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JM: Young tilted head closeup

RPS fic: First Cut is the Deepest

Title: First Cut is the Deepest
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these people. None of this ever happened. Just hiding behind these beautiful, wondrous personalities to vent. No money will ever change hands for this.
Pairing: Tom Welling/Jared Padalecki, in this installment. Will be Jensen/Jared overall.
Rating: R
Summary: 50kinkyways  prompt: Virgins. Jared meets Tom on the sets of “Cheaper by the dozen”
Warnings: m/m slash
A/N: AU/OOC. Vanessa and all names you don’t recognize are OCs.
Word Count: 2566


It was in late 2002 that Jared met Thomas for the first time. Tom Welling… the fastest growing legend on American television. Now Jared Padalecki may be a star in his own right, but let’s face it - he was nothing compared to the TV royalty that Welling was these days. Which would explain the young actor’s outright starry-eyedness when encountered with the said celebrity, or so everyone on set believed.

Jared knew he was gay, had known it for a little over a year now. He remembered the first time he ever looked at a guy and felt those undeniable stirrings in his groin only the fairer sex had been able to evoke from him so far. Something had changed that night. Jared had popped a hard one for a guy, a man, as in not of the opposite sex.

Thank God it was in the solace of his living room with no one around, and he could go take care of it, get rid of it fast as possible and nothing more would be said about it ever again. Right.

Just as soon as the show ended then.

Smallville. Clark Kent. AKA Tom Welling.

Jared couldn’t believe his luck. He was actually looking in person at the man who’d turned him gay! And not just looking, talking to him, working with him. Bullying him ‘cause… that’s what his role entailed. He was the unnamed, uncredited high school bully making life miserable for the new hillbilly, Charlie Baker.

So they were shooting that scene where he and Welling had to stand really close glaring each other down, so close their noses almost collided the first couple of times they tried it. Jared was only an inch taller but Welling was broader and clearly that modest flannel hid a whole army of bulging muscles underneath. Jared shivered, fantasizing in broad daylight what those strong arms would feel like, wrapped around his leaner, slender body.

Apparently he didn’t manage to be quite as discrete as he thought and soon the other extras playing his sidekicks figured him out. So right after the sixth take where Jared and Tom were facing each other off, the director yelled “Cut!” and one of them pushed Jared from behind. Tom had shifted a bit sideways by then about to move off completely when Jared lurched forward and landed square against his chest. Tom’s arms automatically came up and around to help steady him. And it was like electricity… zapping through every part of his body that came in contact with the older man. Turning his knees to jelly.

Loud, raucous laughter sounded from somewhere behind them. Jared had the presence of mind to blush furiously but clearly not to move. Tom held him up a few seconds longer, smiling condescendingly at the boy’s predicament before realizing he wasn’t going to go away by himself. So he sighed and pushed himself away until Jared had no choice but to find his own two feet.

“Careful there, buddy.”

Jared gulped, realizing what just happened. “I’m… I’m so sorry. The guys…”

Tom just smiled and nodded, clapping his shoulder a couple of times without intending to. “It’s alright. No harm done.”

Jared decided now would be the perfect time for the ground to open up and swallow him whole. When that didn’t happen he decided it best to remove his own graceless presence from the scene. Smiled back, nodded surreptitiously and turned, walking away as fast as he could without running.

Tom Welling just stood there, frozen to his spot, wondering what the hell just happened. How had his world so suddenly been turned upside down?

That smile… God those fucking huge dimples that were directed wholly and solely at him

What was the kid’s name again?


It was his last day on the sets of “Cheaper by the Dozen”. They had three more scenes left to shoot by the evening, after which Jared would be done with the project.

It must have been fate. Being asked for by the director specifically by name had been immensely flattering, until Jared realized it was only because he was the only actor in LA they could find at such short notice who was taller than Tom Welling.

