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Good morning people!

ETA: Check out these icons.. NICE I say, especially the House one :D

So no yoga this morning, I'm too busy scouring the internet for more news on this stupid strikethrough... yep that's what we're calling it now. The great "2007 Strikethrough". Obsessed you say? Uhh... yes.

So check this out.. writeup on (that lists LJ as an aggressive sex offender btw)..

LiveJournal continues stupidity... just differently

Today LiveJournal/SixApart deleted a ton of LJ's that violated their "terms of service." We went after LiveJournal/SixApart months ago, with a very specific list of pedophile blogs and communities. Not only were the staff at LiveJournal/SixApart beyond condescending and rude in their replies, they defended the advocacy of pedophilia and pedophile communities as being acceptable under their Terms of Service, something we contested in our original Writeup about them.

So today, LJ decides to finally do something about the pedophile communities that had sprung up on their service. However, rather than listening to us months ago, they decided to just wipe out whole fields of communities whether they were related to those who advocate child rape or not. We're not quite sure who is running the show over at LJ, but until they state without condition that actual pedophile activists and those promoting child rape are disallowed from their service, we will continue to list them as an aggressive Corporate Sex Offender.

Apparently LiveJournal can't tell the difference between what a pedophile community is and a Harry Potter fan-fiction community despite being told months ago which is what.


So finally a FANDOM has been named. And is anyone surprised it's HP? *rolls eyes* 

Ooh and the news of the purge made it to CNET!! ..

Excerpt: Legal experts say LiveJournal is clearly not liable for fictional stories and related discussions posted by its users. But despite customer outcry, Six Apart is standing firm in its position that the deleted journals violate company policy.

Which implies LJ is almost as much to blame (if not more) as the Warrior wannabes. I was giving LJ benefit of the doubt till yesterday.. now I'm tempted to give WFI the benefit instead. You know I just wanna say I really do appreciate the intentions of WFI... and I'm glad they're so enthusiastic about it. BUT THEY ARE GOING ABOUT IT ALL WRONG! Why don't they see that??? Guess the mid-east ain't the only place cursed with fanatics.  

---- ALL this info is courtesy the innocence_jihadcommunity. Me just spreading the love ;-) 


I just want this thing to blow over soon, don't we all?  'Cause really... *sighs* rebellion is crazy hard work!! And now I'm thinking sheaseth99 - you must be REALLY crazy to go work for Greenpeace haha ;-) Nah I'm kidding... your cause was obviously a whole lot bigger, it's no contest at all. 

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