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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

SPN fic: History of Penance (see Warnings)

Title: A History of Penance
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 8000+
Warnings: Spanking, wincest (mild BDSM), teensy bit of John-bashing, sorry *g*
Summary: Sam and Dean have a history they buried five years ago. But after their run-in with Gordon, Sam feels a need to revive it. 
Spoilers: To be safe, all episodes up to S2E10 ‘Hunted’
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing from Supernatural. This is just shameless borrowing of the fictional characters for non-monetary fun, with the promise that they will be returned no more broken than they were to begin with.
Author Notes: Written for lostandalone22in the slashfest Round V challenge. Stands alone somewhat like a missing scene from ‘Hunted’. Be prepared for POVs switching back and forth, and flashbacks within flashbacks hehe.
Original Prompt: – “Sam/Dean. Dean punishes Sam for thinking it was okay to run off in ‘Hunted’. I'm looking for a BDSM one here.”  Muchos gracias to  roseganymedeand  voicelesssongfor the terrific beta! *hugs*

Can I just say WOW and I think I'm in love! Just found this a la la love it. You have totally made my day, I liked how it switched back and forth between the past and present, like Sam's thoughts and the development of the boy's relationship. Every little bit has significance, your grasp of the boys is utter perfection and I really enjoyed it. Loved this:

“You said you wanted me to own you, remember?”

Sam blushes a little at that, but his nod is quick and sure.

“Damn it Sam, don’t you see? You’re the one who owns me. You always have.”

Oh hunny, please say you'll be writing more! I'll be friending you, hope you don't mind!

Thank you sweetheart! You've totally made my day, no week! with your awesome feedback. I tried to keep it believable given the premise of the story, glad it worked! :)
Of course I'll be writing more! :) I just.. am kinda slow with it heh :P And I friended you right back.. cheers hon :) *hugs*

I loved the story! It was really very good. I think Sam clearly needed some correction after Hunted, not just because he ran off, but because he scared and lied to Dean. And I think in your story the bad behavior is that much worse since Sam and Dean are in love - even if they don't say it. :) Loved the flashback to the last time it happened, and I loved that Sam was the one who started it this time knowing it was what they both needed. It was a beautiful ending with the two of them back together again after so many years apart. Thank you for the story, it was great.

Thanks so very much Jen :) I'm really happy to know you liked the story. The dynamic is not entirely domestic discipline 'cause, you know Sam also kinda enjoys it. I was worried the two might confuse the story. Anyway.. cheers once again for your awesome feedback! *hugs* :)

This was really wrong and so damn good at the same time! Guh!

Now I'm really off to bed...

:D Thank you for reading sweetie! Its gotta be really really wrong and bad for it to be really really fun lol! ;) Glad you enjoyed :D cheers hon. *hugs*

Oh, I really liked this. It was so... poignant. It really defined the protective streak Dean has ingrained in him when it comes to Sammy. And I absolutely LOVED that Sam realizes he needs Dean just as much. Sometimes, on the show, I don't get that feeling. I always kinda feel that Dean needs Sam more than the other way around. I loved the way you balanced it out here. It wasn't moonlight and roses. In fact, it was pretty harsh in some ways, but the love shone through despite that... maybe even more so because of it, if that makes sense. Yep, I really liked this one :) Thanks!

:D Thank you so much!!! :D I'm really glad you enjoyed this hon.

I always kinda feel that Dean needs Sam more than the other way around.

I agree completely, and have come to the conclusion that maybe that's just true. Dean has never had anyone but Sam, while Sam's spent enough time in the real world and with Jessica to not be dependent on Dean anymore. *sighs* It's really unfair to Dean and I think that's why I keep trying to make it up to the poor boy with every fic that I write. All my fics have a slightly needy (and often helpless) Sam desperate for Dean, and Dean only more than happy to oblige hehe ;P

Thanks again hon, you've no idea how happy all your comments have made me!! *bounces* :D

Something about spanking is really hot and that right there is why this is such an awesome story. Plus the fact that it's written so beautifully and Sammy bottoms.

Thank you!! :) I'm really glad you enjoyed this. Bottom Sammy and spanking are two of my biggest personal kinks heh, so yeah.. you'll find one of the two (and sometimes both) in most of my fics. cheers hon.

Ok, so I know you wrote this like...what...3 years ago, but dayam. It's still relevant, this story broke me, seeing how absolutely broken they are, tiny little pieces that could so easily be lost with a simple gust of wind yet how they keep each other together and not only find ways to glue the pieces back together but find ways to be whole when with each other. Which, one could think some pieces might get mixed up each time they are broken and rebuild each other so they are really even that much more part of each other. Beautifully written, epically sad because they are still in the car or in the cheap motel room, and they are still breaking into little pieces

Hey!! Thanks so much for reading this old fic and reviewing hon. So glad you enjoyed it. This dynamic between the brothers has been painful and yet so endearing for ever hasn't it? I love how you described it perfectly. Thanks again :)

That was amazing! You wrote it soooo well and OMG. It's hot,too... Thank you

Thank YOU for reading and reviewing hon :) Glad you enjoyed it!

This was so great. I love how they both needed the punishment to feel safe.

Nicely done :)


Okay, I don't get how being fucked up the anus can be at all pleasurable or sexy, and I had no idea that the prostate gave pleasurable sensations?Kinda explains why females, who have no prostate, LOATHE, in the main, taking it up the ass, which men seem to like(no AGONY for THEM!)But WHY are they using a condom?If one sibling was a girl, and could get pregnant, okay.But two men??!

Re: Elliesamanddeangirl

Do you not have sex ed classes at your school?