But it didn’t matter anymore. He was here, and he was talking to Tom Welling. Getting to know him, and God alone knows how that had happened. After all Jared had tried his damned best to humiliate himself in front of the other actor. And yet Welling had found the time and curiosity in his heart to walk up to him today, and say hi.



“You’re on Gilmore Girls aren’t you?”

“Uh…” Jared had to think, and recall. “Oh yeah. Yeah I’m… Dean Forester. I mean, actually I’m Jared Padalecki but my name, the character of my name, I mean the name of my character on the show is… uhh… is…”

Tom helped. “Dean Forester?”

“Yeah! Exactly!”

And Tom had laughed and Jared had laughed a little himself and the Smallville star quickly made up his mind then and there. The young actor wasn’t his usual type at all, hell far far away from it. Didn't matter because Tom couldn’t take his damn eyes off him, all lanky limbs and sharp angles… not a boy and not quite a man either, not yet.

Tom just had to have this… stunningly attractive yet strangely self-conscious boy. He absolutely wouldn’t, couldn’t let him get away.

He kept the boy talking because apparently that was the way to get him to chill out. For some reason, Jared had been really strung up tight around him before. Not a problem. Tom knew how to turn on the patented disarming Welling charm when he needed it the most, and this was definitely an occasion for it.

They had lunch together by the end of which Welling knew everything about Stars Hollow, and was just as exasperated as Jared was by the morbid fascination that all girls have for good looking bad boys. Other people on the set looked on with part envy and part resignation as Jared spent every free second between shots, yakking and laughing with Tom Welling. Whether that envy was directed at Padalecki or at Welling… well, one guess was as good as another.

In the evening when they wrapped up, Tom asked if Jared would like to join him for a drink, knowing the kid was not going to say no. They took Tom’s car, a deep blue Land Rover and went to this terrace bar in the heart of Sunset Boulevard that allowed for sufficient privacy for the famous folks. And since it wasn’t even sundown and the A-list crowd hadn’t hit the streets yet, they got the partitioned space they wanted, as well as the discrete service.

“I still can’t believe we’re hanging out together, Tom. I’ve always been such a great admirer of your…”

“Call me Thomas.”

Jared started. “Excuse me?”

Tom made a pouty little face that, in Jared’s opinion, had no right to be so fucking adorable.

“I don’t like being called Tom. It’s my screen name. It’s what stuck but I hate it. All my close friends call me Thomas.”

Jared smiled then, relieved and happy to learn that Tom Welling considered him a close friend already. He ducked his head and tried it.


Thomas grinned back. He felt a tingling in the bottom of his gut he hadn’t felt since… well, in a long time.

After the third beer, Jared started to slip up.

“You have really, really, really nice lips, Thomas.”

Tom chuckled. “Do you wanna know what I can do with these lips, Jared?”

Jared stopped breathing. A few seconds later, he was hyperventilating as he felt Tom slide up right next to him on the couch and unzip his jeans. It wasn’t long before the black head disappeared under the table and proceeded to give Jared the best fucking blowjob of his life. He took a second to acknowledge it as his first blowjob from a guy and maybe it was an average one as far as guy-given blowjobs go, how would he know? On the other hand, if the average blowjob from a guy felt like this, Jared was very glad he’d decided to embrace his gayness after all.

Didn’t take very long for Jared to let loose. Heck to be honest, the shock of it all was enough to make him come.

Tom quickly paid the bill, stood up and grabbed Jared by the wrist. Led him out to his SUV and they drove back to his hotel, despite Tom also having at least two beers in his system. Jared must have pointed that out seven times in the seven minutes it took to reach their destination, but Tom just laughed. Everything about the kid was so freakin’ hot. Even his whining was hot.

Once they were in Tom’s room, things moved even faster if that were possible. Next thing he knew Jared was on the bed with his clothes strewn all over the floor. And Tom was there, looming over him, naked, larger than life and hot as all hell. And then he lowered his plush red lips over Jared’s and practically sucked all the breath out of his lungs.

