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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

[sticky post]Hi!

All right fine, unlocking it all again :)

My fanfiction is also on AO3. Well, most of it. Some of the more 'risque' pieces are housed here.
If you're looking to talk to little old anti-social me, you can find me on Tumblr.
If you're reading one of my WIPs, so so sorry, RL is tough and keeps coming in the way. But haven't given up on any yet, promise.
If you're feeling generous and would like to bribe my stubborn muses, you could maybe buy me coffee :)

cheers, Cyndra Rae


One of your stories was just rec'd on storyfinders and if you wouldn't mind friending me I'd really love to read it. I'm 29.

Friended! Welcome hon :) Hope you find something you like..

Can I please be friended too? I saw "Of Hot Showers" recced and wanted to catch up,
I'm 27.


Thanks for your interest hon :) Friended you.. hope you like!

I was rec'd your fic on spnstoryfinders - I'm 35.

Friended! Thanks for reading :)

I`ve added you ass a friend:)
I really miss `Hot Showers and Female Intuitions´that`s one of my top 10.
I did comment on it:)
my age is 23, OLD old old.....hehe!!!!

Hey there! Thanks so much for reading hon :) Friended you, welcome!

I saw a description of "Of Hot Showers and Female Intuitions" on spnstoryfinders and decided to friend you so I can read this. I am over 18 years of age.

Friended! I hope you like what you read :)

Oooh! I love your fic. I'd love to be friended! I'm over 18 (by many years, sadly). Thanks!

Friended! Thanks for reading hon :)

Hi, I love your fic "Of hot showers..." and I'd like to know how it'll end :) Do you mind if I add you?

I'd appreciate it if you could friend me, as well. I do enjoy your stories, and don't want to miss out on them! I am over 18.

Thanks sweetie :) I friended you back, welcome!

:waves: Hi! Friend me for the fic, please? I'm 19, btw.

Hiya :) Thanks for your interest hon, friended!

I've found you through my flist, and I'd love if you could friend me back.

Added!! I love your xmen stories btw :) Good to see you on LJ hon.

I saw a referral for your stories on storyfinder. You're highly recommended. Can I be your friend? Please? I'm over...23! hehe


Thanks for your interest :) Friended, welcome!!

Please can you friend me so i can read your fabulous stories. Many thanks. xXx

Hey there! Thanks for your interest and I'd love to friend you back.. but first could you please just add some age info on your page? Hope you're not under 18! :)

I'm a fan of your "of Showers" series and would love very much to continue reading it. I am well over 18 and would like to be friended.

Friended! Just have to friend me back to start reading the stories :) Thanks for reading the Showers series hon, sorry no new update tho..

umm, hi!

I got here over supernaturalfic and would really like to read the story, so can you friend me? thanks!

Friended you back hon :) Welcome! Hope you like what you read..

Hi!!! I friended you. I'm over 18.

Friended you back! Welcome hon :)