. Same difference. “That’s not relevant right now.”

“How did you find me?”

“Professor Xavier, my mentor is also a mutant. He’s a very powerful telepath. He sensed you in… his mind.”

There it was again. *Lying*. Hiding. I took another step closer, so close his first instinct was to back off but he curbed it. Brave boy.

“Very powerful telepath, eh?”

“He is. I’ve been sent by him to… offer you a position with the institute.”

I blinked at him. Not sure I heard him right. “A… position?”

“Yes, at the institute. We’d very much like you to join us and…”

I snorted too hard for him to continue at this point. “You want me to *teach*? A bunch of kids?”

He didn’t respond to what I guessed was a shamefully obvious rhetoric.

“Teach what? How to crack open skulls with their bare hands? And rip intestines out with their teeth?”

Kid had the balls to grin. “Something like that yeah. I’d term it self-defense instruction if you don’t mind.”

I studied his beautiful face again. He truly believed I was going to fall for this. “What’s the catch?”

He smiled (his eyes didn’t) and whispered. “Yeah, there’s always a catch.”

I blew up a new cloud of smoke as he continued. “We… the teachers at the institute have another job on the side. We… um, we offer protection to mutants in trouble. And we try to mediate in human-mutant conflicts whenever possible. A… a mutant vigilante kinda thing if you will.”

I just stared at him. Only thing worse than a blatant lie is a lie so well interspersed with the truth you can’t figure which is which. On the other hand, a proposition as… as unbelievable as this couldn’t possibly fly as cover for any fucking thing. Something this… *preposterous* has a good possibility to be true. I settled for another snort, blew some more smoke.

“Sounds noble.”

He fumbled a bit. Damn kid sure was something to look at when nervous. I imagined how he’d look when he’d be taking it up his sweet, tight…

“It’s fighting for a good cause. It’s… yeah we’ve done a lot of good work. I guess you could call it noble.”

Was this guy for real?

“So… you’re here to recruit me.”

“You won’t be disappointed.”

Sure. I sneered. Nobility my ass.

He wanted me to fight for him, on his side, plain and simple. That’s why he’d been studying me and my fighting skills all night. He knew my name, somehow. Telepath’s doing if that was possible. Probably checked out my history and that’s how he must know about my stint as a mercenary for… someone… haven’t figured that out yet. But yeah, used to do that… once upon a time. Not sure when or how long, or why I quit, goddamn memory loss and shit. Things do come back to me in flashes now and again… of dead bodies and severed limbs and fresh blood coating my… bone white… claws.

Nope. I was *so* not about to go back to that anytime soon no matter what this guy thought he could offer me.

“Answer’s no.”

“Remuneration would not be a problem. Whatever you want, you’ll have it.”

“Answer’s still no kid.”

“You don’t *have* to teach you know. That’s not intended to be your primary responsibility.”

I would have laughed if I weren’t suddenly pissed off. Kid’s naïve, I thought. Either that or he was desperate. Not my problem. But damn it the last thing I needed was telepaths sitting hundreds of miles away keeping tabs on my whereabouts. That was just too disturbing to think about right now.

I don’t do speech well, so just glared instead. He’s three inches shorter but held his head high, matching my glare with one of his own. Only, his eyes sparkled with a degree of hope that mine had no intention to fulfill.

“Doesn’t matter, I know what you want from me and I’m not doin’ it.”

“I have some information brochures here about the school and what we’re doing there in case you’d like to take a look. If you don’t believe me…”

“You and your fancy school can go to hell far as I’m concerned, Mr. Summers.”

“What about the second job then? Granted it’s nowhere close to the highly *glamorous* and lucrative league of cage-fighting…”

“What can I say, I love my fans.”


The kid stood still as stone, probably realized he’d started to lose his temper and wisely shut up. I turned around and walked. Now I badly needed a drink.

“Anything I can offer to help change your mind?”

I didn’t stop. “Doubt it.”

“At least tell me you’ll think about it?”

“I won’t.”


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Love Logan's disinterest in the job, but budding interest in Scott. I wonder how desperate Scott will be to recruit him. I sense sparks ahead! hehe

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetie :) You sense correct :D Logan will not give in easily and neither will Scott.

A good, hard what, cyn? What?! *is anxious to find out*

I like how Scott stands up to him. He's got the nerve, isn't afraid. That's one thing the movies got right, anyhow. And yeah, Logan's intrigued. He WILL think about it, won't he? *smirks*

Damn. Now I'm all caught up. I hate WIPs! *scowls* I only read it 'cause it was *you* and y'know...you pander to my Scotty love.

