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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

To my SPN friends and/or anyone who cares to read...

Remember what we, as a collective fandom, did to Jo Harvelle ? :D She was s'pposed to be Dean's love interest nay? 

And remember what happened with her story arc? :)  

So then why worry people? Pls pls stop fretting over the S3 spoilers 'cause even if they are true, bring it on I say. If we don't like it... we the people have the power to make things right.

We SO do. 

*nods, is satisfied.*  

Ooh and see my icon *evil laugh*


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Sweetheart! *hugs*

just don't know what they're thinking

I could take a few guesses:
1. They want to increase male viewership
2. They want to give Jared and Jensen lighter work schedules (gotta admit, they really are overworked rt now)
3. They umm... maybe wanna... try and squash the wincest? *flinches* Yeah, I think that's one possibility.

But you know, there are two big solid truths about Kripke we all know:
1. He loves the family angle too much, so my guess is he would not compromise on it. He won't do anything that takes the main focus off of the brothers.
2. He wants to make money! :D 'Cause hell who doesn't? And if the changes are so upsetting that we start whining and the ratings drop?... he will do what he did with Miss Harvelle :D

we don't need any new characters coming in and getting in the way of that. I wouldn't mind new faces, even semi-regular ones, I suppose, but not as a part of the Sam and Dean crew. It's Sam, Dean, metallicar, end.

I know, darling. I wouldnt want anything to change either. Except... uhh, well, change is the only constant in life. Everything changes, it has to. I know a thing or two about dealing with Change. Heck I give trainings on it :D

All I can hope is Kripke knows how to take baby steps. Make small sized changes and see whether they're being accepted well or not. To shock the hell out of us by doing something as drastic as introducing two new leads entirely?.... that sounds like a really dumb move but I'm hoping he's smarter than that.

Just dont lose hope alright? In Kripke we trust, remember? :) *hugs and kisses*

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