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JM: Young tilted head closeup

SPN RPS fic: Freedom's just a Stupid Superstition

Title: Freedom’s just a Stupid Superstition
I don’t own any of these people. None of this ever happened. Just hiding behind these beautiful, wondrous personalities to vent. No money will ever change hands for this.
Pairing: Jensen Ackles / Jared Padalecki
Rating: PG-13
Summary: 50kinkyways prompt: Handcuffs. Jared makes a lasting impression on Jensen, and vice versa. Sequel to First Cut.. but can also stand alone for now.
Warnings: Pre-slash. Actually, still not too kinky at all. But building up to it, I swear!
A/N: AU/OOC. Mark and Lizzie Tretter are OCs.
Word Count: 2711


Mark Tretter was in sourcing.

He was responsible for procurement of props and set-building material and in Vancouver that was a really hot and happening job profile these days. After all, some of the biggest and most popular television shows were currently being shot in Vancouver.

Supernatural happened to be one of them. Sure it was still new, having aired only like four episodes so far but they say it’s been well received and the studio was really psyched about this one. So yeah, Mark Tretter was happy to be associated with a big-hype WB project. And it was a whole lot more fun than anything else he’d done so far.

Fun, because the two actors that worked on this show (carried it on their freakin’ shoulders to be more accurate) didn’t act like they were God’s holy shit. No airs whatsoever. Fact they were as normal as normal could be, like his buddies back in Albuquerque. Especially that kid Padalecki.

Ackles was a serious sort of guy. Quiet, polite, preferred mostly to keep to himself but great to talk to whenever he did. Jared on the other hand was a riot just waiting to break out every chance he got. He was loud but cheerful, demanding attention as much as he loved to lavish it on anyone who’d have him. And he had this whacky sense of humor, instigating pranks off and on set at the expense of every hapless victim he could find.

Which is why Mark was also a bit, okay a lot wary of him. And he was still traumatized from the whipped cream versus caramel fudge fight two days ago.

So when the tall man stepped out of his trailer like it was just another ordinary day on set, Tretter briefly considered doing a one-eighty. He was leading a couple of his guys carrying big boxes full of stuff right by Padalecki’s trailer and was kind of in a hurry. Instead he took a deep breath, pasted a happy smile on his face and trudged on.


Jared Padalecki was having an awesome day. He was filming as one of the two leads on a WB show, and it was a truly kick-ass project. He was getting some really good vibes from this one. He got okay vibes from Gilmore Girls too and look how well that turned out. So yeah, Jared believed he had good reason to trust his instincts and he was sure they wouldn’t let him down this time either.

He came out of his trailer and stood at the last step to make way for Mark and his gophers as they carried in the props for next week’s set.

“Tretter! I see the missus done a mighty good job cleanin’ you up!”

Jared grinned with his tongue peeking out between his teeth. Tretter just rolled his eyes good-naturedly at him. The joke was that Lizzie, his wife, was as much of a sugar-junkie as Padalecki, and with the way he’d looked after the big ‘dessert fight’ two days ago, Jared had very lewdly opined to anyone who’d listen exactly what Mr. and Mrs. Tretter ought to be doing when he got home that night. Which hadn’t been a bad idea at all of course, and Mark did end up having a very… umm, interesting night. But he was not about to admit it in front of his very professional (well, some of them) colleagues.

“Good morning to you too, Jared.”

And that was all he had to say on the matter, stalking off hurriedly before Jared thought of something else to embarrass him with.

Jared saw the blush creeping up Tretter’s face and smirked gleefully. But before he could think of an appropriately annoying comeback, something shiny caught his eye as the sourcing team passed him by. Completely on reflex, and taking advantage of his height, he reached out and pulled it up from the top of one of the boxes.

Mark rolled his eyes. Here we go. “Knock it off Padalecki.”

Jared’s face gleamed with curiosity and excitement as he looked up at the other man. “Are these real?”

Mark scowled at him, signaling at his men to carry on. Handcuffs in one Jared Padalecki’s hands on this set could only result in disaster and Tretter had an obligation to prevent it.

“Of course they are kid, now give them back. I gotta do the inventory before the next lot comes in.”

Jared stepped down from his trailer, dangling the steel bracelets from one hand, clearly in a mood to play.

“You think I could borrow them for the night? Oh wait, so selfish of me! Maybe you should take ‘em for Lizzie!”

Mark started blushing furiously again as he scowled harder. “Ha Ha. Give ‘em back Jared, come on.”

Jared laughed and swung the handcuffs out of Mark’s reach, his eyes twinkling with mirth.

“She’d like them dude, I know! It’s in the code of the secret society of saccharine junkies. But they have to be real of course, or else what’s the point eh?”

