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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

SPN fic: Desperately Seeking (see warnings)

Title: Desperately Seeking
Fandom: SPN Gen
Summary: Post S2, Sam is obsessed with finding a way to save Dean.
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Language, and Spanking as a form of discipline.
Author Notes: Written for Jen’s (ficwriterjet ) FiftyPrompts challenge. Prompt #: 9 – Recklessness. It’s kind of angsty, sorry. AU/OOC obviously. The boys will never be this ‘touchy feely’ in canon lol.

Dean straightened up, noticing the mild altercation but he wasn’t too concerned because hey, it was Sam after all. Sam – his very polite, suave almost-became-a-lawyer brother who could easily talk his way out of a deadlock. Dean could already see him make his puppy dog face, hunch over just a bit to appear non-threatening despite his giant size and apologize smoothly. And it’d be over just like that. Except that's not what happened.Collapse )

I love this so much. You've got them down really well here. Nice job!

Thank you for reading hon:) I'm glad you enjoyed it. If I was a writer on the show this is EXACTLY how one episode would go down lol :D

That gave me warm fuzzies. I just love the way you write the brothers. And for some reason I now have this image in my brain of a 13 year old Sam over a 17 year old Dean's lap (why those particular ages I don't know - something Freudian, I spose). Oh... and "Sasquatchian brother"... LOL

Thanks for reading and reviewing! I had assumed you were only into Xmen :) Brotherly love is very fascinating - especially with SPN and Heroes on air these days. 13yr old Sam and 17yrs old Dean hmm... that's an idea I might be able to work on for you ;)
cheers hon.

I've enjoyed SPN since it started but for some reason have only just gotten really caught in it (and the boys). Yes, a mad X-Men/Cyclops fan for years although I don't read the comic anymore. I'm also madly in love with Nightwing over in DC and, to take it ALL the way back, I fell in love with Captain Kirk when I was 7 & have been faithful ever since (stay away from the fannish side of things these days though). There you go - I'm all 'fessed up!

Cool! :) Me, I got into XMen after the first movie *hides* Yeah, I just loved Cyclops/James Marsden so much in it so then I started reading the comics :D Never was a big telly watcher either until I discovered fanfiction on the internet. And then I was like.. wow this X-Files story is brilliant and I love this Mulder guy so much, I should check out the show! :D There.. that's MY sordid confession lol ;)

Oh, my poor, poor broken boys! Of course Sam will be looking relentlessly for a way out of this deal for Dean. But Dean's not going to put up with it getting out of control.

Wonderful job.

Thank you,

Thank YOU for reading and reviewing sweetie! I'm glad you liked it :)

This is a rare bird in SPN-a spanking fic that *isn't* sexually oriented. With the charisma those two have together, both Jensen/Jared & Dean/Sam, it's very hard *not* to make it slashy, even if you don't want to; but I never picked up that vibe. (Sadly! *grins)

Sam seems a bit young here, but Dean's attitude is very "big brotherly"-he still sees his kid brother as the gawky 12 yr-old Sammy who needs looking after (and an ass-whuppin') & nothing's ever going to change that. *is amused*

I love the way Sam just curled up, big and looming as he is, sheltering in Dean. It's kind of like imprinting, or limerence, isn't? the way a baby duck just latches onto the first thing it sees when newly hatched & that's it's momma. It doesn't matter how big the duckling-or Sammy-gets, Dean's still his "momma"/big bro/hero. It's very sweet.

