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JM: Young tilted head closeup

SPN RPS fic: Take my Heart and Wash Away the Fear

Title: Take my Heart and Wash Away the Fear
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these people. None of this is real. ALL MADE UP. Just hiding behind these beautiful, wondrous personalities to vent. No money will ever change hands for this.
Pairing: Jensen Ackles / Jared Padalecki
Rating: Hard R
Summary: 50kinkyways prompt: Fear play. Jared’s nightmare brings the boys together. Sequel to Freedom's just a Stupid Superstition
Warnings: m/m slash.
A/N: AU/OOC. Every name you do not recognize is an OC.
Word Count: 2948


It was late evening and Jared and Jensen sat in their chairs with their copies of the script in hand, doing everything but reading their lines. Once they got talking they simply couldn’t stop. Even Jensen who usually preferred to bow out of small talk (‘cause he thought yakking without a purpose was such a waste of time,) would happily get caught up in the whirlwind of energy that was Jared. Flirting was the commonly accepted subtext in their conversations by now. Fact they barely even noticed it.

Okay maybe they did, hell, sure they did. Especially since their infamous conversation over a pair of handcuffs only last week…

But with their shooting schedules as crazy as they were these days, neither had really had the chance to take it to the next level. So yeah. Something was crackling beneath the casual veneer all right. Only, by now they had both perfected the art of suggesting the suggestive without ever crossing the thin line that separates friends from lovers.

It was while their guards were down and the two men were completely engrossed in one another when it happened.

April, the production assistant walked up to the boys with a gift-wrapped box in her hand. The box was kinda like the ones that new mobile phone sets come in. Jensen thought this one looked like a Nokia N91, maybe.

“This just came in for you, Jared.”

Before Jared could reach out for it, grinning like a happy little wild child, Jensen tilted his head toward the assistant.

“All clear?”

She smiled back. “All clear.”

Jared rolled his eyes at the older man who was always being so overly precautious for nothing, took the box from April and grinned up at her. “Quit buggin' her Ackles, she knows the security drill. Thanks April.”

Jensen smirked. “Ah, those pesky fangirls.”

Jared stuck out his tongue and it struck Jensen then that the boy hadn’t stopped grinning once since he met him that morning.


“Very much. Nobody sends me anything man.”

Jared laughed. The kid sure was a breath of fresh air. Always smiling, ever enthusiastic. Jensen couldn’t imagine coming to work every morning without him anymore. Jared tugged off the ribbons and was just about to open the lid when they heard Biff Carlson, their security manager, shout.


Jared stood up, just as Jensen did, as Biff and their two bodyguards came running at breakneck speeds towards the two actors.


Before Jared could react, the box in his hand exploded and his world was drowned in a horrifying cacophony of earsplitting blasts.


So the prank wars had been escalating.

They originated somewhere within the main cast and quickly spread out to envelope the crew and almost everyone that ever dared set foot on the sets of the new show, Supernatural. Tretter, Manners, Padalecki, Bailey, Ekstrom, Kritzer, Nutter, even Kripke whenever he was around… no one was safe from attack anymore. And no one was above being behind an attack either.

It started when one of the leading actors on the show, Jared Padalecki, easily charmed the sweet gullible catering lady and injected edible corn syrup into the day’s stock of hot dogs and doughnuts. People bit into their food only to have fake blood squirt out of the damn things right into their faces, freaking the daylights out of them poor unsuspecting folks. Catch of the day was Singer who screamed like a little girl, dropped the doughnut and backed up ten steps before tripping over somebody’s chair and falling to the ground. Worse… they got it all on tape.

Jared Padalecki was a wanted man after that. Singer announced a hefty cash reward to whoever got him, and got him good. They were all out for blood, the real kind this time but Jared just laughed, knowing the games had only just begun. He planned to give back just as good as he got. But he needed someone else on his side.

“Oh c’mon Jensen, please?!?”

It was only a matter of time before Ackles got dragged in the fray. He wasn’t going to let his co-star brave it alone now, was he? So was implored ever so innocently (yeah, right) by Padalecki, working his classic puppy eyes of doom and how. Jensen didn’t stand a chance.

