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f-lock ranting

Heh. So everyone is friend-locking their journals because of the latest purging scare.

I have reason to believe they can't purge mine 'cause this is a paid account? LJ would probably have to reimburse all the paid accounts or risk lawsuits if they don't. Even if there is something in their terms and conditions (which I haven't read yet *kicks self*) that gives them the right to do so, the internet is like the fastest grapevine in the universe. Word will get out that LJ is cheating it's users out of their hard-earned money and the competitors will take advantage. They can't risk that!

Also, I'm thinking.. if LJ really is that supportive of freedom of speech and shit, and they are only doing this one-time cleanup activity to appease the umm.. "fanatics".. then the last thing they would want is to suffer any monetary losses as a result of it. But it probably also depends on how much they're counting as "Acceptable Losses". Maybe a few LJs here and there? What are the chances of mine being one of the unlucky few? And do I wanna risk that? Sure it won't be the end of the world.. *shrugs* I've ljarchived but.. dude what am I sayin? I'd be seriously PISSED if I lost this journal!

Have to admit, I am a little scared. I have discipline (read: spanking) stories, alternative lifestyle (read: kinky bdsm) stories, possible familial abuse (read: underage AND incest even if it's all consentual) stories, hell I have one real person fiction story also that I am constantly jittered about. Maybe I SHOULD f-lock too? *sighs* I always wanted this to be an open LJ :( Not to mention the fact that it feels like buckling under you know... like maybe I'm giving in to the oppression.

'Cause see.. even if I do f-lock.. who am I protecting? The underage kids from reading this stuff? Do you really think the "please tick this box if you are under 13" check works? HAH. It's a freakin' joke. You're 12 but you friend me and tell me you're 21.. how the hell would I know right? So the only one being protected is 26 bloody years old moi. From the.. eh.. Warriors. If I'm looking for protection.. it means I'm admitting to doing something wrong. Which fucking hell I'm NOT!! 

..... Am I???? .....

Is my writing motivating/influencing some guy to go out and sexually assault a minor? *rolls eyes* Okay Rachel, think I'm giving myself way wayyyyyy too much credit by even considering a question like that. But think about it.. I was totally against incest, until I read a wincest story, almost completely by accident. Meh, oh alright, so I was curious. And now I think incest under extenuating circumstances is perfectly fine!! *winces* See, the influence does kinda work. But I don't write noncon, and I don't write stuff for purely sexual gratification either. I've been told I totally suck at PWPs and get all sappy without even intending to. *sulks* Which brings me to the next logical question... are they even reading LJs before purging them? Or just... like.. scan for red flags and press delete?

Huh. Think the chances of the latter are higher. Which means... the threat is probably more real than I thought. Bugger. But see once again, what I write... even if it's noncon of the absolute WORST kind.. is MY damn business! And whoever decides to read it, it is THEIR damn business. And if they do get influenced enough to wanna go do it in real life, once again it's THEIR damn business. The legal authorities should be worrying about making the real world SAFE ENOUGH that no one ever gets a chance to hurt someone in the first place. They can't POSSIBLY police human nature and human desires. They can only ensure that the intentions, if wrong, never get a chance to be realized and that's where they should focus all their energies on. It's like Minority report - you see a future killer and apprehend him now, even when it's possible he actually might NOT kill. Of course in OUR case, it's not the perp that's getting thrown to the gallows. It's us.

Which.. is all hunky dory.. hey I got to vent that's great. But it still doesn't change the fact that the purging is happening now. And it still doesn't answer my question: to f-lock or not to f-lock?

Can I just.. round back up to the first question again.. is this REALLY happening? Or is this just a scare??? Mannnnn. Maybe I should f-lock just in case, I mean, so maybe it's just a rumor right now. But who's to say it won't be real next month or next year or whenever? 

And ok now all this is giving me a gigantic headache. I still don't know how I'm helping anybody or anything by f-locking this LJ. The perverts will still find a way to feed their perversion one way or another. The kids will still find a way to get around the locks and rules, hey it's what they do. And I will still have no way to know who's a friend and who's a.. um... "spy" *giggle*, or who's underage and who's not when I'm adding people. Plus I have serious trouble saying no.*sighs*

And in the great internet revolution for freedom of speech and expression... I shall be deemed as the one who copped out :( *dramatic sighs*

I need coffee. And a smoke. And maybe make a pro con list on paper while I'm at it. Is this really that big a deal? Yes it is. It almost feels like someone's telling me I can't vote. 

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