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Everything wrong, gonna be alright, come September!!

EDIT: Of course, this was before we got to know SPN has been pushed out to Oct *sniff* My wish list for SPN Season 3 !!... 'cause I'm drunk and when I'm drunk I totally speak my mind no matter how mindless it may be. Mind being mindless... is that right? Aw hell here's the wish list. As in the list of wishes... as in everything I wish would happen and damn it why is it not September already?!?! Aha! that should be the first.

1. I wish it was September so S3 would fucking start already.
2. I wish Dean would hug Sam a whole lot more because he is dying right? So more hugs and more kisses :D
3. I wish Sam would get frustrated and scared that Dean is dying and get drunk more often so Dean has to take care of him... like tuck him in bed at night and in the mornings hold his hair back while he retches haha. Man that was an opportunity missed, in playthings. I would have turned that into a full on thorough cuddle-fest!
4. I wish Sam or, uh, Jared Padalecki would look like he used to in S1 - slightly skinny and lanky 'cause frankly the whole brawn thing he's got going these days? Not working for me. *pouts* What? I like my men lean so its easy to hold them close you know? Er.. okay my RL friends know, and now you do too so there :D
5. I wish Sam gets kidnapped and needs to be saved by big brother at least eighteen times in S3. Once by Gordon, once by the girl whose father he killed in BUABS, once by possessed Jo 'cause she should get her revenge too right? Once by that FBI Agent Hendricksen, once by that guy in Croatoan who was possessed like Meg.. what happened to him anyway? Oh and once by Meg, and once by the trickster, he's got to come back 'cause he was so cute! And once by horny satanic priests, once by horny vampires, once by horny Highlander type immortals, once by Dean himself... you know like, when he goes dark side or something and even if he doesn't maybe just for the heck of it :D :D
How many is that? Whatever, I'm sure Sera Gamble could think of more :P
6. Crap I wish they'd do more flashbacks to when they were kids and show how Dean practically raised Sam to be the guy he is today. That way we get to see more of John too. And OMG Mary too! They gotta tell us how she knew the YED right?! *sobs* I can't bloody wait!! *wails*
7. I wish if they do introduce a girl for Dean she isn't just another Buffy wannabe but should have substance and should be able to like genuinely kick ass, maybe even Dean's now and then haha. But most importantly she should be like a mother figure to Sam just like Dean is father figure to Sam. Too much to ask? :D
8. I wish if they introduce a girl for Sam she goes away soon 'cause damnit what is a Sammy Winchester without a broken heart? You take the man's pain away from him and you have a whole 'nother person! Like a tax lawyer instead of demon hunter damn it. SO no, no Sammy getting laid! Okay fine, he can get laid but he ain't going steady with no dumb floozy. Not in my wishverse he aint!! *pouts*
9. I wish they show something from Sam's time in Stanford, like an old flame from pre-Jessica era.. like a.. ahem.. guy maybe? :D:D I know I know, wishes and horses and beggars and .. what was that again?
10. I wish... ahhh.... lol someone is going to flame me so badly for this :D I wish the YED comes back to torture our boys again lol! I miss him already!! I mean seriously, the crux of the tale is gone! Sure Mary's plot about how she knew him is still there but.. to develop it and make it creepier they got to resurrect our favorite demon I say. Nay? :D
11. And finally, I wish it were September 27th already! *sighs* Did I ask for that already? Doesn't matter - can't be wished enough. *sigh* Oh boys.

ps: There is a whackier list of wishes that is maybe a tad inappropriate to be shared in polite company ? Like.. crossover with smallville? Superman to the rescue? *ducks rotten tomato* Alright scratch that :D We'll stick with the above heh. More Burgundy anyone? ;-)

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