So people got spooked by scary hairdos and Hookman-isque costumes in the middle of the night. Sound mixers got farting and belching on their tapes. Water balloons and superglues, rubber spiders and lizards and scorpions and whatnots became recurring characters on set. The absolute best was when the boys roped in the facilities manager and quietly moved every single Impala out of the main garage in the middle of the night.

Next morning the entire crew was shitting bricks and Kripke almost flew down himself to start pulling people up before they figured it out. Only two guys were left laughing with their hands clutching their bellies. And Singer was getting more and more vicious with the reward money.

Not that they needed money as their primary incentive. Some well-deserved payback was, in many a popular opinion, way overdue.


Singer threw a victory party shortly after all the applause died down. The three prank perpetrators – Biff and the bodyguards, split the reward money and promptly started looking around for Padalecki to attempt to make nice, ‘cause they knew he was not going to let it slide. He was still, the master prankster in all of Vancouver after all. The least they could do was soften him up a bit, make sure there were no hard feelings and all.

Except he was nowhere to be found.

Jensen knocked on Jared’s trailer door twice, softly. He’d followed when he saw Jared rushing away frantically from the set. Jensen was worried because clearly his friend was the not kind to sulk or hold a grudge over what turned out to be just a little prank. Jared was always sporting and cheerful even on the few occasions that he’d had to admit defeat. Running away like this… this was so not the Jared Padalecki Jensen knew.


When no response came, Jensen bit his lip and pushed, trying his luck. The door was unlocked so he entered cautiously. It was dark and he struggled to locate the blurry outline of the other man inside. Then quickly closed the door behind them plunging the trailer back into a strangely welcome darkness… not entirely sure he wanted to see what he thought he was seeing. Jensen locked the door good this time.

“I’m gonna put a light on, okay?”

No response came, so Jensen simply swallowed and reached for the lamp right next to him. A dim yellow radiance bathed the interiors and Jensen immediately felt his heart drop to the pit of his stomach.

There was a very narrow space between one wall of the trailer and the entertainment cabinet, and that’s where Jared had managed to squeeze in all six feet and four inches of himself. His endless legs were folded up and he was tightly hugging his knees to his chest with both arms. His head was lowered but Jensen didn’t have to look into his eyes to know something was seriously wrong.

He sighed and tried again, softer. “Jared… you alright buddy?”

A painful gasp escaped him and Jensen stepped in closer. That’s when he saw Jared’s chest was heaving abnormally and his face was white as a sheet. He wasn’t crying, no tears. Just… fear. Unmistakable, unquestionable fear. And a heart-wrenching struggle against petrified lungs to suck in air.

“Damn it.”

He muttered, before rushing over to his friend. Quickly he grabbed both of Jared’s arms and pulled him up to his shaky feet. The kid did not help at all but he didn’t resist either. Jensen led him to the couch and seated him there. He sat right behind him, wrapping his arms around Jared so he could lean back against the older man’s frame.

“Here, lie back, that’s good. Breathe Jared. It’s okay… breathe…”

Jared tried. “I… s-sor… fire…”

Oh God. Jensen stroked the longish bangs back from his face, massaged his back and chest.

“No fire Jare’. Just a bunch of firecrackers, small ones. Did they freak you out? It’s okay buddy. Just breathe, alright? Breathe…”

Jensen held on, calmly instructing Jared to inhale and exhale at regulated intervals, guided by the sound of his own heavily breathing voice. Kept murmuring soft words of assurances into the closest ear.

“I got you. It’s okay. I got you Jared. You’re okay.”

Ten minutes later, Jared was breathing normally by himself. His hands were not shaking so much as before, fact they were now steady enough to hold on to Jensen’s arms surrounding him, with all his might. After awhile Jared was lucid enough to notice that the older man didn’t seem in any hurry to pull away. So ever so warily, he let his head drop back and nestle in the crook of Jensen’s neck.

“Thank you.”

“Need something to drink? Water?”

Jared shook his head, mostly because he didn’t want Jensen to stop touching him. Jensen nodded, dropping a soft kiss on Jared’s forehead.

“Wanna talk about it?”

Jared swallowed, still panting. “Pyrophobia, mild really. Ever since I was a kid. When that box exploded, it was so loud, I don’t know… I thought…”

When Jensen didn’t respond immediately, Jared got embarrassed. Why he was always making a fool out of himself in front of Jensen, he’d never understand.

