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Deathly Hallows: Finished at last

Hand still out of commission but better. I took insanely long to type this up man... but i did it :) yayy me...

1. JKR at her sadistic worst (or best, whatever.) Especially when it comes to Harry. *feels disgusted* She's always loved to put him through hell. And this time it's just... man, I'm just glad she won't write any more HP because I can't stand to read of any more abuse she would think up of to subject the poor boy to.

2. Not a kiddie book anymore. Obviously JKR's writing had to age with age of not only her characters but her readers as well. There's love, there's forbidden love, and death and torture and dirty sex jokes, the works. Think twice before gifting this book to your little nieces and nephews. *facepalm*

3. I liked how she tied all loose strings up with several short but intriguing backstories. Snape's story was sad and touching. Voldie's story turned him out to be just as incompetent as I'd known he was from book 1. And Dumbledore actually had a past!?! It was good.. was really good.

4. There are not one but several social messages in the books - prejudice/violence against people different from us being the most prominent one clearly. And I greatly admire her for that. Touches a chord similar to the X-men. JKR also serves up her take on leadership, on friendship, on love, loyalty, death, all her female characters are pretty strong women... so basically everything under the sun. Another message that appeals to me a lot, is about the soul. How it carries on after death, and that death of a body is not the end of the soul.

5. Lots of action which is good. But too many, unnecessary deaths. She killed off every single one from the Marauders' batch. No survivors. The last chapter is such a commotion - so many things happening all at once.. that I'm not sure anymore if the werewolf got killed or not.. I hope he did.

6. No joy for Draco. The Malfoys were plenty humiliated and I guess that was expected anyway. So what if Draco's possibly the 4th most loved character (after the golden trio) in the entire online HP fandom? JKR never intended him to be loved so! *pouts* Guess should just be glad she had him continue to be the cowardly, conflicted lowlife he always was, and didn't turn him completely evil. I thought the Malfoys' concern for the safety of their son was subtle and yet grand. And Harry rescuing Draco was a dream come true although not nearly enough. *sighs* Thank God for fanfiction eh?

7. Yep, that's my final point. I liked the book overall. Am sorry the series is finally over. But I am happy and hopeful that this fandom will never ever be over on the internet. Fanfic's what I love most about Harry Potter :) Especially the H/D kind. So yeah... great book. Kudos to the genius author yaddi yadda. But personally, I'd take idamonae and enchanted_jae and jennavere and arrmaitee and samaelthekind over Ms Rowling any day. Any Damn day. Sorry guys, just needed to vent heh.
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