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JM: Young tilted head closeup


Rebelling against Reality since 2003


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

To my SPN friends and/or anyone who cares to read...

Remember what we, as a collective fandom, did to Jo Harvelle ? :D She was s'pposed to be Dean's love interest nay? 

And remember what happened with her story arc? :)  

So then why worry people? Pls pls stop fretting over the S3 spoilers 'cause even if they are true, bring it on I say. If we don't like it... we the people have the power to make things right.

We SO do. 

*nods, is satisfied.*  

Ooh and see my icon *evil laugh*


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I'm generally not a very optimistic person you know. But I believe we're just reacting in panic to this whole situation. And with every new person who comments on it, the hysteria only increases :P
We need to take a step back and relax :) I'm sure it'll be fine. If we don't like the way things go, the ratings will drop and Kripke will change the script like he did before with Jo :)

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