“I’m sorry, it’s really lame I know…”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m just glad you’re okay.”

“Took be my surprise, is all. If I was ready for it I wouldn’t have…”

“Yeah I know. It’s okay. You know it was all very carefully planned by the guys right? There never was any real danger…”

“I guess…” Jared’s voice shook as he said that.

Jensen sighed and privately wondered if it was just sheer luck that all their fire sequences shot so far had been done with blue screens.

“Does Kripke know?”

“I had to tell him, for the pilot. N-No one else.”

Jensen felt grateful to Eric all over again. “No one else has to know.”

A part of his brain was busy resolving to make sure Jared never had to deal with fire in all future episodes either. Sam could do the ass-kicking and Dean would take care of the arson, period.

“I can handle it when I know what’s coming and what to expect. It’s not going to be a problem to shoot stuff, I promise…”

“Quit your rambling kid. I don’t give a shit about that and you know it.”

Jared had to chuckle at that, shaking his head in exasperation and obvious relief. His fingertips cautiously stroked back and forth where they rested on Jensen’s exposed arm, still wrapped around his chest comfortingly.



“Why - why did you kiss me?”

It had been such a chaste little thing, a tiny peck on his forehead and Jensen was not even really thinking as he did it. Jared was prepared to hear his friend laugh it off like it was nothing. Just another person laughing at him today, so what was new? Instead, he felt Jensen loosen his arms around him a bit, his voice full of hesitation.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…”

“No! It’s not that. I… I just wish…”

Jared twisted and craned his neck upwards so he could look into Jensen’s clear green eyes now lined with great concern that maybe he’d crossed the damn line after all, and maybe he shouldn’t have. Jared licked his lips.

“I wish you’d do it again.”


Jared raised a hesitant hand, two fingers mildly grazing Jensen’s lips before dropping to his own. “M-maybe somewhere round… here… this time?”

And Jensen smiled, that incredibly beautiful smile that always sent Jared’s heart racing.

They kissed.


Jared turned further so his right side was now resting against Jensen’s front and he pulled his feet up on the couch. Jensen continued to hold the young actor in his arms as they kissed. Explored each other’s mouths, tickling and nipping and dueling with tongues until they could taste each other in the very back of their throats.

Eventually, Jensen brought one hand up to Jared’s jaw and held it still as he let his domineering side emerge. He controlled the pace of the kiss, plundering Jared’s mouth at leisure until he remembered they’d better go slow after Jared's recent episode with shortness of breath.

“I’ve wanted to do this for so long… you’ve been teasing me with that mouth of yours for weeks, kid.”

Jared still couldn’t believe that this was happening. Was he really making out with the Jensen Ackles?

His pondering was answered in the very next second when he realized with a jolt that there was a hand palming his crotch from over his jeans. Jared gasped, but didn’t protest as Jensen casually grabbed and squeezed his semi-aroused cock to assess the situation so to speak. Then, satisfied that Jared was definitely eager and willing, Jensen deftly unzipped him and pushed his loose-fit jeans down his slender hips. Jared arched up and off the couch to help.

His head started to loll back in bliss and Jensen shifted slightly to offer his shoulder for support. He continued to fondle his co-star’s erection now tenting the front of his checkered blue boxers almost comically, taking breaks to massage the heavy sac as well. Jared closed his eyes and bit his lip hard to try and repress the girly sounds of pleasure already gurgling up his throat.

“Tell me you want this…”

“Oh… God… Oh…”

Jensen smirked. “That’ll do.” Then he closed his mouth over Jared’s once more.

The boxers were slid down next, just enough for Jensen to have access to his naked hard-on. Jared moaned into the never-ending kiss as Jensen made a fist around his shaft and started to jack him off in long, firm strokes. From the base of his cock to the very tip of the mushrooming head, Jared was breathtaking. Jensen looked forward to the day he’d be able to devote all his energy and attention to the stunning triangle of beauty between Jared’s legs. For now, a quick handjob would have to suffice to help the boy relax.

Jared squirmed and gasped and articulated his intense need with loud, guttural moans as Jensen played his body like a violin he fucking owned. He’d switch to vigorously rolling the balls in his palm now and then, until Jared whimpered kicking his legs, arching up and begging wordlessly for the teasing hand to return to his shaft.

