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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup


I know I don't usually rec and I totally should and since now's as good a time to start as ever..

It's CW RPS, Jensen/Jared. Written for spn_harlequin and I realize this was like months ago and most people have probably read this already like a million times but the moron that I am, I only just got to it now and OMFG it's gorgeous!! If you haven't read it... do it. Do it NOW and you will not regret it. It's hilarious and cute and heartbreaking and hilarious and hot and sexy and sweet and did I say hilarious? No? Okay hilarious is an understatement... it's a RIOT. Mindblowingly insane sense of humor this writer has, and it's just.... fuck, you have to read it! Again and again and again :D

Gawd I'm such a fangirl :P And I wish I'd had the time to write for spn_harlequin myself! Aww.. okay off to read it again :D

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(Deleted comment)
Vince! I'm very good hon, hope you're going great too! :)
I hate it when I miss out on good fics and don't even get to know it :P Do read hon, I'm sure you'll love it. *hugs and kisses* :)

I loved this story! Laughed my ass off reading it. It is a great rec. you know, I think I rec'd it too a while back lol

Haven't seen you around a lot, hope you're doing well.


Hiya sweetie :) I'm around.. just kinda busy with RL stuff but I do log in now and then. So tell me, what did I miss? :P Apart from your reccing the exact same story *thumps head* But isn't it amazing? It's so bloody well written, I'm just.. I'm stunned by how perfect and hilarious it is :D

I just got done reading it! It was so funny and cute and sweet and I loved it! Thanks so much for reccing it hun!!

:D:D You're very welcome sweetheart! This was such a joy to read and I knew my flist would like it too :)

You're welcome sweetheart :)

(Deleted comment)
:D It's a beautiful fic, perfect to start the day with. And yeah, you're welcome ;P *hugs*

Tee hee, that fic just totally made my day! Thanks so much for reccing, I la la loved it :D

I knew you would!!! It's absolutely amazing isn't it :D

Thank you for recommend. I want to read but ....

Would you mind telling me Is it Jared Bottom?


Re: Sorry, I am not sure

It is!! :D

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