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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

[sticky post]Hi!

All right fine, unlocking it all again :)

My fanfiction is also on AO3. Well, most of it. Some of the more 'risque' pieces are housed here.
If you're looking to talk to little old anti-social me, you can find me on Tumblr.
If you're reading one of my WIPs, so so sorry, RL is tough and keeps coming in the way. But haven't given up on any yet, promise.
If you're feeling generous and would like to bribe my stubborn muses, you could maybe buy me coffee :)

cheers, Cyndra Rae

I have no idea how to go about this, but I would like to be friended. If not, it's cool. I don't contribute much by way of fiction so if you're conserving your slots I don't mind, I just really wanted a chance to read your fiction, it came well recommended. I can't really say I'm an adult but at 22 I'm old enough.

22 works! Age is my only condition hon. Thanks for friending :)

I've befriendinated you - I love your work and have it on my list of scan-daily-for-updates list of individual fics. :)

:D Thanks so much hon! Friending you back..

Hey, I've heard good reviews about your SPN fic and I would really love to read it. I'm 20, so that should pass your age requirement. :)

(Totally get why you friends-locked. If you'd like to check, I do have my full birthdate up on my user info.)

Friending you back! Thanks for reading hon :)

I love the fic that you write and I would also like to jump on the friending band-wagon. and don't worry about my age...i'm way...waaaaaaaay of age. thanks!!

Thanks for friending hon :) Welcome!

Hi! I found your livejournal through a del.icio.us rec of "Forgotten" and I was wondering if you could friend me so I could read your story.


Hi! Found your journal through a rec =) Friend me? Am 19...

Done :)

psst... your profile birth date is different?

I love your fics!! Friend me? I'm 23.

Friended you. Thank you so much hon :)

Hiya, do you mind if I friend you? I'm 25.

Hey.. friended you back! cheers:)

I'd like to be friended - I'm 28, but still a kid at heart. I'm not talented enough to be a writer so I only have a lurker journal, don't know if that matters, but I love reading your stories.

Hey.. thanks for reading & liking my stories hon :) Friended you back, welcome!
ps.. much love for your icon :) *fans self*

Just got back from vaca and was rather falling of my chair to check on "Of Hot Showers and Female Intuitions".
May I check on it? : ) Am over 18.
Please and thank you.

Added you hon. Altho.. umm.. *hides under desk and cries* I don't have anything for you yet :(

Wow that suxs. Stupid kids and their curiosity :P

Anyway would you mind adding me? I usually dont bother asking people when they lock their accounts but I love your story and am curious to see the ending.

Im over 18 btw

Tanx :D

Friended you hon :) Thanks for reading, but if you're talking about "Of Hot Showers".. I haven't finished it yet!

I followed a rec here, and would love to be friended in order to read your fic. Definitely of age :)

Welcome! Sorry I'm currently on vacation so limited access to the internet. I hope you enjoy the fic.. whichever one it is.. *bats eyelids* ;)

Would love to read a story of yours I saw recced and need to be on your list to read.

Friended you back! I hope you enjoy the story, cheers :)

Completely understandable, the flocking. I'm 23 (a very immature 23, but still...) and I'm hoping you'll friend me?

I friended you :) *hopes desperately you like what you read* cheers!

Glad I have come across this message...

or otherwise I probably wouldn't be able to read "Of hot showers..." anymore!

I know that I haven't left a review on that story yet, for which I offer you my apologies, but I have gone through all ten chapters in the last week of July and can honestly say that I love each and every single line of it! So I couldn't stand it if I weren't able to continue reading about Sam and Dean's teenage-years and how Sam's long-hidden feelings for Dean have largely effected their brotherly relationship.

Thus I ask of you to befriend me, so that I may continue reading this story (and hopefully some more of your hand). In return I promise you a solid review on the next chapter(s) of "Of hot showers".

Manay thanks and until next time,

Re: Glad I have come across this message...

hey.. thanks for reading hon :) Have added you back, so now you should be able to access hot showers. Unfortunately I haven't posted anything new yet :( Am away on vacation right now with limited access to the internet so looks like I will take a bit longer to update.. hope that's alright? In any case, welcome friend :)