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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

[sticky post]Hi!

All right fine, unlocking it all again :)

My fanfiction is also on AO3. Well, most of it. Some of the more 'risque' pieces are housed here.
If you're looking to talk to little old anti-social me, you can find me on Tumblr.
If you're reading one of my WIPs, so so sorry, RL is tough and keeps coming in the way. But haven't given up on any yet, promise.
If you're feeling generous and would like to bribe my stubborn muses, you could maybe buy me coffee :)

cheers, Cyndra Rae

(Deleted comment)
Thank you so much! 50kinkyways series yeah.. *is sheepish*.. haven't updated it in awhile. I do plan to, pinky swear! ;)
I don't write fiction though, but I think that's really best for all involved :)
LOL! Doubt that very much :D Your comment's made me smile at freaking 7.30 in the morning and we're talking pre-coffee here. I'd say you have potential ;) Friended, do friend me back if you like! :)

Would like to read your fic...
If that's alright.
Please and thank you!
Have added you to friends list.

Meant to add...
I'm 19 in May.
As in I'm currently 18...


I would like to read your F-locked fics... could you friend me, please?

... err... guess I should give out more info...

Date: 1985

And I'm a fan of our "50kinkyways" series! The first of your stories I've come across, actually! ^_________^

Edited at 2008-03-12 08:43 am (UTC)

Friended! Do friend me back if you like :) Welcome hon.

I'd liked to be friended so I can read the locked content, please.

Friended! Welcome hon, do add me back if you find something you like :)

(Deleted comment)
LOL. Added :) Welcome hon.. do add me back if you like! :)

Hi, I saw a link to your work on the SPN newsletter, and came to your page. I'd love to read the rest of your stuff too. I'm decidedly over the age of consent...

Friended!! :) Welcome hon, hope you find something you like..

Hey I was wondering if you could friend me. I really enjoy reading your stories and would like to read more.

Hi.. we are friends already hon :) Do let me know if there is a fic you cannot access?

I would like to be added to your friends list if you will let me, I am a 44 year old female. I would appreciate the add if you are willing. Thanks!

Friended!!! Welcome and Thanks for reading hon :) Do friend me back if you like?

I wants to read!! :-)

I'm definitely over 18. In fact, I'm definitely over 21. I don't even get carded for alcohol anymore. :-( Now I NEED to read some wincest to cheer me up. Please?? *G*

Friended!! Welcome to the wincest hon ;)

Can I be your friend please??
Oh! I'm over 18!

Friended! Welcome to my madhouse hon :)

Hi, I added you as a friend and hope you add me back. I'm definitely over 18 and up until your jounal was locked as friends only I always kept up with your stories. Now I have an account here so add me please:).

Re: Add me please!!!

Welcome to LJ! Friended you hon, hope you like :)

new to the fandom and stumbled across a fic you are currently posting (of hot showers and female...) and I would like to read some of your other work. Birthdate= may 25th 1980.

Sure hon. Friended, hope you find something you like! :) Do add me back if you wish, cheers :)

Oh wow. I've just come across your spn masterlist and some of the fics look delicious *wicked grin* can you friend me? I'm well over eighteen :)

I'm intersted in being friended. I seen great reviews of your work on another website.

Friended hon :) Welcome! Do friend me back if you like. Oh and could you tell me which website it was? cheers :)

Hey there! Popped over from the bee/sam thread, and the latest...art :) TTYL!

Hey hon.. I friended you, but I also unlocked the entry :D So I guess you can stick around if you like or not ;) cheers!