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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

To my SPN friends and/or anyone who cares to read...

Remember what we, as a collective fandom, did to Jo Harvelle ? :D She was s'pposed to be Dean's love interest nay? 

And remember what happened with her story arc? :)  

So then why worry people? Pls pls stop fretting over the S3 spoilers 'cause even if they are true, bring it on I say. If we don't like it... we the people have the power to make things right.

We SO do. 

*nods, is satisfied.*  

Ooh and see my icon *evil laugh*


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Hmm.. I didnt read that one. And wow my hyperactive imagination's already working on how the plot could be laid out and such. (And honestly it's having a good time!)

NO they won't kill Bobby!! they can't!! JESUS that's one hell of a character :( Okay see now I'm panicking myself. Deep breaths Rachel. Whew.

I just felt sad that people are ready to ditch the show completely because of one spoiler.

It's all panic speaking darling. YOu really think the die hard fans will ever stop watching as long as the brothers are on air? They will stick like glue to their tv sets even if they get 5 minutes of airtime per week, they will! :) It's all overreacting. We need to calm down, it's going to be okay. And if it's not, THEN we will do something about it (like write Kripke, express dislike and sliding ratings will speak for itself). Why jump the gun yes?

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