They kissed for what seemed like an eternity and Jared was both amazed and comforted by the strength of his companion. With Vanessa and the other girls before her, he’d always been too worried he’d hurt them, put too much pressure and crush a rib or something, but not this time.

This time, he was free to feel all the things he wanted to, hell, needed to feel. And what he needed was to have Tom inside him, filling him and fucking him till judgment day and beyond.

Tom found lube and condoms in his shaving kit and quickly returned. The sight of a naked Jared spread out on his bed stopped him in his tracks and he just stood there, wide eyes raking in the tantalizing body from head to toe. Jeez… the things he wanted to do to this boy…

Jared groaned. “God… hurry, please…”

Tom blinked, then remembered to start walking again. “Told you to call me Thomas.”

Jared smirked. “How about I call you smart ass?”

Tom moaned deep in his throat, those dimples would be the death of him someday. Reaching the bed, Tom pulled up Jared’s lanky legs, bending one at the knee and resting the other on one of his shoulders to make space for himself in between. The first time he touched Jared’s little entrance, the boy gasped. No one else had ever been there before. Jared felt exposed… vulnerable, and yet outrageously turned on.

Tom prepared the kid carefully with a couple of fingers, smiling as the boy writhed and whimpered under his ministrations. Soon after, he rolled on the rubber and without further ceremony, pushed into the boy. Slow at first, because Jared was clearly uncomfortable with his girth. And then thrusting inwards inch by inch until he was balls deep into Jared’s ass and the kid’s sounds changed from that of pain to consensus, and finally to pleasure.

“So fucking tight. So… oh shit!”

Both the men were panting hard as Tom started to move, letting the virginal walls of Jared’s ass squeeze and coax an explosion out of him. He held on for as long as possible, thrusting in and out a few times until he couldn’t hold it any longer. Tom came with a loud, shameless grunt, let the spread legs slip back to the bed and promptly collapsed on top of Jared, boneless, struggling to catch his breath.

Jared hid his disappointment at it being so over so soon, but he wasn’t raised to be a selfish boy and, well, how many people get their cherry popped by the one person they’ve fantasized about all their lives? Jared was happy. His ass felt pleasurably ploughed and full. He’d finally figured what all the fuss was about when Tom’s cock had nudged his prostate gland not once but four times. And he’d come at the same time that Tom did, spurred on by the ruggedly sensual sounds his lover made as he found his own release.

For the next few minutes, Jared lay quietly pinned beneath the heavy weight of Tom Welling on the bed. Not that he minded, like at all. The past year had led itself to more than a few revelations about Jared’s sexual psyche and this was one of them. There was a certain… reassurance in the feeling of being restrained. A really weird, twisted sense of belonging that… ah fuck that. Jared liked it ‘cause it made him giddy with happiness and horny as hell period.

Tom for his part was just too exhausted and too comfortable to move away. It was Jared’s hand on his back that gently roused him as it started to caress Tom’s back, hesitant at first like he wasn’t sure if it was allowed. Slow and languid, long strokes intending to put him to sleep and Tom wished he could do just that. Surrender. Because, damn. It felt so good.

This boy… Jared something, felt… good. And despite the sex having been a little ways from perfect, Tom had never felt so relaxed and so at peace with anyone before, except…

Tom winced, his eyes flew open in a hurry and he gritted his teeth.

Abruptly, he pulled out of Jared and sat up on the edge of the bed. He’d started donning his clothes back on when the boy slowly sat up behind him. Clearly he was a smart kid, because he didn’t try to touch Tom again.


Tom stood up and pulled his jeans over his waist before zipping it up. He couldn’t resist turning once, just once, to look at the beautifully ravished young boy in his bed. Then looked away again.

“This can’t happen again.”


“I have a wife.”

Jared felt his heartbeat drown, the sound of whatever was shattering inside his chest thundering so loud he missed everything Tom might have said after that. This couldn’t be happening…

Jared looked away from the man whose visions had haunted him day and night for more than a year. Swallowed his words of betrayal and desperation down, it’d been too good to last anyway. He wondered what he’d done wrong, and if he should try explaining his lack of competence to his clearly disgusted companion… this being his first time and all?