*waits forlornly for more...*

and I forgot..."the barrens of Canada"?! *laughs* Really, Charles, he's not travelling to the wilds of Siberia or Timbuktu. *is amused*


Good hard ass-pounding honey ;) What else will Logan think of once he's set his eyes on Scott? LOLOL. Scott will not give up easily so yeah.. a battle of wills now lies ahead. I'm so sorry about all my damn WIPs hon. Still holding on to the hope that some day I would be rich enough to never have to work again and then all I'd do is sit at home and finish my incomplete works! :D:D

and I forgot..."the barrens of Canada"?! *laughs* Really, Charles, he's not travelling to the wilds of Siberia or Timbuktu. *is amused*

LMAO! Yeah well, he's not being exactly logical at that point. Just a worried father exaggerating the dangers that lie beyond the doors of his mansion where he wants to keep Scott and protect him forever. But obviously, he can't.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting sweetie :)

Wonderful. I'd been looking forward to their first meeting. Don't think Scott was very impressed with Logan's reaction to his proposition :).

Thank you for reading! Yeah didn't go so well I know :D But Scott is not going to give up. cheers again hon :)

:D Thanks for reading hon! Next chapter soon.

Oh PLease update purrs please

Will do hon. Thanks for reading!

Another awesome chapter hon! love your characteritzation of Logan, really on character., I love how you use his animal skills to make him notice differents thing of Cyclops like when he's liyng. I alway like that hting on the x-men fanfics

:3 yayz

Thank you for reading hon :) And I'm relieved to hear the character of Logan came out right. I don't like him being portrayed as a wild animal. Sure he's kinda rough around the edges, but I can't write him as a complete brute. Never. And of course nothing is hidden from him :) cheers hon.

Hey! I'm from Northern Alberta! Coincidence heh?

I love, seriously love, they way you write Logan. Gruff, the-goal-of-life-is-to-survive, rough, tough creampuff. I wonder what it'll take for Scotty to change his mind about the school. :D

Hey! I'm from Northern Alberta! Coincidence heh?
Cool! And do forgive me if I get the geography all wrong hon! Literary license if you please? :D:D

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. Logan's a rough and tough creampuff alright :P 'cause he's actually a big softie inside haha. I hope your questions get answered in the next few chapters :) cheers hon!

Yes, I agree with whomever said WIPs are torture -- especially yours, 'cause they're so darned juicy. Can't wait to see Logan falling for Scott; at least I hope that's what'll happen!

So sorry abt WIPs !! I swear I'm freaking myself out here by my sheer inability to complete fics!! :D That said, I'm really intent on finishing this story before the end of year. *nods* I hope you keep reading hon :) Thank you so much for your lovely feedback :)

Logan, you really need to get your mind out of the gutter.
So the first talk didn't go well (for both parties are extraordinarily stubborn mules I have to say it went quite harmonic than I would imagine), and we all know that Scott won't just quit (to be honest, he's the master of stubbornness), Logan won't simply budge (he likes to play it the hard way), that means we're going to have more fun next chapter!!:D

Haha.. well Logan doesn't beat around the bush. He knows what he wants and doesn't want :D And no Scott is not going to give up :) Next chapter hopefully soon. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing hon :) cheers.

This is getting more and more interesting. Logan's being a right bastard, as he should be. I look forward to seeing Scott out-stubborn him. Logan doesn't know who he's messing with, does he? *grin*

Look forward to reading more.

:D Two pig-headed men clashing in a battle of wills ? Yeah it's gonna get messy ;) Logan's just being himself darling c'mon :) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

I am loving this story so far! The two of them have such great chemistry the way you're writing them. Please continue :)

Thanks so much for reading and commenting hon :) Glad you like it so far.. next chapter will be posted soon. cheers!

Logan's thoughts just get me all hot and bothered in the best way, actually everything he does kind of gets me like that and having him direct that look at Scott ::fans self:: Oh Lord, I can't wait for more of this. Love, love, love how he reads Scott, his perspective of the cage match and Scott's lack of fear when it comes to the Wolverine. Awesome hun!

Haha yeah, Logan's a muffin :P And I love him more when he goes possessive about Scott lol. But that's much much later. Thank you so much for still reading sweetie :) More soon!

I love this story just so much. You're the only author that I read for this fandom, and every time I read it, I can totally remember why. Awesome chapter!

Tori! Thanks so much for reading and commenting sweetie :) It means so much to me when you like something I write. Glad to know I can keep the X-men fandom alive for you! :)

Hey. So happy when i saw this post. More soon please. poor Scott, he's got a long hard climb ahead of him.

Thanks for reading and reviewing hon! Glad you're enjoying it so far :)

poor Scott, he's got a long hard climb ahead of him.
Oh he does! I'm really mean to him in this one haha ;)

More coming up soon. cheers again hon :)

Hon!! I'm logging in from the middle of nowhere to say I'm completely and utterly won over by this fic!!! ♥
Logan's voice is hypnotizing, and your Scott is to die for as always!

Can't wait for more!!

Hey sweetheart! Logging on from where?? Hope everything's going well on your end :)
Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon. Glad you're liking it so far :) More coming up soon!