Jared winked and chuckled some more. He loved doing the Canadian accent and Mark hated it when he did that. Galvanized, he grabbed at them before Jared could snatch them away again. And then the craziest idea struck him and he went with it.

“You wanna know if they’re real? Here…”

Mark took one ring and closed it around Jared’s wrist, and then before Jared could recover from the sheer shock, he took the other one and closed it around the outer handle of his trailer door.

“What the… hey!?!”

Mark grinned, “If you can open them, they’re not real. And if you can’t then they are. Simple, nay?”

Jared tugged at them, eyes going wide when they didn’t even budge. “Tretter! These are really real?”

Mark laughed heartily and went on to do his inventory, checking off the ‘Handcuffs – 1’ item on his list on his way. This was turning out to be a good day for him after all.

“Uhh… Tretter? Mark! Hey get back here!”


Jensen Ackles was done with makeup and costume and sat patiently in his chair to be called for his next shot. Apparently it was going to take a bit longer ‘cause they had to make room inside the Impala to shoot so they were going to do some spatial adjustments or whatever the shit they were calling it. Taking apart that beauty for an unjustifiable cause, that’s what he’d call it.

So anyway, he sat reading the script, wondering how they were going to explain the fact that the shapeshifter could assume its victims’ thoughts along with their appearances. Did that sound believable?

Jensen huffed. “When will you give it up, Ackles?”

He shook his head. He’d been on three big shows in the supernatural oblique science fiction oblique fantasy genre now. He should be the last person to look for ‘believable’ anymore. It was in that moment that he looked up at another unbelievable scene unfolding before him.

His co-star, Jared Padalecki had somehow gotten himself handcuffed to his own trailer door. Jensen snorted and shook his head some more. Knowing the kid and his propensity to find trouble, or create some of his own when he couldn’t, Jensen wasn’t all that surprised.

He quietly observed Jared yelling after Tretter the sourcing guy, who apparently was getting in some well-deserved payback and in no mood to co-operate. So when that didn’t work the kid started flipping his bound wrist upside and down and peering at the ring to try and decipher the release mechanism. Squinting and pouting like a little kid.

“Oh… Jared… Jared…”

Jensen licked his lips and sat back on his chair, his eyes leisurely raking in the long, lean form of his co-star from the comfortable distance. There was something… elegant about the boy despite his usual clumsiness. Something boyish… in complete defiance of his overgrown physique. And something… something wild and seductive, despite his innocence, and buffoonery.

In short, the kid was hot.

And now it looked like he was struggling to get out of his cuffs. The harder he fought, the more frustrated he got… the more attractive he became in Jensen’s eyes.

A couple of minutes later, the kid was clearly starting to panic, yanking at them with all his might and still getting nowhere. If he kept using that much force only two things could happen. Either the link between the two cuffs would break off, or Padalecki’s wrist would break off. Soon other people on set were also starting to take notice.

“Mark!! Sonofabitch… oh ha ha laugh it up guys. When I get out of these fucking things you’re gonna be sorry…”

A couple of PAs and Amy, the girl who played Becky, were all having a good laugh at his expense. Well, to her credit, Ms. Grabow did try to pry it open with her nail filer, which didn’t work.

Jensen bit back the wicked smile on his face. A serious tightening in his jeans startled him out of nowhere and he could feel the heat slowly creeping up into his cheeks. That Padalecki kid was way too fascinating for his own good. And especially now, being so utterly helpless… Jensen sighed deeply.

The whole puppy dog eyes look he was giving to everyone around him was starting to work. PAs, extras, other actors, lighting assistants… everyone was gathering around him, talking to him, touching him… under the guise of trying to help. But either they all really didn’t know how to, or they really didn’t want to help. And yeah, Jensen could understand that.

Holy fuck, look at him!

Jensen sighed, willing his erection to go down because damn it this was so not the time or the place. And nor was it the right guy. This was Jared Padalecki… his co-star on the biggest show of his career. His only co-star who happened to be a great kid. They had hit it off immediately and God knows that sort of camaraderie between actors is super rare. He couldn’t risk it by letting him, or anyone else here for that matter, know.

He just couldn’t.

“Somebody go get Tretter back here…”

“TRETTER you fucker!”

“We’re coming up on a scene in a few minutes! MARK!!!”

“They must be real. Why are they using real props?”


Jensen sighed and got up from his chair, ambled his way to the nucleus of all the commotion.

“Alright, everybody back to work. Right now! C’mon… let’s go…”

Everybody fixed him with a ‘Who died and made you Kripke’ look.

