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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

J2 RPS fic: The one where Jensen wants to sleep (and Jared wants to talk)

Title: The one where Jensen wants to sleep (and Jared wants to talk)
See title :D Pure smut and nothing else.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: JA/JP
Warnings: m/m slash
Word count: 3350
A/N: Set right after shooting of Paley’s. Dear God I wrote RPS! Eeep!
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything. JA and JP own themselves. I don’t know them and this is all lies, ALL of it. No harm or defamation intended whatsoever. Just borrowing their fantastic personas for a little non-monetary fun.

Read on ao3

Wow, that's hot. This is great for your first RPS, and I can't wait to read more.

:D Thanks hon! I can't believe I actually wrote it haha..

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Thank you so much hon! :) I'm glad (and relieved) you liked it! You already know I wanted to write something utterly and completely bottom!Jared haha.. think I might have overdone it but you know what the hell :P I wrote it because I wanted to read it heh ;-)

This reminded me of sleep-overs as a kid. You would be having such a good time with your friend that you wouldn't want to let go & fall asleep so you would keep talking.

That's a very interesting analogy. Altho I didn't think of that so actively. My point was to make Jared ask a whole lot of questions (which are in fact coming from an inherent fear/insecurity inside him) and for Jensen to be this really cool, patient lover who takes the time to give him a right and proper fucking just so he would go to sleep lol!! :P I guess you can see that it has all the elements from SPN that I like.. Dean being protective and gentle and Sam being a little tantrum-y and demanding :D

That little, "Uh-oh" just really says it all.

Haha yeah :D Am so happy you liked it hon!! :) Altho I'm not sure if I could write an rps again.. I cringed every time I had to type the names "Jensen" and "Jared" haha. cheers hon! *hugs*

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ZOMG! MORE MORE MORE! You should totally write more J2, It's hot.

I loved this. And I laughed a bunch at the end.

Absolutely wonderful.

P.S. Please, write more RPS. ^___^

:D Thank you so much sweetheart!! I'm really happy you liked it :) And I'm glad the end turned out as amusing as it sounded in my head heh. You can never be sure how it comes out on paper you know. Write more rps?? yikes :D I will try hon.. it really was a struggle though.. I kept cringing throughout every time i had to type the names "Jensen" and "Jared" lol. But I will try :) cheers hon! *hugs*

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Hey sweetie! :) Thank you so so much for reading and I'm really glad you liked it :D

The sex scene is totally HOT.
You were a gay men in a past life.

LOL!!! OMG that's the best compliment I could have gotten sweetheart!! :) *hugs* It's funny a mystic in India once told me that I was born a guy in my last life.. and i always joke that I must have been gay then haha. Can't believe you said exactly the same thing!! :)

Yeah :D I took digs at them stupid yaoi rules with this piece. For one it's a blatant bottom!Jared tale.. take that you yaoi purists :P:P And I haven't forgotten your rule at all :P There's a colleague of mine and she had red hair and she's known as a.. ahem.. complete slut heh. Every time I look at her I think of what you said LOL! You've ruined me completely!! :P

You are the best hon! Never stop writing because if you did i will be a very sad man!!!!

Awww, thank you so very much hon. You're too kind to me. *hugs* :)

Is this your first rps? That was excellent!! Fun and so hot at the same time. I could imagine them do this chemistry talk :D

:D Thanks sweetie! I'm really glad you enjoyed it.. the chemistry talk just happened by itself haha.. all I wanted to write was the sex! :P cheers hon.

“We’re supposed to be brothers.”


“You talk too much.”

*falls over laughing*

“Ackles you jerk!”

He jumped. “What? What? What?”

Jared twisted around to look into his face. “I just remembered where I heard your stupid rule.”

Jensen groaned.

“It’s Joey’s rule! Joey said it to Chandler and got him to break up with his girlfriend but she was so not doing it and…”

you know as soon as Jensen said it i burst out laughing
oh hun
i love this
totally hot and sexy
and their conversation is awesome
*smishes you*

:D:D I'm so happy it made you laugh hon! I'm never quite sure what sounds funny and what falls flat heh. Thank you for your awesome feedback! cheers :)

I can't believe you've wrote RPS!
I had to rub my eyes in order to check if I was not seeing things that weren't there!
But hey, I must say it wasn't bad at all.

Jensen smirked. “Yeah, Paddy bear. They know.”
That's right Jennybean, we know.

Yep I did! I can't believe it myself!! :D

But hey, I must say it wasn't bad at all.
haha, thank you hon. Not bad is good enough for a first attempt yeah :P

That's right Jennybean, we know

Well, I liked it so much, I added it to my favorites!! :)

:D Thank you very much hon! I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
omg that ending was just perfect! but let me say the entire fic was quite-um--yum? great job!

Thanks so very much for reading and reviewing hon :) I'm really glad you liked it!

Hey, this is great, you know, and very, very hot. You really should write more J2 RPS.

“We have so much chemistry… hell… it’s practically toxic…”

LOL, heheh, toxic chemistry, eh? The best kind, hell yeah :DD

Hey Layne :) Thank you for reading and reviewing sweetie! I'm really happy you liked it. Write more J2? *bites lip* I'm still not entirely convinced I should have even written this one haha. You know.. I've been anti-rps for so long now.. *winces* :D Ah what the hell.. let's see hon :) cheers again!

OMG! She broke her rule and wrote RPS!!!!...... I for one am so happy that you did.... this was wonderful, I read the entire thing (the 1st time & 2nd time actually) with a stupid smile across my face.

I loved the humorous banter....it was so easy to picture. The dirty-talk and the ass spanking shenanigans, along with the perfect bottom!Sam &hearts just made this one of the best RPS fics I've read. Ooh! Plus on top of that the way Jensen called Jared baby melted my heart.

I know you prefer to write Sam/Dean but I have to say that you did such a brilliant job at writing Jared/Jensen, that you can't leave it at just the one fic.... there really needs to be more...... a first time fic maybe??????

:D Yes Yes I did! And what do you know.. I wrote about another stupid rule! Not to mention defied a couple of yaoi rules in the process haha ;-) An all around effort that RULES what do you think ? :D LOL. Okay I'll stop now :P

Thank you for reading and reviewing hon :) Glad the humor worked, I wasn't so sure about it earlier.

just made this one of the best RPS fics I've read. Ooh! Plus on top of that the way Jensen called Jared baby melted my heart.

Best?!? Okay now you've gone too far sweetie :P But thanks! I really appreciate it. And of course Jared will be Jensen's baby, just like Sam is Dean's baby :D That will never ever change in my writing haha.

there really needs to be more...... a first time fic maybe??????

Ahh. Dayum!! Okay hon, I'll try, only for you :D Thank you for your loverly words hon.. made my day! *hugs* :)

the sex scene was amazing dude.

:D Thank you for reading! Glad you liked it..

Awww, that was lovely and so cute. And, hey, nothing wrong with expecting a little company if the guy's in your bed, LOL. :) Thanks for sharing!

:D Thank you so much for reading sweetheart!! I'm really glad you enjoyed it :) *hugs*

Hmmm mm! That was delicious, lol.

I totally agree with you, there aren't enough Jared bottom fics...you should remedy that. :D

:D Thank you very much hon. I so wish I could remedy that alone! Just hope people read this and get inspired to write more bottom!Jared fics for all of us to enjoy *hint hint* ;)