Jensen chuckled and bit at the sides of the open mouth, licking at the crater-sized dimples he just couldn’t get enough of. He changed the strokes to rough and short and fast, focusing mostly on the head until the kid blissed out in uncontrollable pleasure. He came with a huge scream barely muffled in time by Jensen’s mouth over his, before it brought the whole crew knocking their door down.

“Oh!! Fuuuuck!!! Jensen… oh God!!…”

The younger man’s body went completely lax, allowing Jensen to gather him up and hold him so he wouldn’t slide down to the floor. He tangled up his wet jism-coated fingers into the brown bush of hair down below, tickling and rubbing Jared’s own juices into them and tugging hard enough for Jared to feel it sting. There was a furious flush to the boy’s skin that shimmered under the dim lights of the trailer. Jensen grinned and softly kissed his swollen red lips again.

When they parted, Jared managed to smile back. Flashing his heart-stopping dimples for Jensen’s eyes only.

“So… I’m guessing you really do like me, huh?”

Jensen snorted. “Hmm, a bit slow on the uptake but I think you’ll do.”

“You don’t care that I’m… a wuss?”

Jensen hiked up his eyebrows, not happy with the self-derision at all. “Actually I kinda like it…”

Jared stared up at him, clearly not sure what to make of that.

“I was starting to think you were goddamn perfect.”

Jared smiled, blushing brightly as Jensen winked at him. “Well, we wouldn’t want that now, would we?”

“No. ‘Cause then you’d be completely out of my league.”

Jared had to laugh. Look who’s talking, he wanted to say, but he never got the chance. Jensen captured his lips with his own once more, and Jared forgot everything else.


They were rudely interrupted by a loud rapping on the door. It was Singer and Carlson, the evil bomb scare masterminds.

“Jared, you in there?”


“Mr. Padalecki, can we please talk to you?”

Jensen bit back a groan just as Jared put a finger to his lips. The sparkle of mischief was back in the boy’s eyes and Jensen was suddenly very very exhausted.

“Jare… no…” he hissed as the voices outside continued to appease and apologize.

“I guess we can call it even now, right Jared?”

“Let’s put an end to the prank wars if you will. Please?”

Jensen totally agreed. Made a pleading puppy dog face of his own, which only made Jared snigger ‘cause it was such a cheap imitation of the original masterpiece... his.

“Relax man. I’m not mad, fact I should go thank them.”

“For what?”

Jared licked his lips. “For… us.”

Jensen smiled back, happy as a formerly lost newly adopted puppy, and trying really hard not to show it.

“So you’ll end it then? All these stupid prank wars?”

Jared stuck out his tongue and grinned. “No way man! Revenge is gonna be so fucking sweet…”

A/N: Please let me know what you think?

i love it
and your new layout rocks
though i liekd the HOH header too
smooches to you my hunni

Hey you! My first reviewer again! :D:D Thanks so much for reading and reviewing sweetie. And thanks for the layout compliment as well. I kinda liked the old one more myself heh. Might change again. cheers hon.

Love mischievous Jared. Yay for Jensen.

Still hoping he'll go beat up Tom when he finds out he hurt Jared.

Thank you for reading and reviewing hon!

Still hoping he'll go beat up Tom when he finds out he hurt Jared.
LOL! Well Tom is going to be back and yeah he'll have to answer to Jensen for being as asshole :P

(Deleted comment)
Thanks so much for reading hon! We all know Jared is supposed to be really mischievous and all so I just went with it haha ;)

Have to say this is my favourite so far of the trilogy!

Not just because they got to do the kissing and the hand-job bits, but also because I liked how you made me smile when Jared was being mischievous (that boy needs a spanking!!!) and frown when he was all vulnerable and squeezed into the tight spot..... My mind is on pervy overtime tonight......I'm now thinking of Jensen being squeezed into a tight spot and it doesn't involve entertainment cabinets!!!

Please say there's more! There has to be more!

I liked how you made me smile when Jared was being mischievous (that boy needs a spanking!!!) and frown when he was all vulnerable and squeezed into the tight spot....