Then again, it couldn’t be about him at all. Jared was an actor in this industry too. He understood the pressures of pretending to be straight in a world that still didn’t have much tolerance for diversity. Hell he kept a couple of beards around himself for that very reason.

Finally it came down to this… Jared had his pride. And he was not about to give Welling the satisfaction of seeing him hurt.

Calmly he stood up and hunted for his clothes. Once suitably dressed he turned back to look at Tom, Tom Welling, standing by the wide full-length window, staring into the horizon.

“Thank you,” he whispered, knowing the man heard him but was not going to respond.

Jared closed the door behind him with a soft click.

*** END ***

A/N: Pls let me know what you think?


I am so used to reading Jared/Jensen that it is hard for me to picture them with someone else.

However, I am glad I crawled out of my ass and read this because it was a very good read.

Thanks for reading! I have 49 more prompts to work with here lol and it will be Jensen/Jared overall for sure :) Just thought a little variety might be interesting. cheers hon.

This is very good, can't wait for more installments.

I wanna slap Tom, he needs to suffer now. lol

Hopefully in a later chapter Jensen might do it? Pretty please. :)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing :) Yeah Tom's an ass, but he had to be, to make way for Jensen right? ;-P
Slap Tom? I think that can be arranged :D:D
cheers again hon.

Awe poor Jaybear ):
But total hot pairing ^.^
Loved it <3

oh I'm so glad you think so too!! I love J2 of course, but I also have a thing for Tom/Jared - they're just so hot together :D Thanks for reading hon.

Aw, Jared's so shy and cute and inexperienced! He broke my heart. Poor little Jared...

I loved it, hun. And I can't wait to see more (with Jensen! Too exciting!)

Aw, Jared's so shy and cute and inexperienced! He broke my heart. Poor little Jared...

LOL. Seems like I write Sam/Jared that way even without really planning to :D But hey, that's how we like him yeah? :)

Thanks for reading and reviewing sweetie. Jensen coming up next!

I love my Jsquared BUT I also like to mix it up a bit and this was perfect - I have a secret Jared/Tom love. Wow just looking at Jared can make a man forget he's married. *giggles*
I really enjoyed this.

(You should do something with Jared [and Jensen] meeting Tom again on the set of Smallville. How awkward would that be? heehee)

I love my Jsquared BUT I also like to mix it up a bit and this was perfect - I have a secret Jared/Tom love

Same here absolutely!!! :) I've been thinking about Tom/Jared for awhile and just had to write it out. So glad you liked it hon.

You should do something with Jared [and Jensen] meeting Tom again on the set of Smallville. How awkward would that be? heehee

They'll meet alright :) Maybe not on the sets of Smallville but somewhere soon! Thank you for reading hon :)

:) yeah I'm getting that vibe from all around. If you stick with me, Jensen's comin up next!

The Tom in my head is an absolute dick, lol. So this pleased me to pieces (aside from my Jare-bear getting hurt - but Jensen can fix that later with some GOOD sex).

Awesome, babe.

LOL! Yeah Tom's a dick in this one.. but he's going to learn his lesson ;) And of course Jensen is coming to fix his Jared! How can he NOT!?! :D:D
Thanks so much for reading and reviewing hon.

Mwahaha I can't believe you got me to read Jared/Tom, you my dear, are evil!

That being said, ummm can we say, HAWT!!

I love Jared all awkward and shy and easily turned on and Tom being smooth and worldly,

bow chika wow wow, mmmmm that was delicious.

Btw, Tom's an ass and I want another fic years later with J2 and Tom all disappointed on what he missed out on because of fear, that's what you get!

Jared's first time going from "I can't believe this, my fantasy come true" to "first time, guy's got a wife and don't care 'bout you" Noooo, fix it you little angst maker.