“I’ll take care of it. You folks carry on now. Go ahead…”

From the corner of his eye, Jensen could see the gratitude in Jared’s eyes but he didn’t acknowledge it. Sent everyone packing despite their feeble protests before he turned toward Jared.

The kid smiled shyly, hugely embarrassed, clearly agitated and plotting certain death against their sourcing manager. He made one last ditch attempt to break the thing holding him captive, yanking with all his might.

“Hey hey, stop that. That won’t help.”

“Then what will?”

Jensen couldn’t be sure, but he thought he heard a slight trembling in the boy’s voice, and it went straight down to his groin. He wanted to respond with a guttural moan of his own or better yet, rub up against all six feet four inches of the sex on legs they called Jared Padalecki. But reason prevailed, eventually, and Jensen got his raging hormones back under control before approaching the bound boy.

He noticed Jared was looking at him funny. He blinked and next instant, it was gone so he just went back to focus on the cuffs. Frowning he stepped in a little closer. Close enough to breathe in the soft tang of citrus emanating from his friend’s body.

“Just relax, okay?”

He pulled the ring upwards on Jared’s hand so that it wasn’t biting into his skin anymore. There was a bright red circle already starting to form around his wrist. Jensen wanted so much to lick those burns away.

“Can you take them off?”

I am the freaking specialist of handcuffs kid, he wanted to say, but wisely didn’t. Simply nodded and stepped up, closer to Jared, to get both his hands beneath the inside surface of each ring.

“See this little dial here, that’s all you need to twist counter-clockwise and…”


Two soft clicks and the rings around Jared’s wrist and his trailer door came undone.

A huge intake of breath symbolized his shock, followed by an equally huge exhalation, which was relief. Relief was accompanied by a mild sense of disappointment, though, because being free meant… Jensen Ackles wouldn’t have to be touching him anymore.

Jared couldn’t pretend this out-of-the-blue bout of bondage, that was obviously intended to be just a prank, hadn’t turned him on. It wasn’t just morbid curiosity that made him snag the handcuffs from Mark’s stash. Fact was, the whole bondage thing had really started to fascinate him this past year but Sandy wasn’t into it like at all and… the handcuffs were… God they looked so real and he just wanted to… needed to touch them, feel that metal against his skin…

Of course he hadn’t actually wanted to get cuffed! That Tretter was so going to pay for this. So he’d made himself the laughing stock on set that morning, big fucking deal. What’s a little humor between friends yeah? But damn it why did Jensen have to be there too??

Jared had felt Jensen’s eyes burning into his body from like twenty feet away. It was like, the more Jared tried to make a good impression on the older man the more he ended up humiliating himself in front of him. The least he could hope for was that no one (including Ackles) noticed the throbbing bulge in his baggy jeans. Thank God for Sam Winchester’s supreme lack of fashion sense.

Jared sighed again, as Jensen backed away from him with the not so offending restraining article in his right hand.

Jensen Ackles.

Not only was this man drop dead gorgeous and charming as hell, he was now also his knight in shining armor. God, could he be more pathetic? Jared knew he was falling for his completely flawless co-star. Maybe there was an element of hero worship in there for a bigger thespian, or maybe it was because he found this quiet, mysterious man really intriguing. Jensen seemed unlike any Texan Jared ever knew, and he seemed to have a private side that he fiercely protected.

But more than anything else, Jared’s instincts were screaming at him that this was it… he was the man he’d been looking for all these years. And his instincts had never been wrong before.

He tried to salvage what little dignity he may have left, although it didn’t look like Jensen cared much either way. The older man had started to walk away and Jared gaped for only a second before running after him.

“Thanks man.”

Jensen didn’t even look at him. “No problem.”

He sighed, trying again. “I just can’t believe how fucking strong they are, felt almost real.”

“They are.”

Jared frowned, pausing mid-step. “They are?”


Jensen bit his lip, he really shouldn’t have said that. Ah well, no turning back now. He shrugged and kept walking, noting that Jared had paused for a split-second but was now again following him not far behind.

“Well not the standard issue police handcuffs obviously. These are used for training in the academy. They open with keys but also with those hidden dials I showed you. We use them for filming ‘cause they look more authentic.”

“And you know all this, how?”

Jensen chuckled and shook his head. This Padalecki kid really couldn’t curb his curiosity at all. He briefly considered giving him some line about using similar cuffs on Smallville or Dark Angel. But the little imp with horns and a tail sitting on his shoulder wanted to see that beautiful Slavic jaw drop to the floor again.

“Well, so happens that these are also used pretty liberally in other… alternative social circles, if you know what I mean.”


This time Jared stopped walking altogether. He opened his mouth once, to say what he didn’t know, so he closed it again.