Oh he SO needs a spanking alright LOL! ;) I love that boy, for how playful and optimistic he is! Pure sunshine :)

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing hon. I'm glad you liked it, and it feeds your fantasies haha ;)

Wheee! Awesome, I fully loved this, so sweet and h/c, my favorite! *hugs* :D

h/c yes! That's my favorite thing in the world too :) Thank you!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it hon :)

yay they got together !!!

:D Yep! Thanks for reading sweetheart :)

Yay! the third chapter!

I've been waiting for this update so when I saw it, I was thrilled to say the least *makes please incoherent sounds*.

I loved vulnerable Jared being taken care of by Jensen. The cuddling part gave me the warm and fuzzies *sighs happily*. The part that had me blushing was where Jared touched Jensen's lips and then his own, asking for a kiss. Just the image I could see from Jensen's view had me dizzy! And of course I never ever get tired of seeing Jared stretched, panting and being manhandled by Jensen!

Loved it!! and I cannot wait for the next chapter :D

Re: Yay! the third chapter!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetheart :) And I guess I just like the idea of boys being tender with each other so much, I had to write them that way. 'cause I know they can! :)

And of course I never ever get tired of seeing Jared stretched, panting and being manhandled by Jensen!

LMAO! You and me both girl!! :D cheers again and yeah, hope to finish the next chapter soon !

Awwww yay pretty! Poor little Jared! I totally agree with Jensen thouh...vulnerability is very charming on Jared. :)

Hey sweetie, thank you so much for reading and reviewing :)

vulnerability is very charming on Jared. :)
Haha. Of course it is :D To me there is something strangely appealing in seeing a man of his physical stature being vulnerable like that ;) Maybe my nurturing instincts are way too strong, I dunno. Maybe I'm just loopy haha :D

cheers hon.

Jensen smiled back, happy as a formerly lost newly adopted puppy, and trying really hard not to show it.

really like that bit.
too cute.
awee poor jared! *cuddles him*
and YAY lucky jensen *wiggles eyebrows*
great great great chapter. =)

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing hon! They're both lucky to have each other ;) I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed this story! Yay for J and J finally getting together!

Thanks for reading and commenting!! So glad you enjoyed this :)

LOL! LOVED this! And you can see how much cause I capitalized AND italicized 'loved' haha. The ending was perfect, I can just imagine Jared's face, especially because we got so much of his puppy dog expressions in last week's episode. This was too cute for words, bravo! :D

:D Thanks so much sweetie. The last episode was so funny and adorable and inspiring I finally managed to finish this thing off haha ;) That boy is just too too cute for words! *sighs* cheers again hon :)

(Deleted comment)
:D Thank you so much for reading and reviewing and the puppy dog eyes ;) I absolutely will continue sweetie.. still got 47 more prompts in this 50kinkyways series haha. Hope you keep reading! cheers again hon :)

I totally spoiled myself to death with your fics today :D It was a very pleasant experience to say the least!

This fic made me SO happy, the underlying tension, Jensen comforting his poor puppy Jared, so utterly sweet and delicious and then of course I melted into a puddle because they started kissing, and Jensen letting his dominant side show a bit, and this:

He tangled up his wet jism-coated fingers into the brown bush of hair down below, tickling and rubbing Jared’s own juices into them and tugging hard enough for Jared to feel it sting. There was a furious flush to the boy’s skin that shimmered under the dim lights of the trailer.

::hyperventilates:: dear God, I'm not gonna make it through all these prompts without dying :D but what a way to go!

Hey sweetheart :) I'm so glad you're reading and your comments always put a smile on my face no matter how shitty the day's been. I'm glad this fic made you as happy as you've made me :D

dear God, I'm not gonna make it through all these prompts without dying :D but what a way to go!

Haha. I'm having trouble switching my mind off this series myself! Look at me, in office with tons of work to do and I'm not... :D God!!!

Thanks so much sweetie! *hugs* :)

I love this. A lot!

My favourite line

Only, by now they had both perfected the art of suggesting the suggestive without ever crossing the thin line that separates friends from lovers.

And now that they had crossed the line, I'd love to read more of J2 from this universe!

Yes they cross it at last :D Setting the scene to get kinky after this haha ;) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetie :)

Heehee, poor guys!! I enjoyed your story once more

Jasmine! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :) Glad you enjoyed it.


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