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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

X-men fic: In the Beginning (AU): Chapter 1

Title: In the beginning
Disclaimer: All characters belong to Marvel. Nothing’s mine except the convoluted plot. Desperate need to vent drove me to writing this, no money involved.
Warnings: Language and slash
Rating: R to NC-17 in places.
Verse: X1 AU.
Pairing: Logan/Scott later, implied Warren/Ororo, implied Scott/Jean
Summary: It began with a love story… how Logan comes to join the X-Men.
Author Notes: Warren was part of the original X-men, then quit to do his own thing. Scott is in his early twenties; Jean is about 8 years older. The places mentioned in Canada are part real and part fictitious. (This is one of those epics I started a long time ago and never finished. Hopefully some feedback would help jump start my muses on this one. In any case, feel like putting it out there. Hope you enjoy.)

*** Scott ***

The Professor knew I was leaving. Collapse )

I've recently fallen in for x-men fiction and slash, and I am really loving this story. The alternate beginning to the first movie fits in with the rest of the movie plot well and the characterizations and motivations are fantastic.

I really enjoy how you've delved into the scientific and psychological aspects of Scott losing his powers in addition to causing conflict. The side effect of being unable to properly use his digestive track proves to be another blow to Scott's system of control of his previous handicaps, pushing him to seek control in other ways including find new recruits. Great plot drivers all around.

The only part I'm not convinced on is that Jean and Scott have broken up. Scott seems rather confused on that score, going his own way and yet viewing her with unending fondness, and there's nothing to hint what Jean has done or is thinking about in reaction. Of course, part of my conviction could be lowered because Scott himself is unconvinced that their personal life together is ended.