Mwahaha I can't believe you got me to read Jared/Tom, you my dear, are evil!
LOL! Don't blame me for your weakness sweetheart, I know you can't resist anything with one of the Js in it!! :P:D Good for me 'cause I plan to write a few more Tom/Jareds soon haha ;)

Btw, Tom's an ass and I want another fic years later with J2 and Tom all disappointed on what he missed out on because of fear, that's what you get!
Absolutely hon! He's going to regret being a wuss soon, big time :P

And yeah, what can I say about the angst - just won't leave me alone *shrugs* But see that's why Jensen is comin' in, to rescue his ickle Jare bear from the meanie angst!whore writer :D:D
Thank you so much for the awesome feedback sweetie.. I knew not many ppl would want to read this pairing but it's all I've been thinking about these days so just had to write it out. Am just glad you liked it too :) cheers.

Awww...sad ending. But I totally agree, Jared's dimples are just....whew.

And Tom...oh Tom. At first I was like aww yay he's so adorable and then at the end it was oh Tom...I hope you die. Haha. Aren't you glad your fic can bring out so many emotions in me? Great job. :D

Thanks so much sweetie :) Tom, yeah, he will come to regret his decision. Give him a chance will ya ;) But in any case he had to leave the scene to make way for someone else right? *grins*
Thanks for reading hon!

Interesting to see Jared as a star-struck young actor! He was really cute in Cheaper by the Dozen!

This was stimulating; if you know what I mean!

I haven't read a lot of RPS with Tom Welling but I love your characterization of him! He so dominate and funny, and I liked the sad undercurrent illustrating that gay actors can't be who they truely are and love whom they want to love.

Very nicely done! As always you open me up to new possibilities!

Haha. This is back in 2002, 3rd season of GG and 2nd season of SV and Jared is only 20 years old so figured.. what the hell :D He just might be a young skittish type haha. Oh well, I like him that way :P

Thank you for trying out something new and reading this sweetie :) It's only going to get kinkier, considering I'm trying to 50kinkyways haha. But I'm very hopeful you're gonna stick with me to the end :D cheers sweetheart! *hugs*

oooo I do love a good tom/jared story !!! I like how you used CBTD

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing hon! I think this pairing's hot so I just had to write it out :D

(Deleted comment)
You just take my hand and drive me in your world and that's a wonderful trip!

Awww... baby you've no idea how beautiful and poetic that sounds! :)

"“Thank you,” he whispered, knowing the man heard him but was not going to respond"! So realistic, you can't imagine!!!!

I imagine Jared is just a good boy, polite overall, nice manners and everything. And he's really considerate of other people. Haha not sure if all that is ACTUALLY true but who cares, that's the Jared in my head :P So yeah, in his own over-thinking over-analysing way he will find a reason to forgive Tom and just remember that he personally was glad to have had the little time he did have. He's not the kid to hold grudges, I think :)

You are just wonderful and i'm ready to follow you when you want!

Thanks so very much sweetheart! I know this is not your favorite pairing because someone important is missing *winks* :) but I promise there will be Jensen very very soon! :D

*hugs and kisses*

(Deleted comment)
Thanks for reading hon :)

ouch. poor jared. but jensen makes it better right? and kicks toms ass in the bargain? pleeeaase!!

i really like the bit at the end, jareds feeling of betrayal are described so eloquently. and yes jared has his pride and deserves someone better.

p.s. as much as im hating on tom now this was h.o.t.

:D Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetie! And pls don't hate Tom yet ;P He was an ass in this one, but he shall come to regret his actions soon. And of course Jensen is going to make it all better! :) Do stick around sweetie, he's up next! cheers :D

AWWWWWW....give me more, give me more!!!!

Jared + cuffs + Jensen.....and it's R!?!?!:O

:D:D Thank you so much for reading and reviewing sweetie! I guess the second part with Jensen and the cuffs is actually.. eh.. PG-13 right now? *hides* But I swear it will get better, and kinkier :D:D cheers hon.


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