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JM: Young tilted head closeup


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JM: Young tilted head closeup

SPN fic posted to slashfest

Hey flist!

So, if you're interested.. just posted an SPN fic to the slashfestcomm. The rules state that I shouldn't post it anywhere else until June 13th and I guess I should abide :) After the 13th, I'll make the proper post on my own LJ and then pimp it out to the SPN comms heh. But meanwhile, since it's written and all.... *grins* I would really love to know what my friends think? Oh but please see warnings before you read, of course. 

Tori (lostandalone22).. this is the one you requested :) *takes deep calming breaths*

Thanks once again to Justyna (voicelesssong) and Rose (roseganymede). You guys should know I wouldn't have posted this without your kind and encouraging words :) *hugs and kisses*

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I just read your story, History of Penance & I have to say this is the wincest, spanking fic I've been hoping to find ever since I started reading in this fandom.

The emotions, the love and the threat are so real and so vividly portrayed....guh!!! You didn't hold back anything, you didn't pull any punches, and there was no shame or coyness in it at all. You just showed it & it was what it was. So real to life & completely in character for the boys.


Sweetheart! You're too kind to me, really :)
I didn't want to deal with guilt or shame about the way they love each other in this story at all. Guess that's what "Of hot showers" is for lol. And thank you for telling me it sounded in character.. well, almost as much as is possible given the wincest and the kinkiness haha ;) Thank you so much hon *hugs*

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