“You m-mean…”

Jensen turned around and smirked. It was the sexy, smart-assed, and downright dangerous ‘Dean’ smirk he used on the show, and Jared now had solid proof that it came from a very, very real place.

“Yes, Padalecki. That’s what I mean.”

And he sauntered off, stuffing the cuffs in his leather jacket’s pocket. Jared gulped, hard. God help him. His instincts have never been wrong before.

But… hell, they’ve never been so right before either.

*** END ***

A/N: Pls let me know what you think?

‘Who died and made you Kripke’ lmao

:D:D Thanks for reading hon.

More please :) I enjoyed the banter at the end as well as the way the boys were think about the other :)

:) Thank you so much for your feedback hon. I'm writing the next part as we speak.

You're a dirty tease!

I wanted MORE.

Tee hee, I just love Jensen watching Jared trying to uncuff himself and getting all hot and bothered, and the fact that Jared was getting turned on too LOL

but seriously where's the rest :D

LMAO!! Thank you so much for reading and the awesome review hon. I'm relieved you liked it :) I've just been itching to go all-out kinky with the boys lol! There will be more soon, hopefully :P Am writing part 3 now. cheers sweetie!

Oh, perfection. I'm hooked, that's it.

:D Thank you so much sweetie! I'm glad you're reading :)

Oh, holy....

Please tell me the handcuffs make a comeback? Please?

And just.....oooohhhhh....this isn't fair, and it was such a nasty thing to stop there, because...oh, god help me, I love the unrequited J2 schmoop. And kink? Schmoop AND kink? Oh, honey, write more fast!

:D Yeah they should. Handcuffs and more soon ;) Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetheart!

I love the unrequited J2 schmoop. And kink? Schmoop AND kink? Oh, honey, write more fast!
That's my favorite combination too!! But it's not going to remain unrequited too long ;) Writing next part as we speak!

cheers hon :)

Your rps stories are so real and different from any other stories i have read. Totally surprising.

I'm glad you think so hon. Why to write the same stuff that others have already done such a damn good job of right? :) But I noticed there was not enough kinky fic with Jared on the bottom so here we go :P Thanks for reading hon!

(Deleted comment)
Hey sweetie! :) Thanks for reading and reviewing! I wanted to post this to the new comm but I already made like 2 posts there today and don't wanna be spamming everyone hehe ;P So I'll post this tmrw alright?
I'm so glad you liked it. Jared in cuffs yeah :D And its gonna get worse hehe. Just need to get writing soon! Thank you again sweetie, I love you so much! *hugs and kisses* :)

Oh my gosh, I love it :-D
I'm in agreement, more please!! :P

:) Thank you so much for reading hon. I'm writing the next part as we speak!

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon :) I'm glad you enjoyed it. Where do they end up? Oh.. a whole lot more kinky than this I assure you ;) cheers hon.

(Deleted comment)
Yah! It's got a sequel coming, right?

I'd like to read about Ackles participating in alternative social circles soon.

Thanks for reading and reviewing hon :) Yeah it should have several sequels, am trying to finish the 50kinkyways prompts haha. *fingers crossed* The alternative social circles will make an appearance soon! cheers hon :)

Freedom's just another word for Nothing left to lose

Looks like the boys are coming up on the nothing left to lose portion of their relationship if they start playing bondage games.

This was fun, watching Jared twist in the wind for a while. He really is a big goof sometimes eh?

Let's see what happens next... Please.

Thanks for reading and reviewing hon :) Yep.. they're about to start exploring their umm.. dark sides lol.
Yeah Jared is a big goof alright, that's why we love him right? ;-P Working on next chapter as we speak. cheers hon :)

god damn!
really liked this part of the fic.
the first part was great even thought i'd never think to go for a jared/tom fic but it was awesome. anyways. yes, i liked this chapter very much, scared!jared made me wanna hug him. LOTS. *g*

cant wait for more.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing hon, even if Tom/Jared is not your usual thing!

scared!jared made me wanna hug him. LOTS. *g*
I know! Me too :) Funny you say that, the next part has something to do with scared!jared again ;) And this time someone will hug him too lol.

Glad you liked it hon :) cheers.

I love where this seems to be going!!!
More soon?

Thanks for reading and leaving me feedback hon! Yep, more soon :)

***END*** you're a god damm tease girl!

But i like it :)

Title from a Janis Joplin song?

:D Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon. Glad you like! And there will be more I promise ;)
Title from the Jim White number "Handcuffed to a fence in Mississippi". It's really cool!

That was awesome!! I think you must have devil horns and a tail because ending it there was pure evil. Can't wait for the next part!!!

LOL!! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing hon :) Working on the next part as we speak! :)


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