Yeah, I was intending to read the "Intuition" fic, but saw this & got distrcted. *waves*


:D Thanks for reading sweetheart. I fell for the brotherly dynamic between Sam and Dean ages BEFORE I got to the slashing. I was scoffing at the whole wincest deal in the beginning, you know the usual squicks about incest and all. But all that went right out the window after reading drvsilla's Fixation story and now here we are :D

So anyway, I like that Dean is an overprotective big brother who practically raised Sam because John wasn't around so much. And that must've meant disciplining Sam when he got out of line as well. I love that Sam is a typical younger brother who sulks and pouts and yells when he doesn't get his way :D But he does look up to Dean so much, I love the innocence in his voice whenever he is asking Dean a question, completely confident that Dean will have the answer. *sighs*

Glad you liked the story hon :) *hugs*

I left some feedback for you over on the yahoo group quite a while ago, but I don't know if you ever got it, so I'm reposting it here as well. :)

So I'm finally getting to the feedback for your wonderful story.
I had thought about writing a similar story for my second prompt
story - something after season two with Sam obsessed with saving
Dean. I think your story did a good job of exploring that. I agree
with you that Sam will be obsessed with finding a solution for Dean.
And that Dean won't be happy about it if Sam runs himself down in the

I liked the way you got into both of their heads - seeing what each
of them was thinking about the other and about their situation. Dean
trying to get Sam to hang out in the bar with him and talk was sweet,
even if it didn't work. And I can understand Sam being so upset that
he just lost it and attacked the guy that he bumpped into.

I loved the car ride back with Dean deciding what needed to be done,
and Sam knowing what was about to happen even if he didn't want it to
happen. I loved hearing Sam's thoughts on the way - beliving it
would happen, but also trying and failing to talk himself into
believing it wouldn't happen. I also loved the scene when they first
got to the hotel and then into the room with Dean kowing Sam might
try to run and advising him not to. This whole exchange was my
favorite part of the story:

> "Come on Sammy."
> Sam hyperventilated, standing at the edge of the room as far away
from Dean as possible. The bathroom door was nearby, he could always
dive in and lock himself in. Not come out until… until…
> "You know that won't work Sam. Give it up. Come here."
> "Dean, please… I'm sorry."
> "I don't think you are. I don't think you even realize what's
going on here."
> "Then… te-tell me. Talk to me. Let's talk okay?"
> Dean shook his head, biting back a tiny smile because God it was
so easy to reduce his Sasquatchian brother to the innocent but clever
little twelve-year old he once was.

And I can just picture Sam's puppy dog eyes when Dean demands that he
come over. I loved that Dean had to go and get him, and that Sam
didn't fight him at that point.

I liked the entire spanking scene. I loved the way Dean went over
all the reasons behind it as he was spanking, and how Sam wanted to
deny them, but really couldn't. I thought this exchange was
especially well done:

> Dean paused in his spanking and rubbed Sam's back over his short
tee shirt. He wanted to end this, he really did. But he needed to
make sure Sam understood.
> "Don't get me wrong buddy. I appreciate everything you're doing
for me. God knows I don't wanna die and go to hell."
> Sam stuffed a fist into his mouth to suppress his need to wail,
his pain and fears morphing together into one horrific monster that
was choking the very breath out of his lungs. Dean just kept
massaging his back soothingly, running one trembling hand through the
back of Sam's unruly hair.

And I loved that Dean held Sam when it was over. It was very sweet.
The list of rules was perfect - as was the fact that Sam already had
plans to push the limits. LOL.

A really well done story. Thank you so much for writing one for the
prompt series. :)

Oh wow. I guess I missed it when you posted this on the group hon, so sorry! And thank you so very much for the beautiful feedback!! :) You rock sweetheart!! *hugs* :)

I do hope you write your story hon, there are so many different ways to interpret the same set of events!

And I loved that Dean held Sam when it was over. It was very sweet.
The list of rules was perfect - as was the fact that Sam already had
plans to push the limits. LOL.

Heh you know me hon, comforting and cuddling is my main deal ;) It is a tradeoff though - cuddling versus making it believable haha. And yeah.. I was planning on writing a sequel.. but its gotten way too angsty so I'm ditching it.

A really well done story. Thank you so much for writing one for the
prompt series. :)

Thanks again for reading hon :) I'm really glad you started this prompt series 'cause its turning out very well! I know I have one more to go.. :D Hopefully will post it by end of November! cheers sweetie :)