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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

SPN fic: Wag the Winchesters

Title: Wag the Winchesters
Fandom/Verse: SPN (could be set possibly anywhere)
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6800+
Warnings: wincest, tail!kink
Summary: slashfestcommunity challenge: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester - Dean 'forgets' to mention the side effects when he has Sam perform a banishment ritual. Now Sam has a tail to hide until the next new moon and Dean has discovered a new kink - tail!kink! Request by darkhavens
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing from SPN. No money is being made off this.
Author Notes: Written for slashfest challenge round V. Un-beta’d because I ran out of time. Apologies, please let me know if you see any mistakes. 

Wow that was fucked up but hot <3 yum!

*giggles* C'mon it's not fucked up.. it's... umm.. supernaturally kinky :D:D:D
Thanks so much for reading sweetie :)

Dooon't mention it *waves* it was sexy ;):D

And now I like tail!porn... who woulda thought? lol. This was a fun little romp... and hot, too. Great job!

This was so much fun to write :D I'm glad you enjoyed it too hon :) cheers!!

Thank you so much!! :) Glad you enjoyed it :D

Somehow it doesn't surprise me that you can write a fic where Sam and Dean fuck each other AND get fucked by each other at the same time. *cackles* ;D

I'm whacko I know :D:D This is possibly the only fic I ever wrote that has Dean getting penetrated by anything hehe.. okay so this should my last spam email to you today :) Thanks once again for all the love honey. I think I needed to read these comments again to pep me up and get cracking on this year's bigbang... *sighs*.. I really need to get started or I'll never make it. Wish me luck! :)

Pfft, nonsense! No spamming here! Allll love! ;D You're writing a bigbang?! *dies happily*

giggle. tail porn rocks. And I'm a fan of the second to last line
"Sam always thought his big brother looked his stupidest (read: cutest) when he smiled and winced and wondered what the hell something meant, all at the same time. "

Hehe.. thanks! Funny thing abt this story.. I wrote it in response to someone's prompt but that someone didn't like the story at all hehe. Oh well, at least you did! :)

This was cute and I love when Dean told the observers they are brothers.