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SPN fic posted to slashfest

Hey flist!

So, if you're interested.. just posted an SPN fic to the slashfestcomm. The rules state that I shouldn't post it anywhere else until June 13th and I guess I should abide :) After the 13th, I'll make the proper post on my own LJ and then pimp it out to the SPN comms heh. But meanwhile, since it's written and all.... *grins* I would really love to know what my friends think? Oh but please see warnings before you read, of course. 

Tori (lostandalone22).. this is the one you requested :) *takes deep calming breaths*

Thanks once again to Justyna (voicelesssong) and Rose (roseganymede). You guys should know I wouldn't have posted this without your kind and encouraging words :) *hugs and kisses*
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