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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

ljArchive software help?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone on my flist has used the ljArchive software? I installed it, gave the right username and password and everything. Have been trying to download my journal for days now, but I keep getting the error "The server is not responding. Try again later." 
Umm.. any clues on what I'm doing wrong?

cheers, Rachel

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I've never been able to get that to work for me, either.

Quite a few comments below hon.. see if any of it helps you.

I use it, but the really weird thing is, if I open up the one in the start menu it doesn't work, but if I open up the one in the My Documents folder it does. So the only suggestion I have is maybe you are opening up the wrong one. Sorry I can't be more helpful, but I have no idea what I'm doing...LOL!!


You know the weird thing is, I used it a few months ago (during the LJ strikethrough '07) and it worked. Then I forgot about it, and tried updating the same archive last week and it just won't cooperate. Instead it wiped out 191 out of my 194 entries from the archive! *cries* Tried opening from My Documents as you said but no luck :(

(Deleted comment)
Hiya sweetie!!! :)) Thanks for your help *shoves at you* haha :P:D Where've you been hon??

That is really odd. I uninstalled mine and redid it and it worked. Have you done everything on a default setting because that's what I did.

Okay, I'll try reinstalling it. cheers hon.

I never had any problems with it, so it's hard to say why it isn't working on your PC

you could try the version I uploaded here:

the only thing besides using the correct server (or better yet, taking the default) I can think of, is proxy server- lj_archive takes your IE connection settings

Thanks for your help hon! I reinstalled with your version and used the default settings. I also have no proxies in IE and tried downloading both my LJs again. This time it downloaded my raingazer LJ easily, but no luck on this one (cyndrarae) :(
My guess is because raingazer is really small - like 54 entries with minimal graphics, maybe that's why it got archived. But cyndrarae has 195 entries and a lot more graphics. Maybe that's why the request keeps getting timed out? *headdesk*
I think I need a smoke.. all this is giving me a headache :((
But thanks again sweetie, really sweet of you to help. At least I got one of my LJ's backed up! :) *hugs*

the size of the lj shouldn't matter at all - my other lj has over 900 entries and I am able to download it...

you could try to ask here:

there was already a similar problem, sadly without solution until now (or maybe just to updated):

I'd contact the lj-users and ask if they solved the problem by now

glad I could help at least a little bit; you're very welcome!

Okay so, I had two Protected entries in my LJ right - today I changed them both to Friends-only and ran LJarchive again. Guess what, it downloaded 100 out of my 200 entries.. and stopped!! Again!! :(( And didnt' download no comments either :(( I am so fucking sick of this stupid software I could kill something right now!! Aaaarrghh!!!! *sulks*
Sorry I'm offloading on you hon, didn't wanna spam everyone with my technology woes. *sniffs*
Just you ;)

oh, don't worry about it, I'm totally a geek, so I'm even interested in this topic :-)

I have many private entries in one of my LJs and it didn't make a difference

did you get any error messages after it stopped?

I'm really stupified about this - I never had any problems and sadly, don't have any idea what could cause yours :-(

anyway, if I ever come across any solutions, I'll let you know - until then, offload away! :-D

Thanks hon :) I'm just glad you don't mind my constant moaning about this lol. It's just so weird...

I have many private entries in one of my LJs and it didn't make a difference
Huh. I figured since those were the only changes I made maybe that had something to do with it. Oh well, guess not.

And that's the thing about open software. You don't get any tech support from the manufacturers :(

*is exhausted*

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